October 2020 Balance Update - discussion without Vela/Telly

Please comment about the October 2020 Balance Update here WITHOUT the Telly/Vela-rant.

Thanks Petri for your topic, but as always it becomes impossible to look for good opinions because most reactions are about Telly and Vela.
I won’t say the nerf is good or not, but I prefer a separate topic regarding that aspect.

Points of interest in this topic:

  • cheaper emblems: is it an improvement? Will you emblem less useful heroes faster? …?
  • cheaper change of emblems: is it an improvement? …?
  • tavern chances: how will this affect your draws?
  • S3 power creep: is this too much regarding f.e. S1 heroes? Are the changed heroes well tweaked or did SG miss some opportunities? How will this affect your draws? …?

Let’s try not to vent our frustrations and keep this discussion friendly :+1:


I hope SG planning costume factory after costumes will ALL be released. Maybe with SH26.
If so, then s3 changes is normal.


Glad to see this seperate topic.

I like the emblem changes. I dont think they would have ever done 100% food iron back. 20% works for me along with the reduced costs.

Tavern of Legends is where I spend each month anyway as there are far less dupes for me there and the 30 for 30 is the cheapest 30 pull available I think ( possibly??). But with the S3 buffs I may see if I can buy one small deal a month there if my monthly disposable income allows it.

I am really intrigued by the boost to Baldurs damage. I had been unsure of him and had brought Red Hood to 3/70 awaiting the next set of rings. But 165%dmg each turn is really impressive.

Really interested to see others thoughts.

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Funny, I wasn’t even tracking that this was happening until I saw the emblems in the mailbox.

The emblem changes are nice, and I like the ToL change so now I know which ToL to use my coins on. Better odds for the featured heroes, but still overall no change.

My main issue is why are all the S3 heroes being buffed? Generally speaking, they are already far and away better than the S1 and S2 heroes.


Hmm can I ask why? About telly and Vela nerf??? Just please eliminate those 2 from the game already. And give us 10k gems. For each. Problem solved. Let’s waste those gems on s3

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Emblems : A nice start but i don’t think is the solution the game needs. The main issue with emblems is the additional bonus stats they receive. A fully emblemmed vs non emblemed 5 star shouldn’t be this big. The game already have 5 different hero levels and definitely don’t need additional levels as it makes everything into more chaotic.

Telluria would never be this big of an issue without emblems
Meta would never get stale because you would always have additional hero’s to try on defences.
There wouldn’t be major gap with old and new players and the catchup period would be quicker.

With the implemented changes only thing would be different today is would be a bit easier to move emblems from an hero to another but still require massive amount of work,

Emblems shall only give talent boost and each shall step shall require 100-150 emblems to complete.

The game needs variety, emblems current method prevents variety…

Reset Tokens: It is a very good improvement for sure.

Season 3 Buff: An attempt to increase revenue, I will hard pass it as any hero we gather can be nerfed tomorrow. Why invest on hero’s :slight_smile:


This is a noble objective but in the heat of the current debate, it’s impractical to moderate and it will just become a duplicate thread.

I’ll close it for now but when cooler heads prevail it can be reopened :+1:


Reopening for now. Please behave & remember, this is NOT a topic to discuss Vela & Telluria.

Personally I’m very happy to see fenrir get some love, but wish they would leave the 600% below 50 and either up the heal or increase the lower hot to


Sorry for dupe reply, posted this in other thread before I noticed separate thread excluding the TV gripes-

Overall I think these changes will improve game experience, especially emblem changes.

But on emblem changes, are they going to boost the emblems for combining alkashards from 10 to 20? I’m really hoping that was simply an oversight on release notes. If they really keep them at 10, alchemy lab just took a major leap back to irrelevance. If you now get 20 emblems in the shop for 175 gems, what is incentive to run ha19 (what i do now) and spend 100 gems for 10 emblems?!
So fingers crossed those are boosted as well, otherwise I don’t see myself using it going forward.

I’m excited about the emblem changes. I won’t do much differently, just get to emblem my heroes faster.

I am frustrated by the S3 buffs. There was already a noticable power creep, this is going to take it to the next level. Hopefully new costumes and ninjas will be on par.


I have Mist and Ratatoskr, buff to them are very minor, I think from practical use point of view those changes are not noticeable…
Emblem changes is good move, hope talent grid on costume can be configurable, it’s quite annoying that grid setting is only base on normal version.

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This is what I posted on the other topic (deleted T/V part):

I really like the emblem system update. Looks like I can expect to max some 5* sooner than I ever dreamed. I just hope, as many have said, that they don’t forget to update the alkashards emblems exchange. The emblem system may have flaws, but I feel this may help to identify and address them better in the near future.

Why buffing S3? Because they’re S3, of course. It’s the on-going season, still getting new heroes every month. SG is trying to push summoning on S3 as much as possible, and now they’re having some of the best heroes on the game. And also, this helps for diversity on top squads.

The other problem is that S1, even with costumes, will become even weaker. S2 is receiving no love, but maybe SG expects to release costumes for S2 next year? I don’t know.

In general as a F2P I dig these changes and have some hope that the game will have more balance with them.

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Not a fan of the S3 buff. We are already moving into runaway inflation territory:

Nerfs are not the only way to make the Hero you paid for today irrelevant tomorrow. This bodes poorly.

That said, the reduced cost for the Talent grid is fine. I am personally not super happy about it, as it compresses the top end back down; meaning that in competitive terms, it’s now +20 or nothing. But, that’s the popular choice, so I’m happy to see people get what they want.

The increased return on Reset is very welcome. In particular, this will encourage early players to use Emblems on their Rare Heroes, knowing that it won’t be hard to recover the Emblems later for Epic or Legendaries when the time comes.

Better ToL draws…? I’m ambivalent. I only use the free draws, so it’s kind of nice, but in terms of the meta game I think the achingly high levels of rarity for some Heroes was good for us even if we didn’t like it.


Emblems: if we’re going to have the class/emblem system, this revamp is a good thing

Tavern chances: LOL IDC not spending

S3 power creep: feels like they think too many people are farming S1 and S2 and not progressing in the game, and thus are trying to push S3. Gonna hold my gems and sleep on them like a dragon.

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Me too, although I have a fair share of S3 heroes, I don’t want them to be overpowered.

Maybe the emblem costs can be reduced for only S1 and S2 heroes and not for S3 heroes, in an indirect way of rebalancing?

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I don’t know if it is something good or bad honestly.
Speed up emblems developement could potentially meaning 2 things:

A) the game will not last enough for the actual emblem system

B) they’re preparing a further and different upgrade system.

Their longterm targets has been radically changed (most likely because much less revenue from the game), and this could be both something good or something bad for the game itself, depending on Zynga intentions.

We will see.

As for summon chance, the only thing i read on this change is that tavern and Valhalla were really under their expectation (revenue wise).
Probably Tavern they were expecting it, but not surely for Valhalla.
Probably they were expecting a similar outcome of season 2, which was almost surely not.

All these change and the new upcoming content is really, really, really too much for my eyes.

Keep the game fresh is one thing, but having a different game every 2 weeks is simply ridicolous.

Stop, please.


A question that might not be possible to answer yet, but does anyone know how the 20% return will be given?

If we just get it in plain resources, won’t that fill the storages completely? What will happen if the storages are full?

Or do we get crates bases on the amount of emblems used?


I checked with Staff and it is based on the NEW cost of Embleming

Also I expect it will be returned in food and iron straight to storage. Same as removing something from a training or crafting queue. I also expect excess food/iron to “disappear”. Again, the same as removing from a training or crafting queue.

No confirmation tho on the resources stuff… just my thoughts.


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