October 2020 Balance Update - Discussion

Maybe have better odds to get s3 heroes if they want to people stop using tellu. Oh wait nvm that doesnt bring $$$.

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I dont think comparing real life goods (where you become owner after paying) with digitall licence to play at someone server makes any sense.

They can just shut down server any day and you cant really blame them for this - thats a part of agreement.

THIS!!! This had me drooling, rolling on the floor and almost pissing my pants. What a GREAT RECLAMATION!

Agree , they should just remove her if they are so afraid of her and vela. Only 1% changed Telluria from their defense team.
I only have Telluria. And she is the only green tank I had/ have, without her I dont have a green that Can stand Finley, fenzir and alle other blue 5* .
Im not sire I Will continue.

I understand you, it happens to a lot of people whenever they look in the mirror. Don’t worry, you are not the only one, you have many of the same.

Telly I still use on 1 minion team. Vela is on no teams.

C.kad replaced telly on d, druid emblems were removed, c.magni replaced vela. I play on a top 50 (top 10) team.

Both were used on D, and I had 2 tellies in offense 1.on defense both were on my farm team and vela was.on titan.

So, all in all, that is a large change in utility and thus there should be some options available.

Can anyone clarify y only nerf to those 2 heroes and buffs to all S3 heroes and victor ? I guess all got vela and telluria so no business from it and S3 still in the business phase and victor is coming for Halloween event , am I correct ? Or any other reasons ?

They netf my Tela and Vela, and I nerf the donut. To zero. Therefore, the imminent rise in prices does not bother me.

I have just reset my Quintus with reset emblems but I did not receive 20% of total spent… is that normal? Maybe I calculated wrong?
Level 12 talent = 810 emblems,
Food bundle = 1x 250k, 2x 100k 1x 10k +3536
Iron Bundle = 1x 100k 1x 50k 1x 10k + 3728

  • Reset Emblem Changes
  • Reset Emblems will now refund 20% of the Food and Iron costs in addition to the Emblems.

Should be that you got back 20% of the new normal cost in food & iron, not what you likely spent to put them on pre-balance update. The update also made it a lot cheaper to put emblems on heroes.

I agree, but the food that I have received is somehow lower than 20% with 12 talents 5*

Your meme was targeted at me because I was making valid points and someone told me to cry about it and then later asked you to post that. And balancing is a part of games to a point but it should be massively reduced because of the beta testing. The beta tests and their lack of nerfs are what led to a lot of people spending. Telly needed a nerf but the players deserved to have a good hero leftover not a pile of decent stats. They also should have given the stuff out to only players with Telly and or vela not every player.

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you see? it worked!

people have experiments instead of gtv the whole meta

Noor is good already :slight_smile: So I guess your campaign was successful, congratulations!


Raid defenses have changed considerably with a lot of experimentation of tanks. War defenses have had a slower but noticeable shift in most war modes, and with some modes a massive shift (e.g. to purple tanks)

No at this point shes pretty bad and not someone I would bother to even waste effort on . Glad she’s working for you however

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Thanks. Sorry you aren’t seering her potential

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Too slow for any use i would have raid or war wise .

by the time shes goes off the fight is won or lost !

She is good at carrying an over matched general map team further in a map or challenge event then they would normally go
when you have time to set her off a few time before final bosses

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Must admit she’s been a revelation to me…love her with Freya


I take her against 2 summoner teams, usually Tel + Seshat (but Freya or Bera or anyone else when available). I’ve won 42 of my last 46 raids using my team, which admittedly is set up as a minion counter and DOT counter team (Grimble, Noor, Gefjon, Lady Loki, Grazul). Noor is not the star of that team, but she shares the workload just like everyone else. If she didn’t hold up her end I wouldn’t be able to maintain the success rate against top teams.

To give you an idea she usually self summons 2-3 times and does her special 2-3 times in most matches. With a flank summoner like Freya or Bera she will almost always do her special before the flank summoner can get their special out


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