🔵 [Oct 28, 2020] Trials of Decimation – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge.

I thought I had a decent team. But this went down to the last man standing!

The team:

Benched: Kiril, C.Caed, Proteus2 3.70

Wanted to keep a 3-2 stack. Heroes look good. First time use for the recently maxed Fura but I’ve heard good things about her. Debated between BT/ Kiril and Colen/ rest of bench. In the end decided to go with the stack. BT and Proteus are both superstars by themselves. What could go wrong?

Well nothing till the last boss stage. An unlucky cascade again had me entering boss stage without specials but most mana bars were close to full and heroes at full health. Minor manaed and fired Proteus and started cleaning up the board to set up tiles. And kept cleaning it. And kept cleaning it. Tiles aren’t coming in. Manaed up Prot again. Still nothing on the board but … crap how hard are those slash attacks hitting me!!! Manaed up BT. Manaed up Proteus. Desperate search for combos. More mana up for BT and Proteus. Running low on mana now and switching to minor health pots. I’m controlling boss mana but they are just nuking me with slash attacks!! Wtf!! Merlin goes down first. Colen goes next. Manage to take down Ulmer. Fire and poison DOT are whittling down the heroes but the board is giving me nothing

Then it happens … Proteus dies on ONE evil slash attack. Omg I thought I HAD this trial! Fura goes on the next slash attack. I’m left with BT, 2 minor mana pots, a few minor health pots and antidotes. Bosses are low on hp but I have no hitter! Slow grind of miserly portioning out the potions and killing the bosses with tiles while keeping BT alive. Thank God I picked BT over Kiril because that little dwarf is just not beefy enough to take that many hits and still keep standing. Oberon whittled away and finally Balthy. Leaving me feeling extremely chastened about any hubris I might have felt about my team combo!

Emblems hoarded for Magni and Alfrike. Trainer to Jade. No reset. I need a long nap. :sweat: