🔵 [Oct 21, 2020] Trials of Survival -- Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge and I decided to live dangerously and bring a 3* to a no healer team. Because more elemental def down on a 3-2 anti color team will work, right? Right!?! biting nails

Thought about taking extra health pots, but realised either I’m going to kill or get killed. May as well stick with mana.

The team:

Yea look I love these heroes. But no healer … omg I’m going to die!!

So, first couple of levels go ok. Don’t have to use items. Team is taking hits but hitting back. But come on we know it comes down to the last boss stage!

Played cautious, set up specials and board for boss stage. Heroes have taken hits. I just KNOW they will kill Nordri in the very first slash strike!! Ok fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: let’s go!

2 very slow moves and a minute later … wait what …

Wait a minute … what just happened here? takes a whole minute to stare at the screen and make one more move …

Wait wait … must take screenshot quick quick.

Well damn …

I’ll figure out emblems, trainers and stuff later. Let me just bask in this for now :joy:

(Still no reset. Dinosaurs are playing with them in extinct-land)