🔵 [Oct 25, 2020] Trials of Piety – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Continuing with @Muchacho’s 4 star only challenge. The following is the team that I used. My good 4 stars in these two classes are mostly passive heroes, so I had to depend on tile damage to kill the bosses. Hence, the inclusion of Wu along with Wilbur. BT served both as healer plus increasing red tile damage along with Sumle. The battle went well. Couldn’t setup the board properly for the last stage so had to use a few minor healing potions and one bomb for attack debuff. Everything hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


@Muchacho lol! I don’t get lucky often, but when I do it’s disproportionate :stuck_out_tongue: I do hoard my EHTs for seasonal events, hence the 2x Valeria, 2x Jack and 2x Lady Wooly I have hiding in my roster… plus a lucky Lepus and a lucky Rana.

as for 2x Hansel (and 2x Pixie), I hoarded gems up for a 10-pull a couple of Grim Forests ago. (no 5*s though, bah!)

Let’s just say I can claim credit for choosing WHEN to summon, and that RNG choose to be kind to me on those instances :wink:

PS great work using Li and Wu as kamikaze-ers and finishing Boril through attrition, with two healers and a riposter of your own. whew! that must have taken a lot of patience.


Thank you :slight_smile: Sumle’s special has 80% hit accuracy. It really was just not my day! I was very relieved that I didn’t have to do a repeat!!


Team last time/ Team this time

Brought Hansel this time, but team power was way down so used a bunch of items to survive bad boards. Forgot about Joon because he was wearing his fighter costume (wish they had a better way to keep track of costumed heroes).

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Lepus.


4* challenge ariel and jabberwok out oh how I missed them haha. Used all time stops and a bit of mana. Green tiles everywhere :frowning: but was alright in the end.

Emblems to ariel gonna give a few more to wilbur trainer agnus.


All 4*, no problems.


I finished this one, but I didn’t go full 4* this time…

I probably could have, but I just wanted the emblems.

IIRC, I used

Santa 4/80+3
Rigard 4/70+19 (with costume bonus)
Wu Kong 4/70+10
Agwe 4/70+7
Hansel 4/27

Used a few battle items, but didn’t exhaust all of them (Rigard took care of most of my healing).

None of my heroes died in the battle.

Santa was my only 5*, so… it’s almost like I completed it in 4* mode.

Sorry, no screenshots taken. :man_shrugging:


This is the team I used( I think) no items needed


Once more I discover how few of a certain class I have :smile:

I managed to complete the first stage with Mist, Bjorn, Bane and a very fragile, not maxed levelled Gan Ju and Costumed Hawkmoon. Not going further though - none of my heroes have a desire to do so in their current state… :laughing:


We all started from there :slight_smile: in time, you will have enough 4*s or higher to complete the quest :slight_smile:

I remember doing this back then with a bunch of 4*s and Mnesseus / Hawkmoon!



4* challenge

I expected more trouble with the final stage bosses, but it went pretty well. Wilbur + Wu Kong = wicked tile damage. Monk emblems to Jabberwock, cleric emblems saved, trainer hero to Ariel (3/68).


My team this time:

  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Wilbur +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Like @Muchacho, I’m doing the 4-star challenge almost by default. I do have Joon, Leo, and Raffale that have not reached max ascension, and I have an emblemed Vivica, but she’s not a great color match for this trial, so I’m running the exact team that I had last time through.

Nothing notable in the mob waves. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a yellow diamond on the board. Tried to get rid of Joon first, since he’s the only real damage dealer. Ran shorter on reds than I wanted in the early part of the wave, which left me unable to re-fire Wilbur and Boldtusk as soon as I wanted, but somehow, I pulled through a Joon hit or two without losing any heroes. Despite my intentions, I brought down Boril first, and I was stunned to notice how close Tuck and Joon were to falling. Since Wilbur’s damage sharing was still active, they both went down at the same time. I honestly don’t know why this lineup seems to work so well, especially as damage sharing isn’t really ideal against bosses, and I have no dispeller for Boril. I guess BT attack up + Wilbur def down + Gafar and Skittles’ relatively high attack stats in strong colors against the flanking bosses makes more of a difference than I figured for. Whatever. I’m just glad, because this one used to give me fits.

Cleric emblems from stage 2 got Vivica over the hugely expensive 10th node. Monk emblems being saved for Joon, who also got the trainer hero.


Thanks! Quintus has most of my Sorcerer emblems. He has awesome tile damage for titans.


I actually did manage Stage 2, despite the weak team. With many, many health potions… :sweat_smile:


Congrats, well done! It’s always worth a try :+1:

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