🔵 [Oct 27, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Me last time:

Me this time:

Pretty much the same thing, but I’m dropping the carpet bombs since I don’t need them now. :partying_face:

In fact, I went with Bear Banners to counter Horghall this time around.

Man these trials are a slog. Went in with basically nothing between nicking the last mob and Melendor’s thorn minion poking at it, I didn’t have enough turns to charge them. Oh well.

Deep breath. Make a match…

Oh. Ranvir did work!

Finished off Horghall next then took my time with Viv. In the end, used a mana pot to have Caedmon punch her in the face.

Didn’t quite have enough tokens to get Viv to +5 but got Melendor to +7. Trainer going to Gadeirus #2. I’m going to steal @zephyr1’s idea and max Gafar for this. Not that I wasn’t going to do that already, it’s just more of a priority now. Thanks for these threads btw, as always. :+1::partying_face::clap: