🔵 [Oct 28, 2020] Trials of Decimation – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge, yay!

My plan:

Proty 1 / Proty 2 / Hu Tao (strong color vs. Obey AND Balthy) / Kiril / Caedmon costume

thought about bringing Kash in, then remembered the costume is NOT eligible. Never mind.

So these bosses hit HARD. Very hard. With my two Protys they never fired their specials, but for some reason their slash attacks HURT. A LOT. (now I know Ulmer and Balthy have high attack stats generally, but Oberon??? mine hits like a weak noodle.)

Even with Kiril’s defense buff on.

to be fair I was also doing this while in a call, so I was not exactly concentrating. but still. Hu died first, then Proty 1, then Kiril. When Kiril died I started to panic a little, dang, no more healer/defense buffer, this is bad.

Balthy died first. but Ulmer and Oberon would NOT die. had to use some mana potions and tornadoes to keep Proteus and Kiril going, and later on Proteus only once Kiril died. and eventually killed them off.

Obey was about too fire too so I used a Titanium Shield just in case… but Proty’s poison DoT and a tile match killed him off before that happened. Eh well. His Fighter Talent could have revived him so it’s not really a waste… right?

Wizard emblems bump Sartana up to +7. Fighter in the bank. Trainer to Fura.