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4* challenge again!

My plan

Plan: Li Xiu costume, Grimm, Little John, Scarlett, Danzaburo.

Decided to drop Little John (weak color) for a 2nd Grimm (double Blues - I will callthem the Brothers Grimm!), while keeping Danza for the fun factor. So two Blues and two Yellows as strong colors, and Scarlett for the attack debuff.

Benched Gormek - redundant with Grimm around.

Poor Grimm, I really need to apologize. He used to be on every Blue squad, but I dropped him once I ascended Isarnia. He still comes out for late war teams though, and I’m happy he go the chance to shine in this Trial. I’d almost forgotten I had a second maxed Grimm hiding in my roster - will not forget again!

Brothers Grimm + Scarlett, then Danza’s swords did a big number on the bosses (except that nasty dodging Scarlett). They all fired, but Azlar and Nashgar missed and antidotes cured the ailments. Azlar fell first because he was the main target for the Brothers Grimm, then Nashgar. Then Scarlett killed Danza out from under my nose (eeeek!)

And she kept dodging specials while i worked the board… until finally I made a 5-match of blue tiles under her. Boom, bye bye Scarlett. My Scarlett’s the only real one.

Rogue emblems bring Margaret to +7.
Barbarians in the bank, maybe Azlar to +4, maybe I’ll hold them from the younger Brother Grimm.

Done with only health potions and antidotes used, thankfully not the Titanium Shields!

Maybe next time I will bring arrows. With Danza’s blind and 3 Rogues, the dodge/blind chance is quite high. (Somebody else can do the math, I’m letting my brain rest).


4* only challenge complete!

Two antidotes and nine healing pots used. Hardest 4* only challenge so far since no healer. Made sure to line up the board before bosses.

Regular Team:

Challenge Team:




Another change to my team, this time brought in C.Richard 3/70 for Inari.

Then AI chose him for the slash attacks

Used a few minor healing pots on C-Richard, at the end he was slashed to death but made significant impact. Trainer goes to Gormek, emblems all saved


My team this time:

  • Domitia +18
  • Marjana 4^80
  • Grimm +20
  • Little John +20
  • Brynhild +19

Compared to last time, Grimm is up 4 talents. I also stripped Scarlett of her rogue emblems and gave them to Brynhild; together with what I’ve collected since then, it brought Brynhild to +19. I also switched out Azlar for Marjana, because having three squishy heroes is one too many for Brynhild to keep alive with her nearby healing.

No trouble with the mob waves until the last one, when they started targeting Marjana way too often. Since she was out of Brynhild’s range, I had to use healing potions on her. Entered the boss wave with red, green, and purple diamonds on the board, and a blue one ready to make, so I basically knew this was a slam dunk. Focused fire on Azlar, and he went down without getting his special off, so no need for antidotes this time. Took down Nashgar next, but not before he and Scarlett ganged up on Marjana and killed her. (I think they got word of how good her costume looks in beta and went into a jealous rage!) Anyway, I finished the job pretty easily without her.

Rogue emblems give Marjana her first talent; maybe she can evade some of that damage next time! After maxing Gormek, Grimm, and LJ, I’m still debating what to do with barbarian emblems. Could start on Azlar, or I could use them to beef up a few of my three-stars for challenge events and raid tournaments. I have Nordri, Azar (with full costume bonus), Nashgar, and Namahage all as options. I could max all four of them for what it would cost to take Azlar to about +11. :man_shrugging: Trainer hero goes to second Boldtusk.


4-star challenge meant only changing out one hero.
Had my team fully charged, but no Diamonds heading into the Boss stage.
Used Time Stops to keep Azlar at bay when I realized I didn’t bring any tonics for his burn.

Regular team

Swapped in Costume Li Xiu +19 for my 5-star and Time Stops for Tornadoes (as I’m low on them after that Ninja Tower), but apparently didn’t take the screen shot, you can see the full team in the screen shots below.

Fully charged for the Boss stage and tried to eliminate as many Dark shields as possible, but no Diamonds set up.

Victory with a few Time Stops, Minor Mana, and Healing Potions Used.

Emblems for Domitia and Azlar


4* challange…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Miki out, Jott in, he is already maxed about 2-3 days ago.
Other options:


Decent start on boss wave.

Struggle to not using items, and finished… :muscle:


Emblems keep in stock now, Trainer also keep for later Shale (worst Ninja I know), I hope he get buff someday.


Gutsy pushing through without using items. Nice board set up for the Boss stage.
I like the Double Brynhild set-up. I should’ve given that a try.


I did the 4* challenge and it went surprisingly well for this trial. I had to think through my team a little more, which seems to work out. I should think more often :laughing:

The team:

The 4* bench:
c-Little John +1
Kelile +18
Gormek +18

Even though I love her 800 attack and DoT Kelile sat for Danzaburo.

Little John’s mana control would have helped, but not at the expense of weak tiles IMO.

With Gormek I already had a strong color D dropper in Grimm and an elemental D dropper in Jackal

The team strategy was basically Jacakal has a massive attack and elemental D drop. Gretel plays into Jackal’s elemental D drop and controls mana. Scarlett is neutral color, massive A value, and drops A herself, Grimm is my strong color general D dropper. This gets me to the last hero, Danzaburo. I took him for a few reason:

1 - He is tough. Most of my other team is glass cannons. I have no healer and can only bring so much healing.

2 - He is yellow and plays into Jackal’s elemental D drop.

3 - 2 of his 3 powers would really help. If he blinds they miss, which is nice. The real power I was hoping for is bottles for the D and mana boost. The D boost would be huge for these heroes.

For the items I was a little risky as I took no back up dragons or bombs. Either my plan would work or I would fail.

The fight went pretty well. I used 1 or 2 health pots in the mob waves. I used lots of specials in order to kill faster so I held up and let the last mob guy live on the last stage to recharge. Going in no specials with this team would be suicidal.

Bosses went well. I used mana pots (4) on Gretel to keep Azlar and Scarlett in check. They never fired. Nashgar fired twice I believe. He was the lesser of 3 evils and would take his hits. I didn’t want to burn that many mana pots on all 3 bosses in case the fight became protracted. Danzaburo’s blind made one of Nashgar’s specials miss. The other special I just absorbed and used antidotes. Azlar died first, Scarlett second, then cleaned up Nashgar. Lost no one.

I used about 8 health pots total, 4 mana pots, 1 antidote.

Danzaburo gave me all freezes and swords, I never got my bottle :rofl:. He was great though, no regrets.


Congrats @Dudeious.Maximus, winning easy even with 3:60 off color 4*. This can be a brutal trial. I bet the silence helped though.

Nice work no items @jinbatsu. I definitely could not have done that.


4* challenge- worked out well

Most likely would have went with this one… but 4 star blues works better with these bosses!


Time stops helped alot trying to do it with little items as possible and hopefully not using higher kaliber items aswell. First time using Peters if he was maxed I may of took mana and green pot instead. Dunno when ill max him either as working on cadeom costume as want the cleanse, then it’s bryhild plus just got hansel. :woman_shrugging:


Team last time

Same team this time, Kage’s troop is up to 20. Still getting used to Miki as part of a team, it’s nice to shut down the bosses so I can do my thing.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Freya


I have c-Caedmon, that extra cleanse for war and in a new color is amazing. Peters does lose value if you already have Hansel. He is kind of the gold standard of mana control. He has proven elusive to me to date. His sister hangs out with me though :+1:

Congrats on Freya @QuattroGam3r! Do you have Noor too or what minion maker are you pairing her with? I have seen YouTube videos of her power going nuts.



Since cRichard brings a major hitting force, I decided to take a different approach this time - bring plenty of healing pots and antidotes, but no mana and just some bombs and play the board instead.

Grimm+11, Malosi, cRichard, GM+11, Jackal+18

Also could sub in Marjana+6 for any of them but her much weaker DoT conflicts with GM’s, and that 1-2 punch from Jackal+Malosi is just too valuable so she got benched.

Board was decent throughout the mob waves, that v fast speed Jackal+Malosi have really help to quickly dispense of the trash mobs. Used a bomb on the last stage to save an ok board. Grimm+cRichard helped to soften the bosses and improve team survivability, then used Jackal to target whoever had the most yellow tiles under their ■■■ (Scarlett in this case). Scarlett fired but was blocked by Malosi, but then an unintended blue wave triggered Nashgar, nothing an antidote couldn’t clean though. Malosi then fisted him to death, and Azlar got chewed up by some blue tiles shortly after.

Item tally: healing pots x6, antidote x1, bomb x1

Emblems and trainer saved.


Woot! I did it. 4* only. Just barely. Full admission: I used all of my battle items and nearly died. But a win is a win.

My team and battle items:

End of battle:

Was a nail biter for sure!


Thanks! Yes I do have Noor, but don’t think I’ll be leveling her anytime soon. After I top off Freya and Lepus I was thinking of QoH and PiB, I hear they are a good combo and it would likely become minion mayhem quickly.

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Agree. Double Brynhild would be awesome for this trial, despite the color weakness. Congrats on that good fortune, @jinbatsu.

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Team last time

Team this time
Went all Barbarian, and im glad to see im not the only one with Nordri :rofl::raised_hands: @Circe, @Gwniver, @SamMe

First time using Jott, as i just power leveled him just for this, Now hes going on the blue titan team. Mana pots mostly went on Nordri, for a random game he got hit 90% of the time :rofl:

D down with Gormek, Little Nordri, Grimms Jott

Threw a couple of tile and it was pretty much over

Big boy had no chance of burning anybody

So id rather have this team over my other team any day, tile depending lol
Saving all loot


Used team of Malosi,Gretal,Brynhild,Jackel, and Grimm, wasn’t very difficult used a few minor manas in boss fight, saw the 4* challende too late will try it next time. Going to use trainor on Garnet, saving emblems for later, happy gaming !



  • Miki +18
  • Kageburado +7
  • Sif +12
  • Brynhild 4/70
  • Guardian Kong 4/80

No items needed, as Sif absorbed enough damage, killed bosses by reflect, thus Bryn’s heal was enough. Sif is great, honestly. Unless it’s higher floors of Ninja Tower.

Emblems will go to her and Kage. Trainer stored for later.


Danzaburo + 12 +Grimm + 17 Scarlett + 6 Marjana 3.70 and Ljohn maxed was my team this time.

Finished all stages, using some preventive bombard strategy didn´t want to feel Azlar flames (3 axes 2 dragons attacks and 2 bombs plus 10 minor healing potions)


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