🔵 [Oct 21, 2020] Trials of Survival -- Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge again!

My plan

Plan: Li Xiu costume, Grimm, Little John, Scarlett, Danzaburo.

Decided to drop Little John (weak color) for a 2nd Grimm (double Blues - I will callthem the Brothers Grimm!), while keeping Danza for the fun factor. So two Blues and two Yellows as strong colors, and Scarlett for the attack debuff.

Benched Gormek - redundant with Grimm around.

Poor Grimm, I really need to apologize. He used to be on every Blue squad, but I dropped him once I ascended Isarnia. He still comes out for late war teams though, and I’m happy he go the chance to shine in this Trial. I’d almost forgotten I had a second maxed Grimm hiding in my roster - will not forget again!

Brothers Grimm + Scarlett, then Danza’s swords did a big number on the bosses (except that nasty dodging Scarlett). They all fired, but Azlar and Nashgar missed and antidotes cured the ailments. Azlar fell first because he was the main target for the Brothers Grimm, then Nashgar. Then Scarlett killed Danza out from under my nose (eeeek!)

And she kept dodging specials while i worked the board… until finally I made a 5-match of blue tiles under her. Boom, bye bye Scarlett. My Scarlett’s the only real one.

Rogue emblems bring Margaret to +7.
Barbarians in the bank, maybe Azlar to +4, maybe I’ll hold them from the younger Brother Grimm.

Done with only health potions and antidotes used, thankfully not the Titanium Shields!

Maybe next time I will bring arrows. With Danza’s blind and 3 Rogues, the dodge/blind chance is quite high. (Somebody else can do the math, I’m letting my brain rest).