October 2020 Balance Update - Discussion

Tell and Vela are fine the way they are, the defensive meta was so underpowered before they came out…


It been ridiculous! Getting??? We can’t get a new in game chat because they’ve spent 8 MONTHS NERFING VELA AND TELLI!!!


This is getting RIDICULOUS.
SG explains it with up to 3/4 teams in the top 100 got a Tellytubby tank - but how many of those again got a Vela flank?
How often must they nerf a hero? Until it becomes obsolete? Do I have to make Tellytubby have a tier talent at 20 for her to be of any use anymore? SG is simply taking a pi** on everyone who’s got her.

And what SG also fails to understand is that the defense teams don’t just switch over in the first week after they’ve nerfed a hero either. Those teams are there because they’ve got maxed troops, and maxed with emblems too. It’ll take time until we either see brand new heroes as tanks, or old heroes back on top again.
I use C.BT, Wilbur, GF, JF/Marjana and Proteus as an attack team against Telly and it takes +/- 6 red tiles to take her out and then the rest is easy peasy lemon squeeze.

Go nerf yourself SG


Stop calling favorites SG, its not nice. You either balance the game or stop pretending to do so.
Another nerf to Vela? so following the obscene nerf from last patch u gave her the attack down vs all not just red… and now you are taking that too? Why not just make her a 3* hero if u are at it.
The Telluria nerf is welcomed but its NOT what it should be. Take all her dmg and buff her heal and status effects. Let her be a TANK not this meme dmg dealer combo wombo.
A buff to Alfrike? are you INSANE?


Better than waiting a month for one emblem node

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This is why :wink:


I seriously have never seen such a big eff up, like SGG did with Telluria and Vela in any other game I play - and I play a lot of them. This is their…3rd nerf? Not counting beta? Unbelievable.

I don’t really care - I think they’re still the top duo on defense and Telluria still the top tank.

What worries me is the sudden emblem flooding - less food / iron required and DOUBLE drops? From my POV this means a new power creep mechanic is coming in. Either new troops or dual classes or you can level up TWO talent trees.

In 2-3 months everyone will have a full +20 defense and what then SGG?


Happy to see SG is listening to feedback and finally decreases the ham and iron cost for embleming heroes as well as giving a certain amount of resources back when stripping emblems.

About the Telly nerf, I am afraid it is a little too much… 90% is really low and a massive decrease on HoT. But then: I also was afraid it was too much last time. And it wasn’t. So let’s see how it will turn out in practice…

Wondering though if finally listening to feedback that has been given for a pretty long time now may only be caused by a high amount of long time players quitting the game…

SG, as you are already listening, please finally decrease the pop up ads… They are annoying and rather make me not wanting to spend money!


Once again I’m not happy. Why gut Vela? She already lost her mojo in last nerf, and it’s going to take eons to transfer those emblems to somebody else.

And Telluria, same goes with her. I felt they both were all right after last nerf, and I enjoyed my raids again. This feels unnecessary.


No, not better at all… this game has been a slow developement game for three years. Now, all of a sudden it’s turning from marathon to sprint… definitelly not better at all… all of us that invested time and resources in embleming heroes are in extreme disadvantage here.


Now vela is WAY WORST them Zeline a 2018 HOTM. Vela don’t remove boost, vela hit is weaker, and vela Attack decrease is weaker too.

Just because people use her more often on defense. This is a COMPLETE joke.

SG handle this entire situation very poorly messed up on the realease of vela + Teluria and now are Messing up again on every nerf they do trying too fix It.


Vela is still very very powerfull! Her last change was actually a buff amd war results went down again. Her Skillset is a nightmare to face during war, cause you need that clean in ~5/6 fights otherwise you will lose.

Tellu still has the best traits a tank can have and there was no reason for anyone to switch to another tank. Hopefully her usage will drop to a level of other toptanks now.


Telluria and vela are so bad now, i want toe xchange them for killhare and finley


Before we get blamed for this, no, we did not test these in beta.


Personally I am happy they are nerfing Telluria and Vela again. It’s so mind numbingly boring constantly having to fight them in raids and wars. Hopefully people will mix things up a lot more now.

I really like the Emblem decrease for iron/food, and gaining a % back when we use the reset token.
So, from me thanks for that and thenerf


I never dreamed it would be time to post this again. Am I still dreaming? bad dream….


I can take telly down I just hate raid now because she is boring. I’ll gladly well any change that add variety to raid again.


Agreed. Make Telluria slow is a much better balancing than all the little changes. For Vela - not a big change, but disappointing as this was brought on by previous nerfs (buffs). SG changed the special to reduce attack for all and now realises they have a problem.


I would love to see an buff for Noor and Guardian Owl, they’ve been unusable for most aspects of the game… please help balance those cards!!


SG just lost their mind… do Merlin/Zocc/Alfrike hit them?


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