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What about Finley Ursena Killhare?


Great about emblems but another nerf to Vela is a complete joke


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I honestly see the Vela-Telluria never ending story as the following: IF an OP hero (or combination of heroes) is largely used, must be nerfed.
Otherwise we can leave them as is.
So be careful on what heroes you desire, as his/her outcome depend on how many people use them.

Overall the increased summon chance on tavern and Valhalla must be not only on paper but perceived as well.

It’s clear as day that all this, even summon chance increase, is due Telluria-Vela game problem.
You’re trying to give the game in any way more diversity and incentive investing in different heroes.

There’s a lot of changes here, and you don’t usually change something that is working.
Something ISN’T working here.

So i highly suggest to all my fellow players to show your disappointment (IF there’s something perceived as wrong) with your spending habits.

It is working, they are forced to take risks and improve our spending conditions.


Telluria has lost all of her good abilities vela is not even a defense hero in raids why do we need another cut :thinking:


Cool, finally will fight against other tanks than Telluria in each Diamond raid :wink:


Noor still doesn’t get any love :frowning: :frowning:


Vela is still very good…in wars she’s still OP. There was no desire for me to remove the 18 emblems from her following the last “nerf” because it was actually a buff. Just some people refuse to see it but in wars my defence got a lot better as the war went on. Something she didn’t really have that level of influence on past the initial red mono teams she would face.

The second biggest complaint about this was the cost of moving emblems and that’s been massively improved here.

So people can now objectively look at there teams and move emblems a bit easier.

And yes…as per usual since you have to say it…I have Telluria and Vela…and yes there’s been little need to change them.

Now this might start to mix things up again. It’s still Tell & Vel galore in upper diamond…and again yes, I’m one of them…


Why another nerf for Tell and Vela??? It just doesn’t make sense! Can’t take them down, means you have to work on your heroes and strategy to go against them, not making them useless and feel the owners like they just waste resources to max/emblem them. They are HOTMs, just leave them as they are right now.
(have just one of them, but never compliant that the other one is too powerful…)



Nerf Vela again? Now its getting ridiculos. I have only 6 full trained 5 star heros. And guess who is in there. Then take them out of the game completely and give me something else.


To compensate on telluria and vela owners, would it be possible to at least make the refund embleming cost be returned at 100%? Maybe through food and iron bundles. Like the “gift” we were sent for those who really invested on her.


Great news about emblem cost and reset (depending on how the emblems in the shop is implemented) I’m hoping this will allow better redistribution of emblems to allow more experimenting. I just hope the shop emblems are limited (to an extent) so we don’t have top spenders with 6 fully emblemed war teams and instead it’s a bit more of a steady drip feed of emblems to stop it from going crazy but will see.

Good changes elsewhere for S3, nice incremental upgrades, will be good to see how they effect things eg Baldur. Also good to see Freya’s attack up add a little bit extra but nothing major. Nice updates for some of the 4* too. Will be interesting to see if it increases use of these heroes.

Telly update seems a small(ish) decrease although I’m sure owners will not be happy of course, as it makes her less bulky after the special. This will be discussed by every man and his dog so I will stay out of the telly discussion for my sanity I think!

Surprised Vela had another update, she seemed balanced with the previous change but I guess SG have the data to make the decisions on…


I love all these changes, but im still missing Noor buffs … anyway nice job here


Ohhh man not again. I have only vela. This is my best hero in roster. Now is dead


I don’t really care about the Tel and Vela nerf, cause I don’t have them :sweat_smile:
But I understand the frustration of some players…
What I was really hoping for, was some change on Norns and they did. But… Add 1 more turn?? She still does NOTHING on defense
A really good thing, was the emblems changing!


This is getting ridiculous! Just remove completely Telluria and Vela from the game and give players the option to choose a 5* hero of their own choise! I have 3 Tellurias and 4 Vela, what should I do now?! It’s better for me to just stop playing at all :frowning:


Nerfuria, finally =)))


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