🎭 [October 19, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

And I’m already seeing @Guvnor trying to pull for Vivica. As for me I have her already so not sure if forth trying for pulls…

are the new costumes Going to be in next months costume portal? Also, what will be featured at next months portal?

Almost certainly saving summons until new costumes are out.


I dont know what to do. From the epic set, which are more likely to be pulled im only missing Kiril.
Both 5☆ are important to me, vivica and more than anything lianna
Should i pull? I have 40 keys plus some gems. Or its better to pull safe when sg adds new epics :thinking:

Costume chamber is THE dupe event for me but I want so many of the 5* costumes that keep on pulling. Already had 3x Kadilens from the chamber.

Anyway, did in total 19 pulls keys + a 10 pull. Got both both the featured heroes. C Vivica (dupe) and C Lianna. Very happy about C Lianna and will definitely save my 2nd Vivica for the future when I have 12 darts (currently on 8). I still do not have any 5* yellow sniper and another 5* yellow healer would not be shabby at all, so it might be sooner rather than later.

EDIT: In addition to the dupes, I have also got compasses in all my last 5 ascension chests from the chamber.


1st summon, using existing coins, was yet another Hawkmoon (that makes 11 (eleven) so far). :frowning_face:

NB: Costumes referred to in the ROUND 3 Costumes thread are not available yet, they are in BETA v33.

I shall be saving gems for next month and just using coins today.

Nah by far worst portal to me. I need the shiny 5☆ costumes if not i wouldnt spend here. Ninja one was more generous here i only get the same 3☆ every time.



All duplicated, all feeders

Nah not this time. Waiting for more costumes so am saving gemmies and keys.

Don’t know. I personally am not expecting them until December update but we don’t know.

Also don’t know. I linked @jinbatsu tracking sheet in the OP. So you can make as good a pattern as any of us can from it :slight_smile:


I got Carver, Baltazar and Friar Tuck.

Oh, well :slight_smile:


next month will be more interesting costume now i ill just save coins and gems!!!


Next month MAY have new costumes.

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Had a bit of fun with Costume Trials :slight_smile: hope you enjoy!


Solid morning, single pull of C Vivica and a 10 pull that netted C Lianna and Zulag


Would be a good pull (only did a few singles)…if it wasn’t my second…got the first off a few singles as well when not featured at an earlier event. What I would do for C-Lianna…:sob::sob::sob::sob: when the only 5* you have from this event are c-horghall :face_vomiting: and of course Vivica, and last month in wonderland this exact thing happened with WR (only 5* from that event)…makes me understand why people think their RNG is rigged. Haven’t had an exciting pull for months now 4* or 5*!


I’ve decided to do one pull this month and save the rest of my keys for new costumes.
I got Renfeld and I am OK with this, because I didn’t have his costume. Maybe I will use him now from time to time. :blush:


Did a 10-pull and got Vivica and 2 Zulags. Really happy about Vivica, and it’s just my third 5* costume ever (can’t use Isarnia since I pulled it in the 1st round and have not gotten Isarnia and the other is Quintus)


That was fun! Slow and steady wins the race :smile:

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Went with my green overheal squad, was good despite struggling to find any green tile at the boss level. :slight_smile:
Now let’s see if I will get anything better than Horghall (the only 5* costume) with my 7 pulls. :pray::crossed_fingers:


Nope, the hate from this portal goes on and on. 7 single pulls, plus a 10-pull. 3 Borils and Kashrek and 3*s.Thanks for nothing, it was painful.

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Done 10 pull summon few 4 and 3 duplicates and 2 bonus draws in the end so at least 2 HOTs really wanted Lianna or Kadilien

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