October 2020 Balance Update - Discussion

All right atleast shes niche vs summoner teams thats something! I’ve tried her some with puss in boots and she’s not horrific vs a tella team
But I 100% don’t see a reason she cant be average speed or have some kind of initial damage ( like red hood )

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Red Hood vs Noor
Speed Average vs Slow - advantage Red Hood
Up front damage 131% vs 0 - advantage Red Hood (although 131% is quite negligible)
Minion health 14% vs 25% - advantage Noor
Minion attack 0% vs 25% - advantage Noor
Minion heall 7%/turn vs 0% - advantage Red Hood
Minion mana drain prevention - Yes vs No advantage Red Hood
Minion auto summon - No vs Yes advantage Noor
Minion auto-kill - No vs Yes advantage Noor
Elemental defense up - 0% vs 30% advantage Noor

That’s 5 to Noor, 4 to Red Hood. It really comes down to how highly you value each of those aspects of specials and innate abilities. I think the insta kill and auto summon and the beefiness of Noor’s minions are all significant, especially vs any other minion summoners. The elemental defense up is also impactful. But everyone has to prioritise based on their own play styles and rosters. I would choose Noor vs Red Hood because she fills a role that nobody else can, whilst Red Hood does things that can be replicated by other heroes, often better.

Plus how many have Red vs Noor? The hero you have wins every time

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The Noor in the hand is worth the Freya in the bush…


She doesn’t need to be average speed, she can be slow. her sparrows just needs an additional effect. Either that or the sparrows get a buff in stats to 30% each

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Gotta disagree.
No other minions provide healing powers like Hood, and the mana resist is clutch, its a completely unique mechanic.
For someone just starting or relatively new I’d say Hood then Noor, past that point depends on what you want, prefer, and need.


I second this. 20 emblems from Mystic Vision is half the total of running trials. It’s not worth the world energy to run them.

Emblems are one of the most valuable items in the game. I’d certainly rather have more emblems than auto farming Season 1 8-7 over and over for recruits and backpacks.

Considering that only once have I gotten 30 emblems from the Mystic Vision (the rest are 1 or 2) since the “emblem buff”, I’m still dependent on the trials. And yes, I collect from the MV 2 or 3 times a day. Ever since they “balanced” the MV and decreased the cool-down from 12 to 8 hours, it’s been giving me junk (1 or 2 gems plus a minor healing/mana potion is my usual MV).


GADEIRUS, AGWE, GOBBLER, SUMITOMO! theese heroes need to be buffed, they are too slow, too weak, too useless.
Gadeirus is the only 4* green hero that increase attack, and it is so slow and weak, ridiculous attack, ridiculous defense.
Sumitomo should be a good tank if he had better stats, especially the defense.
Gobble was good before, when it had a decent tail and attack, you buffed the special skill but nerfed the tail, completely wrong modification, making the hero useless.
Agwe always sucked, you should make it useful for something.
Please consider these ideas, bye

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Kiril, Boldtusk, Lancelot, c rigard and shadereave says hi

The only thing Sumi really needs is a form of health recovery. Even a small health regen over 3 turns is useful for him

Gobbler’s defence was pitiful before but now it has been balanced. Don’t really see the need to buff him

Agreed, Agwe sucks. Never saw the point to him

For Gadeirus, is the only 4* that increase attack… obviously I meant GREEN hero.
Gobbler… it sucked before, but at least in attack it was good, now everything sucks.

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Gobbler wouldn’t survive until he was charged before. He sucks less now, but that’s relative. There’s simply not enough 4 star heroes with minions to make him (or CoD) useful.

Agwe is just a fish out of water and should be thrown back to grow some more.

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tellura and vela

I don’t have both. But I think those who have both are being treated very unfairly


I come to ask you developers of the game Empire Pluzzes to make two updates in the game, 1 ° an exchange of heroes or fragment of heroes for those who are in an alliance !!. 2 ° The price put an affordable price because after you developers updated the price list of the items many players abandoned the game, another thing 3 ° bonus at least once a month you should be giving a gift to the player, so that he has more animo de continues in the game, 4 ° another thing you could also facilitate the mode of earning gems !!!. in the most thanks for the attention.

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i will never pay again
because the properties of the hero I summon are not safe.
I summon a hero who I think is amazing spending a lot of money and.

and so and then what happens?

your hero is weakened. damn !!!

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I think if we analyze what cards are in the defense of the top 100 players, then telluria and vela will not even make it to the 1st 20. They were not balanced - they were turned into nothing, in fact, they stole the money and resources spent on them from the players. Therefore, I nerfed the donate to 0.


I’ve been coveting Vela for a very long time now & I finally pull her & she’s been sitting at 1-1 for months cuz she is proper weak. I’d prefer to level Magni over Vela. What have SGG done?? It’s absolute madness to nerf a hero because of how they are used with another hero!!! DERRR!!! That could be said of a lot of heroes but Vela wasn’t the issue, it’s Tells stats!!! All they needed to do was lower the stats. HotM aren’t great heroes & to nerf so bad is bad practice. Especially when buffing season 3 heroes & the upcoming Season 4. SGG want the p2p players to succeed more than f2p or c2p otherwise why nerf a HotM so badly when it’s obvious any HotM is probably high on f2p & c2p rosters. Terrible thought & planning. Also, were these costumes developed at a binge drinking session for a laugh to see how ridiculous they could make them & get away with? I assumed costumes were supposed to make season 1 heroes relevant but some are PANTS!!! Chao??? Hu Tao??? Isarnia??? Kelile??? B.T.??? Elkanen??? What are they thinking??? I really question SGG management. Then again as long as their bank statements keep increasing they won’t care much & always lean towards the p2p who pay their wages!! Rant over!!!


Now the meta says that Tell & Vel aren’t being used nowhere near as much now & its Frigg & Odin & the ninjas (well 4 of them, don’t get me started on Jade!! Another faux par courtesy of SGG) that are OP are they going to give Tel/Vel back some stats & nerf Odin & Frigg. No, why, because they are still raking in the cash from people trying to summon them in the monthly portal. (I know they had a little nerf but nothing like the Tel/Vel nerf, especially the Vela nerf) If Frigg & Odin were HotM’s I GUARANTEE they’d be major nerfed cuz they are widely used in the top meta but no nerf cuz they aren’t HotM’s. Makes no sense to me!!! I know they end up in the tavern but not until they’re 12mths old & by then they’ve become pretty irrelevant. TBH I don’t think heroes shud be nerfed, especially with the current stats of season 4!!! We need strong heroes to counter these new beasts!!! Stop nerfing & start buffing !!!


Thanks. Sorry you’ve had the same experience. I can’t believe the attacks I got for posting. SMH

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