🔵 [Oct 23, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Finished it, and very happy with the new emblems.

Team was BT, Kage (3/70), Poseidon +6, Gravemaker +7, Grimm

Thanks to this trial I got enough figtheremblems to bring my beloved Poseidon to +7.
Not enough Barbarianemblems to bring Gravemaker to +8 but that’s the place they’ll go eventually.

The 3* trainerhero was a great lunch for Grazul who is on her way to 4/80 thanks to the sixt set of rings I got yesterday :slight_smile:


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The following was my team for the trial. I call this my squishy glass cannon team. High tile damage but low defense. They die pretty quickly hence had to use lot of those small health pots and mana pots. Apart from that it went pretty smoothly. The emblems and trainer hero got hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


Easy one emblems to GM and Poseidon


My team last time was Guardian Panther at 1-1, maxed Grimm, maxed Sumitomo, maxed Colen, and Poseidon at 1-1
But my team this time

is a lot better. Actually having a healer for this trial makes it go better. Grimm and Colen do their thing, Sumitomo’s counter and Poseidon doing his thing making everyone resist special skill blocking is key. My changes definitely made this trial easier than before. I still had to use antidotes, healing pots, and a time stop. I targeted Nashgar first, then Elena and Azlar went off and I had nobody left. 75 gems later, Nashgar was defeated and boom all I had left was Sumitomo in the blink of an eye. He revived twice in a row so I could defeat Azlar. Then 100 gems later my team finally got rid of Elena. Sumitomo will continue up the fighter ladder and I still have not handed out barbarian emblems (up to 274 of them now). No reset emblems for me either.


Finished with 3/70 Miki, 3/70 Azlar, T4 Magni, T5 Gretel, and T9 BT. Used 2 healing potions, otherwise no other battle items. Fed the trainer to Grazul, and I’ll probably use the emblems on Magni and Gretel for now.


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +2
  • Azlar 4^60
  • Gormek +20
  • Boldtusk +16
  • Little John 4^70

Compared to last time, Gormek is up 1 talent and Boldtusk is up 3. Also, Azlar claimed rings and is up to 4^60 from 3^26. Before the trial started, he walked over to Colen, put his enormous paw on his shoulder, and said, “Son, those little firecrackers you use are cute, but let me show you how the big boys do it!” (Azlar is in for Colen 4^70.)

Mob waves were barely a speed bump. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and unloaded. Actually thought Nashgar was going to fire, so I used a bomb that I probably didn’t need, then set off a cascade that killed him before he fired anyway. Boss Azlar did manage to fire, which was inconvenient, but the battle was basically over by that time anyway. Took out Elena with tile damage, and although Little John succumbed to the DoT, Poseidon put a fork in Boss Azlar (literally) and ended it.

Collecting barbarian emblems at the moment. Can’t decide whether to hold them for Azlar or distribute them between Grimm and Little John. All are great barbarians that come with me on every war team, and I believe you can max emblem 3 four-stars (Gormek, LJ, and Grimm) for the cost of max embleming 1 five-star (Azlar). I guess it will depend on whether I think Azlar will make my defense team. Boldtusk gained a talent during earlier stages, so he just collects the fighter emblems for now. Trainer hero goes to Azlar.


Will do the first 2 emblems going to Colen and Grimm


Exact same team as last time (even forgot to change my troops and add my 4* blue :man_facepalming:)

With no BT and green mobs, the monster wave where hard, long, and healing was needed in each one
Once at the boss though, it was a walk in the park.
Miki + 2X Grimm + Many many blue tiles = Not a long boss fight

Emblems on the bench
Trainer for Elena


2 stages easily done with these heroes:


My team was:

BT +14
Magni 4/80
Miki 3/70
Gretel 4/65
Hu Tao 4/37

Had no trouble, for last wave of 3rd stage I used a couple of mana potions to fire Miki’s special. Baddies did not fire theirs even once therefore.


My Team Last Time: Boldtusk/Grimm/Guardian Panther/Little John/Poseidon
My Team This Time: Boldtusk/Grimm/Guardian Panther/Little John/Poseidon

  • I wish I had Delilah, but I don’t. :frowning: I do have Boldtusk and brought him along.

  • Having heavy hitters like Poseidon, Little John, and Guardian Panther was very helpful.

  • No change in my team since last time

  • N/A.

  • I used 4 small healing potions and an antidote.

  • Hoarding all emblems for the time being.

  • Holding on to the trainer hero for now.

  • The Battle: This one was a lot of fun. The monster waves were easy, for the most part. The monsters did seem determined to kill Little John, which forced me to use 4 healing potions before reaching the bosses. I got really lucky on the last monster wave. Ended up with all my heroes charged and a purple diamond going into the boss fight. Boldtusk increased my attack, Grimm dropped their defense, panther dropped their defense against purple. Popped the purple diamond and caused a huge cascade. Thanks to Little John, even that wasn’t enough to charge the bosses. -64% mana is huge. Azlar did manage to fire once, which is why I needed the antidote. The triple blue match with the dragon in the above picture ended the fight.


Well tackled the first two stages on both profiles. Here is who I took on my main:

Here is who I took on my alt:

My main’s team didn’t really change all that much. Just a bunch of level ups and emblems. Alt on the other hand, the recent acquisition of LJ and Grimm made this challenge a TON easier. And having BT on my alt made doing it with Grimm and LJ being as low as they were a smoother boat ride than if I didn’t have BT. Oh, and once again, Muggy came in super clutch on stage two. :sunglasses::metal:

I only did the first two stages on both profiles. Gonna attempt stage 3 on my main a little later. Waiting on bombs to be crafted, got 7 midnight roots while farming for holy monsters for a holy chest.

Fighter emblems on my main are being saved for Sumi, barbarian, Grimm. Alt, gonna be LJ and BT who gets their respective emblems. If I am lucky enough, then BT will have as big a buffet as Li Xiu did.

EDIT: Just completed the third stage on my main. Took 5 axes and 5 bombs. Renfeld perished before the boss stage but everyone else stayed intact.


Last time:


The attack down did help quite a bit.

Bada boom!

Little John went up one node. That’s about it. Trainer probably being saved, but I’m not sure for who. I did pull my first Magni recently, which was really nice since I had a bunch of scopes but nobody to give them to, so likely going to him.

Edit: he went to Peters.


This made me lol, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

And this did too:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

This one remains pretty easy for me.

I got worn down toward the end, because I didn’t want to bother using items, but with all items intact, I wasn’t in any real danger.

Shiny New Emblems

Little John stepped up twice, and Hu Tao stepped up once.

Off Color Feeding, Again :confounded:

From a few days ago:

And here we are again:


What emblem path are you choosing for LJ? As noted above, I’m debating what to do with my barbarian emblems after Gormek reached peak beefiness, and LJ is a potential candidate.


I’m prioritizing Attack first, since that’s his existing strength.

For Barbarians, that’s actually completely deterministic, there’s no need for a secondary priority like in some Classes, as none of the Attack branches has a parallel branch with an Attack option — except the one branch with Attack X + Defense vs. Attack + Healing Bonus, and that seems like an obvious choice for him, since the Attack X is higher, and the Healing Bonus is largely useless.

That’s the approach I’ve taken with all Emblems — emphasizing each hero’s existing build, rather than trying to average everyone out to mush by “fixing” their weaknesses.

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I generally agree. For Grimm, I’d go all attack without question. But as LJ is primarily a mana controller, I thought there might be some benefit to giving him a little more survivability so he can have a better chance to fire. The damage is nice, but if you are bringing LJ, usually it ain’t for the damage. Thanks for the thoughts.

For me, I bring LJ for the hard-hitting AoE as much or more than the mana control.

Slow mana control is really only useful for Quests, where LJ can be kept alive with Battle Items and healers as needed, and charged before the Bosses.

In Raids/War, I want his massive tile damage and sweeping hit.

For Titans, I want the high attack stat.