🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

That was exhilarating! I used harpoons on the last two levels but otherwise mostly used minor mana pots with some bombs mixed in.

It certainly took a lot of time. I’d like to see it as a longer event. Perhaps a week or two but with the energy spread out a bit more.

I’m not sure why everyone was complaining so much about there only being 98 coins as rewards since I end with 102 coins.

Most important point here: I’m f2p. Never spent any money on this game.


Respect mate!..

Thoughts on Tower of Tornadoes

FTP player, poor bench. 7 5* heroes, 5 vanilla, most poorly emblemed. Troops between 12 and 16.

No battle items used whatsoever. Finished level 20. After level 8 had to switch to 4*. After level 15 had to switch to 5*. Level 21 played twice and lost. Played level 21 10x in auto as my bench was depleted. One round used 5 3* and 4* healers. Was funny to watch the ai systematically target them from wings to flanks to tank and curse them all out in one round.

Up to level 6, curses appeared every other turn, then every turn for the remainder. Clear one then another follows. Healers targeted first, with back to back targeting to curse them out in one round. Used the freebie refill. Received only one coin per round for a total of 20.

Once I saw the nature of the event, I knew I would not be able to place very well, hence I opted not to waste resources for battle items. I am trying to level my few heroes and troops; for me that is a priority. What good are the emblems if there are no heroes to give them to? Maybe someday I will be able to make a good go of it, but right now it is not worth it for me. Next time I will likely just do a few rounds, get my few emblems and move on.

Reality is the power creep is such I will likely never be able to get out of the bottom tier. Something to strive for? I would rather work on other events, war and titans. Better chance to do better, at least for now.

Bravo to everyone who finished.

Namaste :smiley_cat:


How many more floors do I need climb to get out of the bottom reward tier??? =))

I know how many floors I’ll do next time… 1 lol

I don’t get why people complain that it is too difficult for players with a small roster. It’s the point of the event to be challenging also for advanced players! If it would be easy to complete with a small roster, it wouldn’t be challenging at all. None of the other events is really challenging for players like me and it’s mostly just like farming.

I had to use some flasks to finish this event. Had to plan and set up my teams carefully. Made some mistakes, learned from it and will take a different approach next time.

I want it to stay it the way it is. Sorry for everyone who isn’t able to finish it. Just keep growing and one day you will! Just as you didn’t finish the legendary event the first time you participated… Also long time players want some challenges.

But please fix those summon odds…


The reason why you don’t get it is because you finished it.

Do you honestly believe going 29 floors with avg roster deserves 2 emblems of each type?

I can finish legendary fables. Difficulty above floor 30 is similar, but you get a little more from Fables for the effort, no?

Funny how you have “Empathetic” badge =)

No, also when I wasn’t able to finish the last level of some class quests or monthly events I never complained about it… I took it as a challenge. I would never go to the forum and ask the devs to make it easier so I could complete it. Especially if the event clearly says it is supposed to be challenging even for the most advanced players.

Not really sure if the rewards for monthly events are that much better. Depends on your rank. I don’t need 3* mats, never got to the 4* mat ranks and currently emblems is what I am most interested in. I agree though, rewards could be improved. They are not awful, but they aren’t really great either…

I don’t believe event should only be for selected 1% of population.

People with smaller teams should also be able to enjoy the challenge and see how far they can go, but not for 2 emblems…

For you a shield or a hidden blade may be useless, for those who struggles @ 29th floor it may be a much needed item to, as you said

Honestly, I was bored with the whole event. I will finish in the top 1000. I spent 5 days for enough coins to pull one free hero and of course it’s Kailani… Meh

I already said, rewards could be improved. And yes, for some players the rewards of the challenge events are much more attractive. I am actually not sure, if I personally find them much better or about even… Of course I am thinking of the reward ranks I am going to end up in. Regarding monthly events, the completion rewards are fine but the rewards for the lower ranks are higher are just as awful as in this event. Maybe even worse… 20 emblems are better than a summon token.

Floor 35-36 roughly, as of about 4 hours ago. That gets you above 100k rank.

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Wasn’t completion of Legendary Fables rewarded with 150 emblems of 2 types?

I’ll let you digest that for a sec… and that’s in addition to ascention items

Ahahah )))

So 1 floor or 34 floors is the same reward =) fabulous

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Oh yes, You are right… I thought it was 150 in total. In that case they are definitely better…

Yeah, that sucks. But don’t forget the completion rewards. Lvl 34 should be still 50-60 emblems more for completing the stages

Yep. Even completing it seems likely but not guaranteed at being better than top 25k…

Finished it, and I liked the challenge but I won’t push on it again without a massive change in the reward structure. If it stays the same, I’ll still use my flags but no more high level items (probably bombs at max, certainly no more tornadoes). Whoever gets cursed gets cursed and when I run out of heroes will be done.

It was interesting to read about how some heroes really shine here. Merlin was one for me - I was able to use him all the way to 50. Being able to knock out the full mana bar even at 300% charge was really helpful. My favorite team was Rigard +CB, Merlin, Mist, Joon, Guillinbursti. Next time around will probably have Zocc at 3.70 for another mindless attack, and should have finished Heimdall by then as overhealing works wonders here.

Got Balthazar from the coins, and likely the 10k-25k reward. Even with all the items/emblems from completing stages this even felt very unrewarding and time consuming. Will use a much more laid back approach if not changed.


Many people saying they gave up because it’s too hard or too costly. I think that’s the point. Maybe SG thought it’s so hard that only a few players could complete it but that’s not the case. Looks like many thousand more completed it than they intended making it not worth the effort.

It’s all about balance of effort and reward.

Those who reached the end will confirm that some levels take around 8 mins to complete and a lot of resources get down the drain too. That’s a huge time drain.

I don’t feel combination of both is worth 50 emblems, especially now that emblems are falling out on you from every direction.

Also I started a conversation about people who cannot go beyond floor 29… those people don’t need thousands of emblems… it’s relatively quick to upgrade their 4*s


Thanks @Ysabella I hadn’t seen that thread, mystery solved! :slight_smile:

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I have been knocked out of the 10,000 lol.
I will stay in 10,000 - 25,000 though, which is ok considering I was not bothered by the timer, I was purely going for finishing all floors.

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