🎭 [October 19, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Can only upload 1 pic…in c sonya the deal damage 310%…if cleanse has no more advantage than dispell…should i need c sonya? I think regular one is more useful? And i saw on youtube mh gave tutorial bout custome hero…he also recommend r sonya pair with c caedmon…i just wish to get c caedmon from now…but im c2 play need to hoarfing gems first…

They both do same dmg by % (345), you just didnt lvl costume Sonya yet


Damage is (as @Cerevan_the_Omni said) almost identical between the two options.

As for which is better to use, it’s hugely situational. The advice to use a cleanser & dispeller is good advice. There are other optoins you can use to Costume Caedmon & Costume Sonya (such as Melendor, Rigard, Sabina etc…).

My personal take on, assessment of & breakdown of all the costumes is here: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

Essentially, for Sonya & Caedmon, which version you use depends largely on what you need. If you are facing an enemy with lots of buffs, the Dispelling version is going to be more useful (normal). If you’re facing an enemy with lots of ailments, the Cleansing version is going to be more useful (costumed).


I personally have Frida which also dispells as regular Sonya, but like others mentioned already it’s about preference.

I don’t have another option for blue cleanser so I most of time prefer costumed version, but for example against Black Knight tank I prefer dispeller Sonya + Frida to have as much dispel against his taunt/attack buff. Against GM tank I prefer costumed Sonya for cleanse of GM’s DoT.

I’m in top 100 alliance so I also prefer costume Sonya for my blue mono as GTV combo and similar combos are still common to see in wars.

In 4* tournaments (mainly the buff booster one) I switch between both versions depending on the defense team I’m attacking and so on.

And I wish I had costume Caedmon too. Surely just as valuable.

So was not expecting the bonus pull on my main! Overall, this is my main’s 2nd time pulling a HoTM from the costume chamber. 1st was Noor.


I got Sonja, Boldtusk, and Kashhrek - already had the first two costumes, along with all the heroes, so I got some good food at least. No complaints this time around.

I need one more key for another pull - maybe a monster or hero chest will be generous in the next 21 hours.

So proud of myself! I managed the second last stage! Using

And Mist (not fully levelled yet)

And a ton of bombs, arrows, and potions.

It even put me at 5 Keys, so I could do a summon and I got Renfeld. Wanted Berden, I still struggle with getting a strong green, but I’ll take what I can get :slight_smile:

Progress is nice!


I beat the final level with this team:


Used no items until the end where some mana kept Gretel and c-Lianna doing their thing. I got c-Lianna last time and just leveled her so this was her first time out.

Had 3 pulls. I wanted to pull to try to get some key 4’s I am missing before more are introduced. I was hoping for Sonya and Rigard but ended up with 2 Gunnars and an Azar. All dupes. 1 key short of another summon so I filled my chests and no luck. So it goes …



I ended up beating the final level on my main with my best mono dark team that I have.

This team made it extremely easy to deal with Joon. I just wish Panther wasn’t fighting with Kingston over emblems though as both heroes are very good.

EDIT: After beating the final level on my main, I had enough for a pull and what do you know… The chef decided to pop out. :grin::sunglasses:


Memory fading already as that was yesterday, but iirc used the standard farming team (Clarissa, Frida, Telluria, G. Kong, Joon) for first 4 levels and then my favourite yurple for the rest (Seshat, G. Jackal, Rigard, Malosi, Proteus - think Rigard was in costume for a change as I forgot to switch him back from something or other). No hiccups, moderate item use. 7 key pulls, all 3* and 4* dupes. Leaving gem summons for next month as (a) hoping some at least of the new cossies will come out and (b) if I got a third Zulag instead of a first Glenda I would be sad.

Three free pulls for me. I got Sonya (my fourth), Hawkmoon (honestly lost count how many times i pulled her from costume chamber), Isshtak (my third). Was not expecting any 5*, i’ve been already too lucky to pull a Joon and a Domitia from the chamber, and i’ve been even more (un)lucky to pull TWO amazing Horghalls, one per month, this summer. So, i think i’m done with 5* (un)luck this year.
It’s just that i would like one single damned costume, Rigard (or even Kiril) and month after month, free or 10x pulls, there seems to be no **** way to get THAT costume.

At least you get 5☆s from there. I do at least 5-10 pulls every month in the chamber and the only 5☆ i got was richard in February. Hopefully i had better luck with other portals.

Well, those 5* are the only ones i’ve ever pulled in one year and a half of playing, apart from hotms and Santa. No s2/s3/event whatsoever. Let me have a little bit of luck at least in one of the portals :rofl:

Did 8 pulls (5 free, 3 from offers). Finally got Balthazar’s, which I maxed right away by virtue of using his vanilla version in RT defense, so stat boost is nice. Today I managed get the fifth key for last spin from otherwise really terrible red chest (I mean hardest to fill chest and battle manual + scabbard + 3 silver coins + raid flask for my trouble?). But the last pull made it up for it:

Say what you want but as average speed 5* healer she will have place in my roster (after Seshat of course, who gets the tabards first).


Well, just beat the final level on my 1st alt with this team:

Again, Joon got slapped early as I had a whole bunch of dark tiles on his side of the board. Only had to use a few medium mana potions on the boss but other than that, no other items were used. Both pulls from fully completing it was Brienne and Gunnar. Dupes but helpful for when I need to up the initial costumes I am leveling.

I didn´t pay attention which heroes I had to face to so I went with a double riposte team:

Sabina+20, Boril+15, Kiril+18, Cyprian+19, Grimm+17 I had to use a few potions.

With all the keys I got this: 2 Isthakk, Karil and Bane (I already had C Karil and C Bane) So this masquerade was just food.
Anyway fun event.

Just one pull. Saved remaining keys for the new costumes. Not one of my favourite epic heroes, but I’ll gladly take it! :joy:


I haven’t read the whole thread yet, so someone might have posted a similar comment (if so, apologies…)
but I run two accounts and have been completing all the Masquerade events since it first started, even purchased a fair few handful of offers, and turn over my wanted missions often enough to have at least 5 keys ahead of the next Masquerade event, and i STILL do not have a single 5* costume on either account.
Is that common? Plenty of people in the same pitiful bucket of costumed misery? Make me feel better.

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Hi @RedRobyn , I am a low-spender player that tracks all his pulls. So far 70 total pulls from Costume chamber and no 5*. 40 from S3 and no S3 five star, 108 from seasonal events and no 5* seasonal, and 186 from challenges, no challenge 5* hero.
You are not alone! And I am sure good luck will arrive to you sooner rather than later :slight_smile:


thank you @ierazo. <3