🔵 [Oct 27, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Last time:

only 1st stage.

Today team:

Done till 2nd stage where a furious Horghall gave me a hard time. Needed to use several items due to lack of snipe


The big change this time was Elkanen to replace Caedmon. Wasn’t a huge difference in damage though and a second dispel would have helped. Maybe next time I’ll kick Horghall and put Caed back in.

Cleric Emblems for Mnesseus, but he’s almost +19 (1 Emblem still missing), after that I’ll boost Elkanen. Druid Emblems go to Ceadmon.


This is what popped up by default, so must have been my team last time

Swapped in Caed this time for extra dispel, though I didn’t need it. Used the mana test tubes to charge Hansel and that made it super easy. Dump tiles into Boril, then dispel. Use mana control on Horghall and/or Vivica as needed


No items needed.
Evelyn had dinner.

Owl 1up to +5 prepping him for the coming rush as wing.



Rigard - Boril - Caedmon - Gadeirus - Melendor

Maybe I should have put in Agwe for Gadeirus to get some damage potential. Boril took out Horgall basically alone. Used a couple of bombs to soften the bosses up, otherwise nothing.

Peters got the feeder. Rigard is already +20, so I’m shopping for an emblem-worthy cleric. Caedmon is +19, I believe, so he may be getting the druid ones.


My team:

I used 5 arrows, 5 axes and 1 bomb to kill Horghall. Vivica didn’t want to die even when I fired diamonds at her and I didn’t want to use the rest of the bombs so the fight took me a few minutes.

The new cleric emblems will go to Vivica, haven’t decided what to do with the druid ones yet.


It didn’t give me much trouble this time. I added Grazul over Melia. Her defense and healing added to the survivability of my team. Last time I had a lot of trouble wearing Vivaca down before she would heal. This time I had my full team alive after I took out Horghall and Boril which made it much easier. Druid emblems will probably go to Melondor and I don’t have a cleric that I want to use emblems on yet. I have some on Boril but I’ll move them and any I’m saving to Rigard when I get him.



Melendor, Gade, Boril, Caedmon, Rigard

Went pretty smoothly. Horghall took himself out due to riposte, Vivica went next (although I was trying to take her out 1st) then Boril was easy after ghosting and loading up specials.
Used 2 dragon attacks, 2 arrows to loosen the bosses up a bit.
Kadilen are the trainer, although I was tempted to save him for Prince.


Again I just bomb bosses at the end as long as my hereos could survive which was easy with 2 healers and spirit link.

Actually I tried to face them head on since all 5 hereos where alive but tile damage was too low.


Same team as last time, with one more rank each on Ma and Lepus.

  • On the bench: Ariel, Rigs, Gad, Mel, Hansel, Agwe, 3.70 Elk, 3.70 Alb, 3.70 Grazul (plz send tonics and rings)

  • Up and coming: 4.49 Boril

No issues getting to the bosses, everyone was ready except Ma North. I had better timing with Gafar and Viv this time, and with Zim, repeatedly clearing Horghall’s debuff. I still had to burn a number of pots to keep folks up.

After dropping Horghall with tiles, I went to work on Viv. Caed did a good job keeping her shield down and taking Boril’s buff down. Lepus recklessly finished her.

Boril is significantly less fearsome without his backup.

Trainer to Buddy #2, emblems to Ma and Lepus.


First time completing this trial, went pretty smoothly. Having so many healing options was nice. I went in with two hitters, two healers and riposte. Trainer kickstarted Peters #1.


I used Caedmon 4-70+4 / Rigard 4-70+4 / Horghall 4-77 / Boril 4-70+3 /Melendor 4-70+10

Same team as last time but previously Horghall was 3-70.

Not a noticeable difference. I may have used a few less items at the end.

I used Dragon Attacks and Mana Pots for last level bosses.

Druid haven’t decided yet. Cleric will go to Ariel once she’s leveled


Boril was not as effective this time as last time for me. Fewer blue gems to get him charged and bosses kept hitting wrong side of my team.

Next time up I should be using Ariel.

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Just doing the first 2

Emblems to gad cleric sit on the shelf

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My team this time:

  • Rigard +20
  • Melendor +19
  • Boril +5
  • Caedmon 4^70
  • Ranvir 2^60

Compared to last time, Melendor is up 1 talent, and Boril started grabbing cleric emblems, rising to +5. I wanted to find a role for Vivica 3^40 in this trial, but I already have two healers and not enough hitters, so she is still sitting it out.

Mob waves weren’t too bad, and I entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a nice green diamond on the board. That put Boss Boril behind the 8-ball to start with, so I targeted him and soon finished him off. From there, I eventually enticed Horghall to commit suicide on Boril’s riposte, although Ranvir bowed out before that happened. Got Vivica under half health, but had a sour board by then and just unloaded 1 dragon, 1 bomb, and 5 axes rather than take the time to try and turn the board around enough to finish her.

Almost finished with Melendor’s talent tree with 63 druid emblems. Boril has just enough cleric emblems to reach +6. Trainer hero goes to second Melendor; had a ton of shields, so I’m maxing him for another war healer. Green is my worst color from a depth standpoint.

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Went with:

Rigard +17; turned into +18 after 2nd stage
Ranvir + 5
Gadeirus 4/45
Hansel +1
Melia +16

During the last wave I used 10 small mana potions, 5 big, one revive scroll (Hansel bit it) a 4 bomb attacks. But otherwise not too tough.

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Last time my team was

This time a little change with Boril coming in for Rigard

Last time I used some minor mana portions and arrows.

This time with Boril in, the repost was very helpful against Boss Horghall as a result he was the first to quit, and I kept Caedmon at hand to dispel Boss Boril and Viica, while HoT from Alby helped to mitigate the repost effect.
Kept Kúnchen and Zim specials to clean off Horghall effects and also Kunchen to counter Vivic defense buffs.

This time no item was used.

All emblems saved in the inventory, trainer also saved for now.


Team: Mnessus+1, Caedmon 3.40, Boril+2, Gobbler 3.44, and Rigard+4.

I was able to finish them off using axes and bombs, but no dragons, so I was happy about that. I wonder if I might have been able to do better with my Belith+12 as a second healer to support Boril’s riposte as my main offense. I know Vivica can be a tough out, and with both my flanks only in the third ascension, I knew I’d need some help on offense. I probably could have saved some more battle items, but I miscalculated how strong some tiles would hit Viv, and she healed once, so I finished her off with items at that point rather than taking a chance.

Trainer went to Caedmon (though I debated giving it to Kingston). Emblems on hold for now.

Elkanen (Self-Heal)

Not really…


I experiment by replacing 3/60 Gafar with 3/70 Elkanen…

Old Team:

New Team:

Harder, the old team is better fit for the trial…

6 Healing Potions
10 Minor Mana Potions
5 Arrow Attacks
2 Bomb Attacks


My Team Last Time: Elkanen 2/60, Hansel 4/70, Ariel +8, Guardian Owl 2/60, Rigard 4/70
My Team Last Time: Elkanen 2/60, Hansel 4/70, Ariel +8, Guardian Owl 2/60, Rigard 4/70

-I brought two pure healers: Ariel and Rigard. Guardian Owl and Elkanen also have self healing abilities.
-Yes, I found it tough to deal damage with special skills. I’m still sad that I failed to pull Zimkitha during the most recent Atlantis :cry:
-Yes, I have Boril. I didn’t bring him, however. I’ve never been a fan of using riposte…

-No, my team didn’t change at all.
-I used 5 bomb attacks, 3 dragon attacks, and a time stop.
-Hoarding all emblems for now.
-Lady of the Lake ate the trainer hero.
-I usually run rainbow during trials, with only 2 or 3 exceptions. This trial was tough without any heavy hitters. Another reminder about how much it stinks that I didn’t pull Zimkitha. I don’t have a maxed 5* druid and druid emblems are the only ones I’ve never used.
The Battle: Tiles were more than sufficient to deal with the monster waves, so my healers made it so that I could enter the boss fight with basically full health. I immediately used a bomb attack and a dragon attack. Rather than use them all at once, I spaced them out to keep the boss’s attack down and not waste the DOT from dragon attacks. Keeping Vivica from firing was my number 1 priority. Hansel was instrumental in making that possible. The one time I couldn’t get Hansel ready, I chose to use a time stop instead of mana, to stop all 3 bosses from firing. Once she was close to defeat, I used the rest of my bomb attacks and a couple of dragon attacks. Vivica fell without firing once. My two cleansers kept me pretty well healed and free from Horghall’s attack down. Toward the end, I had trouble keeping up with it and the attack down started hurting. Especially when Horghall kept popping minions. Instead of using mana, I just powered through it. Doing so caused me to lose Elkanen, but I ended up winning with only one hero down. I still hope to get a druid I want to use emblems on in the near future.


I supposed you had meant “Your team this time”,