🔵 [Oct 25, 2020] Trials of Piety – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge

TLDR: Mist was MVP.

Was not feeling confident about this at all. I went back and checked my vanilla team, but it had Viv and Joon so no help there.

Picked this team:

Sumle is a recent max. I haven’t played with him but I’ve heard good things and thought the others would buff him up nicely. Gafar was hiding in some corner of my roster. Never used him either, but considering he’d be anti-color to Joon as well as mess up Tucks heal. And then there’s Mist - I wanted her special skills buff (more on the other part of her skill later). I like running 3-2 color so debated Rigard. But I need Mist. Thought of using more yellows - Li Xiu, Wu, Lady Woolerton … I do have options, but nothing is standing out much. Also have Boril in blue … or Skittles if I dip into green and stack in Mneusses for his cleanse … But the red stack synergy looks good … unless Sumle suicides everyone on Boril’s riposte … argh!!

Give up. I’m running the 3-1-1 to test it on level 1 and 2. Level 1 is a breeze. Level 2 … I had trouble … THEN I realised the second part of Mist’s special will block BOTH Boril AND Tuck!! Well d’uh!!! Yes I’m definitely running this combo!

Level 3 brought bad boards. Struggled through mobs. Tried to set up for boss stage, but an unlucky cascade left me entering boss stage with a horrible board and only Mist charged up. Played slow and cautious trying to work the boards and line up the specials to time them together. Board is not helping me at all. Get one round off and Sumle misses … everyone!! Wtf!! Ok building again. Gafar is chipping away at Joon. Then that yellow monk takes a shine to my Mist and targets her till she is stone cold dead. And all I brought were axes, 2 types of mana and health pots (used none so far).

Screw it all! Mana-ed up the reds and let Sumle rip. He misses everyone. Again. At this point I’ve given up and pretty sure this will be the first trial in months that I will need to repeat. So I just throw all the mana and axes at them to be done with it. This time Sumle fires. The axes do their job. Joon finally dies. A red tile stack below Tuck takes him out. Boril fires, but the riposte isn’t very suicidal. And I’m ready to be DONE with this trial! Hit him with everything and it’s a wrap!! It actually went faster than previous piety trials. Unexpected but I’ll take the win!

Emblems banked. Trainer to Jade.