October 2020 Balance Update - Discussion

I take her against 2 summoner teams, usually Tel + Seshat (but Freya or Bera or anyone else when available). I’ve won 42 of my last 46 raids using my team, which admittedly is set up as a minion counter and DOT counter team (Grimble, Noor, Gefjon, Lady Loki, Grazul). Noor is not the star of that team, but she shares the workload just like everyone else. If she didn’t hold up her end I wouldn’t be able to maintain the success rate against top teams.

To give you an idea she usually self summons 2-3 times and does her special 2-3 times in most matches. With a flank summoner like Freya or Bera she will almost always do her special before the flank summoner can get their special out


All right atleast shes niche vs summoner teams thats something! I’ve tried her some with puss in boots and she’s not horrific vs a tella team
But I 100% don’t see a reason she cant be average speed or have some kind of initial damage ( like red hood )

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Red Hood vs Noor
Speed Average vs Slow - advantage Red Hood
Up front damage 131% vs 0 - advantage Red Hood (although 131% is quite negligible)
Minion health 14% vs 25% - advantage Noor
Minion attack 0% vs 25% - advantage Noor
Minion heall 7%/turn vs 0% - advantage Red Hood
Minion mana drain prevention - Yes vs No advantage Red Hood
Minion auto summon - No vs Yes advantage Noor
Minion auto-kill - No vs Yes advantage Noor
Elemental defense up - 0% vs 30% advantage Noor

That’s 5 to Noor, 4 to Red Hood. It really comes down to how highly you value each of those aspects of specials and innate abilities. I think the insta kill and auto summon and the beefiness of Noor’s minions are all significant, especially vs any other minion summoners. The elemental defense up is also impactful. But everyone has to prioritise based on their own play styles and rosters. I would choose Noor vs Red Hood because she fills a role that nobody else can, whilst Red Hood does things that can be replicated by other heroes, often better.

Plus how many have Red vs Noor? The hero you have wins every time

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The Noor in the hand is worth the Freya in the bush…


She doesn’t need to be average speed, she can be slow. her sparrows just needs an additional effect. Either that or the sparrows get a buff in stats to 30% each

Gotta disagree.
No other minions provide healing powers like Hood, and the mana resist is clutch, its a completely unique mechanic.
For someone just starting or relatively new I’d say Hood then Noor, past that point depends on what you want, prefer, and need.

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