October 2020 Balance Update - Discussion

I’m afraid you are missing the point here.

The issue isn’t about whether Telly and Vela are still usable or not (that is debatable and obviously subjective), the issue is that SG thinks it is ok to downgrade them again and again and then shift the blame towards players for not making changes in their teams.

If you go to a shop and buy a shiny phone with lots of features spending all your hard-earned cash and then a month later the shop owner comes to you and say “oh, we gave you a phone too good for the current market we’ll remove a few features’ I bet you would feel cheated and protest. Same here, players have spent money, time and hard-earned ascension items and emblems only to get cheated afterwards. For shoppers there are consumer rights associations that prevent this things to happen. Here there is only this forum and players should stick together to demand their rights to be respected with proper compensation.

And by the way offering proper compensation (not the joke they did) would allow SG to more freely experiment with new heroes to provide interesting variety, with the knowledge that should the screw up they could always downgrade the hero without backlash. Instead they created new HoTM a lot less interesting. Wrong solution to the problem.


Does anyone know what the maximum and minimum amount of emblems you can get from an elemental chest is now?

What do you mean? Noor is great I could say maybe even perfect fit for hero academy :+1:

As fodder for another hero lol I

This was said so many times heh. This comparison would only be valid if:

  • Telluria was released with a set price tag 99 USD.
  • No other way to get the hero, just pay 99 USD straight
  • Players could only ascend Telluria by paying for it directly and not getting free ingame items allowing it
  • After that, Telluria was completely removed from the game or nerfed to REAL unusable (like paper defense weak and without the mana ailment) but sorry we keep your 99 USD
  • but you can buy a new hero Tellultron added to the game doing basically what Telluria was doing in the first place but direct cost is now 199 USD

Also, the first responsibility SG has is caring for the general game landscape - game has to be healthy, enjoyable and balanced at every stage (put aside discussion if ways to getting new heroes in this game are healthy). If any part of it seems broken, their primary job is to fix it so players who invested their time and money in the game can still enjoy it. It goes without saying that GTV broke the game beyond recognition, like no earlier change/hero release ever, and arguably, the game and community still didn’t return to its health from before then. Which is kinda sad with all the new additions they delivered in to the game this year that were clearly overhauled by it.

I agree with you that the lack of regulators etc for microtransaction gambling and how abused it is by todays gaming companies really cries for some attention. All the lootboxes, summons, rng determining whether you get what you paid for or not are just a plague of XXI century. Hope something will be done with it, but it’s a discussion for another topic.

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:point_up_2:this is the rule you neglect…

here, please read forum rules:
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:point_up_2:This is incorrect. And it should also be flagged for spreading misinformation…!
Yet another broken rule…

They have NEVER said we will nerf heroes until they are no longer used.
Here is the actual statement:

Telluria is, at worst, present in three out of four defense formations!
To address the issue we’re making further adjustments to the Special Skills of Telluria and Vela. These changes are necessary for the game balance and if they are not effective enough, we will continue doing similar changes in the future too.

“not effective enough”
“for the game balance”
“continue doing similar changes”

Telluria eliminated the competition…
her skill synergy, skill strength, stats…
Availability and lacking red attack stats.
simply had no other viable option for the purpose of the “tank” position!
And this caused such an imbalance within the raid and war system that the game became very stale for the bulk of the population.

SG is pursuing balance. Balance means Telluria’s presence! It means green tanks. Red tanks. Blue tanks. Purple tanks. Yellow tanks!

It does not mean the extinction of any tank or color.

Or the presence of only one tank/color…

:point_up_2:this… was an imbalance…
And they will “continue balancing” …
Until balance is achieved… during which time, there will still be Telluria tanks! Her stats and slow, combined with mild/moderate protection, (depending on how angry you are) is still being very successfully utilized!

It’s terrible that you had to replace your "offensive weapon," with Heimdall!

But unfortunately, there’s a bigger picture

There is great news for you @anon38391235!
There are many other green offense weapons. Who operate in an offensive capacity much better than even the original Telly!

Happy hunting…
and cheers!


I wouldn’t have ascended her and also not Telluria.
They would be still at 1/1 and maybe be on a slow way up to 3/70…

Both are now benched on my account as I don’t have any use for those niche hero’s.
They aren’t used during wars, not for attack and not in defense they just waste space on my roster.
Sadly I’m now missing the scopes, to ascend a magni, as I have plenty of unused fighter emblems and no better option for those.
The job I ascended Vela for, the attack down during fight against titans, is now still done by king Arthur and Alice.
And Telluria can’t heal anymore, so she got replaced by Heimdall.

:see_no_evil: so you make claims because you are unwilling to use them the way they are now?

Telluria is still a great secondary healer and best tank.
Vela is still great at soften all enemies and reduce damage. (Show me any other fast hero besides zeline with a skillset like this please.)

Lots of Topalliances testing double red with Zimkitha now and guess what, Vela shuts her off.

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How much of food and iron is returning if you use reset emblem on some hero? Full amount, just half or some particular amount?

I’m not using them as they don’t add anything to my current team setups.
On offense I use 1 healer per team, as Telluria doesn’t fulfill that role anymore, she is benched and replaced by Heimdall.
Same for vela, she doesn’t add anything useful on my Titan team, so she is useless to me.
I don’t care, what any top 10 alliance do or not.
In our small alliance we play wars for fun and there isn’t the need to have a Telluria as tank and matching flanks for all defense.
The teams are between 2500 and 4700…

I couldn’t care less as about my raid cups, as long as I’m above of 2400 while I open the chest.

And as I said several times during this thread, I never ascended any of the both for my defense team.
They where ascended for different roles and those they can’t fulfill anymore, so the both hero’s did become useless for me and my roster.


Ok i respect your opinion on that but you cannot demand compensation based on the argument they don’t fit into your playstyle anymore.

I am sorry that you’ve ascended Telluria as a mainhealer only but again as its part of the terms of use we have accepted we cannot claim any compensation.

So its not up to SG but to you to find good use for them.

Once again the loss of mats on the ascending is the issue if ascending vela as primary attacker was the plan and she fit that nicely changing her to a secondary /utility hero did cause the
1 loss of mats for the intended purpose they were being collected for
2 waste them by not allowing them to be used on a separate hero for that exact role .
Monetary reimbursement no!
But a simple redistribution of materials option should be avaliable when a hero is changed to a degree the basic role it does is different!


It’s up to SG that they released the hero’s with completely different abilities.
Vela e.g. completely lost her damage against red and lost 30% of her attack down.
Why should I have ascended her, if she be released like that?
She still would be at 1/1 and I had ascended a different blue, like e.g. magni.
And Telluria was ascended for the offense use and there her main job was to heal my team.
It’s still the fault of SG, that they released the hero’s like they had been and they are responsible for it.
But as this company don’t care about they customers, they don’t even think about it, that they could provide us the ability to reset the hero’s and get back the items…
No they just throw out some stupid emblems, which anyone did get, but those of us who don’t have any use for those hero’s are left behind.


They return all emblems, plus 20% food and iron of the current costs to emblem that hero.

What the release notes don’t tell us though is that you can use them even if your food and iron storages are full – what will happen is the overflow will go towards food and iron bundles in your inventory.



I was thinking to make slight changes to Arthur abilities in a way to improve his attack instead of defense which I was choosing because he should be my tank during those days.

At this moment I’m a little short with food and war is coming so I will wait for a while…

Making Telluria Hotm created the imbalance…other top tanks were not as easily obtainable while telluria was.
At the moment she s still a top tier tank…i would argue that she s on par with other top tanks and she doesn’t require a further nerf if sgg is worried about game balance. If they’re worried about variety then that’s another story and continue to nerf her wont change the fact that most people are not trashing a hero after having invested 6 tonics and 1 Damascus into her…
If they want variety they should grant the ascension mats back.
Now, we both know they’ll never do that and so, whatever they do, telly will still be the most used tank, not necessarily because she’s the strongest but simply cuz is the most convenient choice for most people.


Might I interest you in contributing and adding your vote in this thread?

No promises that anything will be done about it – but it is easier for developers to see a vote count in a thread with a streamlined discussion, than to follow up on individual messages in balance threads with 1.8k posts.


Truth of the matter is, SGG found out what happens if you let game balance stagnate.

I’m 99% sure the reason was financial in nature (via a chain of causes starting with boredom/frustration and ending with loss of active playerbase).

I have high hopes that they learned from this and will actively do balance changes to keep the game fresh.
If so, those used to spending hard on getting the flavour of the month hero setup will have to come to terms that no single set of heroes will ever be the ultimate best one, and their power level can and will fluctuate.

Judging by the general reactions to nerfs, it’s a hard pill to swallow.


Maybe have better odds to get s3 heroes if they want to people stop using tellu. Oh wait nvm that doesnt bring $$$.

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I dont think comparing real life goods (where you become owner after paying) with digitall licence to play at someone server makes any sense.

They can just shut down server any day and you cant really blame them for this - thats a part of agreement.

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