🎭 [October 19, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

My three maxed Liannas are crying for their costume too. :sob::sob::sob:

Hope you get an exciting pull soon! :shamrock:


Ugh, I wish I didn’t blow 40+ keys last month just b/c I didn’t have Bai Yeong. I still don’t even have C.Caedmon and C. BT. Did 1 key pull so far and got a dupe Bane. Will have another 2 pulls after the quest and hopefully I can get either Caedmon or BT costume lol. I’m not even going to hope for 5*s.

Used my costume keys that I earned last month and from the event for 5 pulls. Was really hoping for vivica (already have her maxed) or kiril’s costume.

This was the only new one out of the 5. Have one leveled so the costume will be nice. And it completed a chest

A nice chest, though seeing those 2 dragon bones in a row was annoying lol.

Decided to do a 10 pull since I figured better try now for vivica and kiril before new costumes are added.

Got vivica and Zulag. And darts! Kiril will have to wait but I’m happy with vivica.


Cleared not pulling at this time saving keys for the new crop to come out. Still alot of costumes I ain’t got but can wait.

I wasn’t pulling anything. 28 keys waiting for new costumes.

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I’ve got to save all my pulls for the new costumes. I could use some of the existing ones, but duplicates would bum me out. Morlovia will have to satisfy my hero pull craving this month,.

Saved my pulls last time, so had 35 keys.

First pull gave me caedmon. Happy, as he is new and good (love my Sonya enough to now level a second copy).

Then Prisca, Carver, Prisca (all dupe), Azar (new), balthazar (dupe), en the big surprise

Very happy to finally have a 5* costume, and a pretty good one at that.


got costumed vivica … that’s nice


I got these new ones from 8 pulls.

Still missing from current 3*/4* costumes Balthazar, Boril, Kiril and Caedmon. (Kiril and Caedmon would be really nice…) New costumes don’t really look that exciting for me, some good 5* costumes, which I’ll probably never get, so I don’t really care about it.
And I’ve probably done around 100 pulls on this event without one 5* costume… really sad. I honestly wish the costume odds of 5* were as when they were introduced - higher odds, but without original hero. Maybe then I’d have got at least 1 5* costume…

I got Kashrek’s costume so that’s something new. Too bad my Kashrek is at 1/1 because of his complete irrelevance in diamond.


As noob im happy to get here…just curious if cleanse ailment allies is better than dispell buff all enemies since the c.sonya transform from dispell to cleanse?


It depends, I sometimes use her regular form with dispel (if the defense team I’m attacking has more buffing heroes rather than heroes causing status ailments), but most of the time I use her costume version, which I love and I emblemed her based on her costume version. Got her at +20 with costume bonus and mana bonus in her costume form, making it +9% mana generation for her so she charges with 7 tiles if equipped with mana troop level 5.
One of the best 4* costumes, so congrats.

You can switch back and forth before every fight according to needs. That’s useful. I even maxed a 2nd one.

In Platinum arena I used a lot more dispell…but going into Diamond arena you need like 90% of the time cleanse and just 10% dispell. So yes it is useful. You can’t say this in general…it is a new decision every fight. Depends on opposing team.


Enemy has…

Black knight - you urgently need dispell for taunt
Gravemaker - better off with cleanse to keep the burn away

I even got less cleansers (2x Rigard, 2x Sonya) than dispellers (Sabina, 2x Sonya, Caedmon, MelendorC, Domitia).

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OK, this was a bit of a LOL for me… last night, I got Lianna out of TC20 (my second of her).

Just now, I got Lianna’s costume out of Costume Chamber. :smiley:

So now I have 3x Lianna, one maxed at 4-80 and two brand new 1-1 to work on!

Good gaming!


OK, done without using any items,…

Have 81 keys (16xpull), since last time not so many used keys. But I plan to not used this month, maybe next month or until new costumes released. But curious with Lianna and Vivica as featured heroes (but I never get 5* that as featured on each costume portal), then I only want to 5xpull,…

Azar, Li Xiu, Rigard, Belith and Friar Tuck, all feeder :sweat_smile:
But, I still ascend Lianna even not wearing costumes I do not have her costume :muscle:
Well, okay, maybe next time… :wink:


Few keys and x10. Did not get Vivica, but got a very good pull with Joon and Lianna, both are first. And no Zulag, which is also very good. First Berden is nice too and completes my 3*collection


Hey everybody, did 19 pulls got lucky, got my second costumed 5, Domitia, I’m kind of buried in dark right now, but its not a bad problem to have, happy pulling !


OMGERD :scream::scream::scream:

cLiana pull

Now I could just claim it’s my first 10 pull, but truth this I did about 7 key pulls, and then 3x 10 pulls (this one being the 3rd) before I got Lianna+costume. But man she’s totally worth it, somehow RNGesus has decided I’m worthy of every S1 5* green EXCEPT Lianna (seriously, 2x Elkanen and Kadilen but 0 Lianna), so I’m super stoked to get her.


Well, the mana speeds sure have increased since the first version when Gravemaker never fired.

It depends what you are fighting. If the enemy is going to poison you and lower your defense then cleanse is great. If they are gonna buff up their attack and defense, then dispeller is better.

Once she’s leveled out will be great to switch between the two when you are preparing your team. Also nice since you can easily pair with another cleanser or dispeller if you want both.

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