🔵 [Oct 23, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

This is one of the easier ones for me now. I have used the same team for a while.
Luckily I have BT so there is a healer of sorts though I would really love Delilah for this and the game in general.

I used no items and BT, Gormek, Magni, Grimm and Elena(2.25 working on her now after getting Khagan to 3.70 trying to decide who to ascend to 4.80).

The ones without healers are pretty difficult though can be done with health pots. The trial I hate is the one with all healers. I think it is Serenity but not sure. It is all healers on my team and the attackers I have are weak. I forget the combo but I usually just nuke the final just to get it done in a reasonable time. I could finish it but it would take forever…LOL. Just toss some nukes and get it done.

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