October 2020 Balance Update - Discussion

I do find that funny. And the negativity that Grazul was first greeted with.

Zulag though… I am happy to place money on this one :slight_smile:

Man, This thread has become a Telly/Vela rant… Where do I go for my pent up frustration for Noor? :slight_smile:

Also, for the scores of people who are going on how they will not spend anymore on the game, don’t you think the game Devs considered the backlash? They would have and still nerfed them Again. They’re running a Business and saw that it’s getting stuck in a rut, and took a decision.

A mistake was made in making Telly too OP and then releasing another OP in Vela to use in Combo. They’re trying to bring more balance and variety in the game by nerfing them, even at the risk of enraging their subscribers not to spend more.

I think the Devs should be commended for atleast that much.


Instead of buffing / nerfing heroes they should have just flooded emblems .
Raids the tell/vela combo easy to dispatch, only issue in wars because people don’t have 30 emblemed heroes to take on fully emblemed defenaces.
The emblems essentially take heroes to 6 stars and people fighting them with 5 stars

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Sure, it’s your money at the end of the day. I’m not really planning to spend on this game anymore, as customers are not treated fairly by this company. Practice of nerfing paid heroes after the public release (when all the money are already collected and refund period is expired) is quite fishy. Nerfing the heroes for the 3rd time after the public release is completely insane. It’s also unacceptable to do not compensate owners of the nerfed heroes in the fair way. Fair way would be:

  • provide owners with an option to reset the mats, emblems and resources (they can do it now with food and iron bundles)
  • provide an owners with the possibility to replace the nerfed hero with any other HOTM of choice

Why are you referring to Noor? Noor was never touched after the public release, and, as far as I’m aware, not many players were chasing for Noor.

I have Telluria, maxed and fully emblemed. I also have Vela and Gravemaker, all maxed and decently emblemed. But Vela and Gravemaker were/are not in my defense ever for reason that it is tiring to see uniform defense with the GTV core over and over again. And with this October 2020 Balance Update, both heroes will never be in my defense in the future.

To those planning to quit, please leave your footprints here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]. Good luck.


I would like to caveat my like of your post - it is for everything you said that is not inclusive of your complaint about Noor :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m ok with the nerf but it should come with a token that gives back the tonics we used on telly.
That way I’d level my heimdall instead.
The item could be gifted to everyone as a thanking token.
There would be less tellurias around, people wouldn’t be so mad and the meta would finally change.

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Because this is a thread about the October balance update. He is frustrated that Noor was not balanced. Contrary to populate belief this is not a Tel/Vel vent thread

Noor definitely needs a buff, she should be at least fast mana as Freya.

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Ahha and therein lies the rub, that she hasn’t been touched and no one’s after her…

Noor was just a poor minion maker, not a healer, not an attacker, just a minion maker who was already severely under powered.

But with Telly getting nerfed, Noor just got nerfed indirectly.

Unfortunately Noor is still a garbage hero, maybe the worst 5* hero in the game, but she’s probably a most beatiful HOTM :slight_smile:

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As has already been discussed, this weakening of Telly / Vela indirectly has a disadvantage to many players.

  1. Created 2nd and 3rd red hero stacks to counter green tanks including Telly in the war. If Telly is weakened and disappears, the newly created red heroes can lose their place.
  2. Some players may have focused on Grazul and Lady Loki to counter GTV, which is often seen in high diamonds. Others may have fully ascended Noor just to counter the color of Telly and destroy the minions. If Telly didn’t exist, there might have been an option to ascend another hero.
  3. There are heroes who are indirectly nerfed. Myztero, Lady Loki, Noor and much more. They can probably be used elsewhere, but they may not act as a counter as clearly as they used to.

I appreciate the effort to reduce the glut of Tel/Vel teams. And I feel sympathy for those who have invested heavily in those two heroes, but only to a point. I think most everyone who chased Telly did so not just because she was powerful or even OP. People chased her because she was clearly a step above any other hero in what she could do for your team. We chased her and maxed her because she was a complete game changer. Just about everybody could see from the beginning that she was OP herself and beyond that we could see she was ridiculously OP in terms of what she could do for a defense team.

Knowing she was way more powerful than any other tank should have been a clue that she would probably get significantly nerfed. Now that she’s been brought down to earth it is most understandable and appropriate for there to be a lot of sad and disappointed owners. But I don’t think any of the anger and outrage should be coming from knowledgeable players who could see how over powered she was before they chased her. They should have known it wouldn’t last forever.

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Maybe, but I hope not. If anything, introducing Telly at the very least highlighted that green tanks are viable. Telly and how players feel about her notwithstanding, there are still some great tanks in green currently and hopefully more later.

No, we should be able to trust the devs to have tested new heroes for proper balance. We played by their rules, and now they are changing them well after the fact which is complete BS.


You guys are a joke! Where’s the “balance” for GM, Finley, Killhare, etc?? Those buffs to S3 heroes, like to Baldur, are a joke. Just take out Vela and Telly and refund us all the resources spent to a hero of our choosing.


In my opinipn, just erase Tellu from the game and return Vella to the original stat.


I agree that we should get to pick a new hero but I think it should be limited. Costume heroes, season 2 heroes, and previous HOTM that’s the same color that you are trading in. They are the same level as the hero you’re trading in and the emblems and resources used, based on new rates, are refunded. For costume heroes you would still have to complete the costume. I think there are plenty of options in that group without having Finleys and Heimdalls everywhere.

Let it be a lesson learned for us all, if a hero is powerful and popular, then don’t go spending money chasing it with lots of summons, because they will eventually Nerf it. If it seems to good to be true then usually it is… Bait and switch.

But if a hero is powerful and rare though, that is ok.?. In fact it’s what SG want because then people will spend a fortune trying to pull that hero.
The problem with Telly is clearly that too many people got her. SG made a small fortune with people doing pulls for that HOTM!!..

SG said 3 out of 4 diamond arena defence teams had Telly centre and that highlighted a problem, so they needed to Nerf again.
This is the confusing part, they are trying to make Telly weak enough so that people will stop using it as a tank and choose a different tank?
Then surely they are insinuating there are now stronger green tanks out there that we would now choose instead?
If not then it will stay the same I.e…3 out of 4 will keep Telly as tank, and by there reasoning for Nerf if 3 out of 4 keep Telly does that mean they will Nerf again in the future? And keep Nerfing until people drop Telly as tank?

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