🎭 [October 19, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Did a 10-pull and got Vivica and 2 Zulags. Really happy about Vivica, and it’s just my third 5* costume ever (can’t use Isarnia since I pulled it in the 1st round and have not gotten Isarnia and the other is Quintus)


That was fun! Slow and steady wins the race :smile:

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Went with my green overheal squad, was good despite struggling to find any green tile at the boss level. :slight_smile:
Now let’s see if I will get anything better than Horghall (the only 5* costume) with my 7 pulls. :pray::crossed_fingers:


Nope, the hate from this portal goes on and on. 7 single pulls, plus a 10-pull. 3 Borils and Kashrek and 3*s.Thanks for nothing, it was painful.

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Done 10 pull summon few 4 and 3 duplicates and 2 bonus draws in the end so at least 2 HOTs really wanted Lianna or Kadilien

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Hawkmoon, Renfeld and Friar Tuck - all of whom are arriving for the n-th time :frowning_face:

Coins saved for Morlovia.

Lol, used all my gems meant for the Valhalla summon on the costumes. 45 pulls and nothing! I so hate this game at times

Finally she came to me!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v:


Yep, exactly for her I did my pulls. Happy for you though :smirk:

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I feel your pain. Gonna skip summoning here until new 4* costumes arrive. At least I can hope to get those. :crossed_fingers:


Botta di c…

Ops, sorry for the Italian :slight_smile:


Hang on mate, soon or later your prayers will be welcomed! :wink:
For me was a loooooong wait and to be honest I was looking for Azlar…!! :sweat_smile:
I’d not even dare to wish for her…and finally since April i got a 5* !!! When least expected!! :crossed_fingers::+1:

…ULO !!! :smile:

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The Quest went smoothly without Wu Kong. I only used Wilbur + Protes and it was all good.

Summons: got the legendary hero of this game! :tada:


Very happy this month, especially after that Ninja Tower abomination.

Got Azar & Boldtusk costumes, both new to me.

Edit: Got a costume key from a chest, giving me an extra pull, Balthazar duplicate costume. Not great, but I do have purple heroes to work on.

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Finished using this team without battle items and summon as usual not good .

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4 pulls so far:

Friar Tuck

Garbage as per usual. 3 years in to this game and still no 5* healers at all.

It really wouldn’t hurt to make the odds a little more favourable. I won’t spend anything in such a loaded lottery. I’d be better off on the roulette wheel. Make the odds reasonable, people would be more willing to take a punt, IMHO

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Jealousy! :rage: :sob:

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4 pulls. Got Gunnar no. 2373, Isshtak, Carver and Azar…

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7 summons this months Masquerade, 5 4 stars but all dupes… 2 3 stars.

Can’t break my curse. It’s few months already without getting a non-dupe 5 star, I think last one I welcomed in May… With exception of Alice who I didn’t need anyways. No HotM since May either. When the bad luck ends, it better be good.


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