🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

I think that is the negative feedback.

Are you a representative of the whole forum? :slight_smile: Right will be something like “some people from this forum and me too…”
It’s time for ability in game to opt-out events which you don’t need/like/not plan to complete (pop-ups include)

At the end of this event, I’d love if SGG would reveal how many people participated and reached only floor 1 (and then presumably gave up), how many reached floor 5, 10, 15, etc and especially how many of ALL people reached/finished Floor 50.

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Everything that I do I do on my own behalf and do not make references to the whole forum. So I am OK

My thought: this event is frustrating with terrible rewards.


5 days of grinding and I got Azar. I hope I stay at least top 1000 so I can get some Tornados back

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Cross-posting from the FTP Rebellion thread

Finished it. It helped a lot that most of the items I used (Titanium Shields, Tornadoes, Time Stops) I rarely use elsewhere (don’t use them on Titans, very rarely use them in Challenge Events) . Also helped that the last two days were on a weekend, so I actually had time.

I do feel tired and not-too-excited, more of a relief it’s over (it was so long). On the other hand, I feel a bit of pride in managing to finish it.

Definitely doable with a mostly-vanilla roster and “simpler” specials. Kiril / Isarnia / Lepus + Gregorion or Joon firing in the same turn? Do this twice and many bosses will die.

More detailed thoughts in the link I shared, also screenshots of the closing dialogue if anyone wants to see. I was like “yeah, you better give me respect, you blasted ninjas, you were so annoying!”


Finished the event around 6000th, few hours ago. This was the hardest event in game for sure and I enjoyed the challenge. Boost the rewards please and maybe less levels could be better.

Also, ninja hero artworks are too simplistic and lower quality.

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Another, Did you know… :slight_smile:

Did you know if your entire team dies and you lose the level, any curses on the board still apply? Just lost another good hero…

Done… absolutely done lol


41 floor’s with only 4s
Today the 5
s will see some work.
Using bombs and small healing potion.

Kashrekk costume, Gullinbursti and LJ costume, without emblems was essential in some floor’s.

It’s a event for strategic planning and not simply matching stones.


You know, I was wondering, why not offer some other things for rewards, other than emblems and battle items?
I mean, give us some extra free roster spaces (or gems to use on buying some); give us some food or iron bundles (they always come in handy). And I am sure there is plenty more to consider too

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pretty much my sentiments exactly - stressful to get through all levels, so definitely relief o have it behind me and pride in completing it.

If I did my calculations correctly, I add 165 Emblems, plus whatever tier reward I get (currently in the top 25K) and just enough Tower Coins (102) for 1 pull while boosting EXP, Food, Iron and Recruits as this was all additional energy.

I think I’ll do this again the next time around, but probably won’t use my more precious Battle Items and just see what I can complete that way.

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As a point of interest… I’d disagree slightly on Locke.

I put her aside expecting her to be useless on later stages - then at the last few levels I was running short on healing and wound up resorting to green mono, which meant Locke went in.

I was expecting her DoT to get limited to it’s start and therefore provide almost no damage… On the contrary, it was limited to it’s end meaning it starts at the high damage end - much more useful!!!
(For those who aren’t familiar, Locke’s DoT special is unusual because it starts from very low damage and gets higher every turn, culminating in a 400+ chunk taken off on the final turn… So starting later and higher up the scale was positively helpful!).


When I got the the 50th Floor, I was still trying to clear the curse stones and then it dawned on me. As long as I defeat this Floor, all my heroes can be doubly cursed and it won’t matter - just focus on the best tile matches for my heroes and let the curses fall where they may. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. I think the Oni curses were a great idea, but it definitely ratchets up the stress. In the Tavern, you know you can only use each hero once and you plan on it, but in this event, you don’t want to lose any of your favorite heroes and when the curses, come it’s like someone’s trying to take one of your family members. As much as it pains me to se a hero go down, with at least some of the burden on me, I think this needs to stay in the Tower to encourage different heroes being used at different levels and to force the use of secondary heroes when some heroes are inevitably cursed. Even with the curses, I only lost three of my most coveted heroes, but if I’d used them from the start, it may have been more.


I thought this also… But then if I’d got unlucky and died, with curses knocking out all 5 heroes, I’d have had much less choice for a second attempt.

Turned out I needn’t have worried… But I would’ve felt sloppy if I’d played it that way.

Congratulations on finishing :slight_smile:


I did the same at the beginning of 50th floor, played conservatively in case I couldn’t make it.

Then when I killed one boss and was close to killing the second, I became more confident I would finish the stage, so stopped caring about the oni curses :slight_smile:

Congrats to all who finished!


Exactly what I did. I think I managed to get 2, 3 or 4 curses because of it, but I had got that far and sure wasn’t giving up causing tile damage just for oni curses.

I asked this earlier, not sure if anyone knows but…

In a single floor if ALL 5 heroes get 2/2 curses, do you still get to finish that floor - and then your heroes are prevented from moving on. Or, does it effectively end that floor because all heroes are cursed?

@Guvnor does anyone know?

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Loved this event, the only downsides being poor rewards. I think the could fix this fairly easily by changing the rewards as follows…

Double the coins on every level
Level 10 complete: 30 emblems
Level 20 complete: 3* unfarmable mat
Level 30 complete: 60 emblems
Level 40 complete: 75% chance 3* unfarmable mat, 25% chance 4* unfarmable mat
Level 50 complete: 4* unfarmable mat


Curses do not impact your current ability to attack, but would be interesting to see if the game locked up as there would no longer be a viable hero to place an Oni curse stone on. Hmmm

So I reached lvl 50 without using too many expensive battle items and this is how I feel about it:

I like the concept.

It’s very challenging and you need to put a lot of effort into keeping your heroes away from being cursed.

I like how it reduces your Item slots, drains your life etc.

I like that you cannot keep repeating some levels. It is what it is.

It’s not a quest everyone can complete and it’s OK, assuming you’re rewarded accordingly (which leads me to tha bad side of the coin)

The BAD:
It’s extremely time consuming, especially considering you can’t play it in mental auto-play mode.

You can call me slow and some levels took me 8 mins to complete. I wanted my heroes alive and not cursed (only lost 5 heroes in the end)

It’s very unforgiving if you lose a level… I lost 1 of 50 and I can’t even finish the tower without using gems. Really? @this difficulty - no free replays?

And finally rewards. That is just a bad joke. Any event like Fables etc will reward you a loy more for completing 45 levels that are EASY compared to tower. I’m not saying reward @ top 1000 should be blown out of proportion, cause most will not see those anyway, but some bits and bobs after every 10 levels would be very welcome.

So there it is… I’m not going to finish this tower. It’s just not worth it. Also I doubt I will invest any time in future towers as my investment of time doesn’t match rewards I’ll be receiving in the end.

Thanks for interesting event, it really kept my full attention =)


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