🏅 [Oct 6, 2019] 25th Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, All Elements

Yeah I think so too. Marj with emblems probably better than magni without considering placement. And no, no Seshat. I am pretty much just vip to play, but have been saving gems and tokens for months. I start spending them with the Halloween event.

Due to that statement, I swapped Joon for Sesh on right wing.


I’ll give Marjana/Drake/Hel/Poseidon/Lianna a shot. I can’t do any worse on defense than I have the last few times… Oh well, still got top 5% this time and the reset emblem I wanted popped. That’s two today, so I’m happy!

Yes, I have Seshat. Unleveled. I have 10 tabards and want to max Kunchen, Seshat, and Kageburado :rofl:


I would replace Mitsuko with Joon if I were you. But I don’t advise you though. If your defense will suck, I don’t want you to blame me later :rofl:

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Nice suggestion, but I’m going to keep the all girl def now.

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I setup with what I have so far.

On my bench:
Wilbur+5, Scarlett+1, BT+7, Hansel+3, Boril+3, Grimm+10, Jack O+1, Caedmon+3, Kiril+1, Wu Kong+4.
Any advice is very welcome, and I’m ready to blame whoever advice me wrong, lol joke :coffee:
@Scarecrow, @Olmor please :wink:

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Wilbur, not Falcon. And switch Pos with Sesh…

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Jack Pose Sesh Wilby Wu

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@Scarecrow and @Olmor thanks… so I must decide my self now…
The defesne is not too significant factor anyway… :wink:

Squishy JerkyO might work there.

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My team:


Not sure if I will use same defense team on offense… I may shift a few.

Zim is wing or flank at most. Colen wasted on wing (or any other slow hero). I don’t know what else you have, but with this defense is likely you’ll be buried in E :slight_smile:

Should I swap Seshat for Kage? Not sure the order matters much… I’m also tempted to throw in misandra instead since she has emblems.

Seshat with Alasie, because Seshat is the best on wing (and only there has the max efficiency). Great defense btw…

Actually, I would switch after that Alasie with Drake. Yellow to protect purple and Drake is one of the best flanks in the game.

Since GM has your barbarian emblems, Seshat is much tougher than Kage.

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What about morgan? Has anyone tried her in this type of fight? Will the drain work but you just don’t get the hot?

I was hoping the multiple red would triple the damage.

Other than those, I have Buddy+11, Chao+9, Boril+19, Boldtusk+7, Wilbur+7, Proteus+15, Proteus+1 and Wu+12. I removed healers from the equation.

I usually do bad in the five star bloody battles, because a lot of my heroes are slow.


XXX Zimi Sonya Kelli Sarta

XXX could be another fast blue or maybe Caedmon for a 2nd dispel or another nature or holy or dark sniper.


Chao Buddy Sonya Zimi Sarta

Will go like this - Guin has been thrown out for this one ( she did her job 2 weeks ago taking me to top1% due to defense)
Am not expecting to perform A but if it holds around B will be great.

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Triple damage in attack, not defense :slight_smile:

I would set tank Buddy if I were you. Is by far the best tank you have. So my defense will be like Sonya, Zim, Buddy, Sartana and Kelile.

Any idea with whom should I replace alby?