🔵 [Oct 25, 2020] Trials of Piety – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

@TGW reminder time :wink:

Linking to my plan

Yeah, it’s a good plan, let’s do it. Rigard / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Valeria 1 / Valeria 2, whee! Looking forward to thrashing these annoying bosses with this lineup.

Sure, the 2 Vals are weak versus one mob color, and against one of the bosses, but… she will make up for it in the boss stage.

Actually, she made up for it even in the mob stage. Charging with 3 ghosted tiles and piling the damage and DoT on the mobs, whew!

Went into the boss stage fully charged. 2 Vals and 1 Hansel on Joon, as he’s the one most likely to actually kill someone. Joon’s Monk talent kicked in, so 2nd Hansel goes after him too.

Finally, after 2 successful rounds of Hansel’s mana block and like 5 Valeria specials, Joon goes down.

In the meantime, $&%^@ Boril had his $^$&!!( riposte up, so I had to keep an eye on the riposte damage to my team while I was popping diamonds and siccing my twins at em. And Boril’s and Tuck’s talents kept kicking in so I also had to hold one Hansel in reserve at all times.

Finally, Boril went down, leaving Tuck alone to face the full wrath of everyone…

and then Tuck FINALLY goes down. Yeesh.

Did have to use a few mana and health potions to make sure nobody died / to make sure Joon was mana blocked (didn’t want to risk him killing Rigard).

ARGH finally.

Monk emblems bring Valeria 1 to +7, and Clerics to Rigard 2.