🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Or if they want to do the 2 strikes you’re out thing, they need to have a cool down period.
1st time cursed- 4 hour cool down
2nd time cursed- 8 hour cool down
So on so forth.


I think 4 hour cool down is too lenient because players tend to finish this event within an hour. So the four hours seems insignificant. Maybe for 2 days/2.5 days (48/60 hours). So they can be usable for a second time only

They can’t have the permanent curse and have the timer at the same time. either make the curse less OP or just scrap the timer to turn it into a personal quest. They can’t have their cake and eat it at the same time.
I still prefer my Oni buffs though


I’m exhausted with so many events. I spend un this game a lot of hours when I started as a casual gamer.

Too much for me. I don’t like this event. It’S stressfull


There is absolutely no reason for this event to have a global ranking system. The timer is part of the reason why I’m stressed to play this. Just have two random 4* ascension materials and some EHTs after completing it. That alone will make people want to play and complete it no matter how hard it is


Thank you! Yes, fully agree. The main reason I didn’t even bother starting this event is because I read that you have to complete all 50 floors for…

drum roll

1 single ninja summon.

Hellz no!!!

Then I find out that it’s also a “competitive” event on top of that? I thought the “competition” was just being able to complete it in the first place? Which based on everything I’ve read already sounds difficult enough… and on top of that… I’m going to be ranked on how well I did compared to others???

It’s a PVE event that requires lots of time and PVE resources and gives no PVE rewards, but gives extra rewards for those who score high?

Okay. So it’s like the Olympics, then. You train and train for years, investing your own time and money, compete against the best in the world… if you do better than all of them, you get a corporate sponsorship and your face on a cereal box; if you don’t score high enough to get a trophy, you get nothing?


Yeah. Nice event. Obviously intended to be a competition for the “best of the best”, not at all designed to enrich the loot or rosters of those who still need more stuff to compete with the best of the best.

Which, that’s cool. Top players have been complaining that they didn’t have anything challenging to do anymore. Well now they do. So maybe they will keep playing for a little bit longer… except that the event is only going to pop every 2 months…? what to do to keep them from getting bored in between towers?

And it’s of very little use to the rest of us.

Another swing and a miss IMO, SG.

Seriously, I think the last good idea they had was Costume Chamber. Everything after that has been :poop: and only seems to be getting :poop:ier every time.


They can also make TOL and NT be counterparts, TOL giving more of their summon coins (Up to 10 summons per event) while NT gives ascension items

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So I was very skeptical too but it is possible to finish this without a super deep roster. I have seven maxed 5* and 29 maxed 4*s. Was running out of heroes near the end but my team of Vanilla elena, rigard, kelile, caedmon and costume BT beat the last two levels. :laughing:
Really wasn’t going for speed, just tried to finish. Hopefully stay in top 10k, we’ll see!


We already have monthly Olympics in this game already. I’m preparing for the teltoc Olympics next month. don’t need another one to waste precious resources. So thank you NT for wasting my tornadoes


The rewards compared to how many tornadoes needed sucks so much. This game has a massive tendency to overvalue its items/currency, sadly yet another case

I used 0 tornadoes just fyi :woman_shrugging:

Got a good number of emblems from competing already - probably close to 150 for all the floors - the upper levels gave more


Congrats Itty! Your roster sounds about similar to mine.

I just wasn’t willing to put in that much effort personally. Reading all the horror stories and all… I am a semi casual player for a reason. If I go tryhard and win, yes, that’s exciting. If I go tryhard and end up losing? I will end up hating the game and myself for putting in all that effort.

I guess my biggest issue with the event is the fact that there isn’t much in terms of a consolation prize that would make it worth putting in the effort. High risk, low reward. No thank you!

But congratulations to you nonetheless. Just doesn’t look like my cup of tea personally.

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Sorry, I dont pay for gems, so I don’t have any non-tc 5* /no quick way to level, hence can’t really afford my first team/s going down. Congrats obvs :slight_smile:


That’s fair, and no one has to do the event by any means! But it’s also not fair to say it’s only for pay to win, I think f2p and c2p players that have average mid game rosters can still enjoy it if they want. And thanks!

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I don’t think I said it was only for p2w? If I did, what I meant was that p2w have the greatest advantage. I know some f2p guys who can whoop 90% of the whales any day of the week, because they are super hardcore. I however am not super hardcore. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: overall my assessment of this event is that it is super hardcore. And I would expect the rewards to be better for something that requires that much effort.

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Haha I mean it’s not just for the “best of the best” then :wink:

Obviously those will be the ones on the leaderboard haha but people like me are far from the best of the best. :rofl:

Keep enjoying the game your way! :smile:

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Completed and forgotted :slight_smile: No any hero lost, all levels with one try. Valen for free summon. Will not try to complete next time - not my format of fun.


I really hope you get some good loot! I mean, it’s possible that I could have done it myself… I completed ToL twice now without a single loss in any stage, that was something I didn’t think I could do… but after all the time I put into that, I was disappointed with the rewards at the end. Tower looks like it’s even more difficult with even fewer rewards? I am going to have to take a hard pass on that.

Some people play this game for the glory, I suppose. I play for the loot, don’t care about the glory. No loot? No fun.

I’d rather place 999,999th in an event that guaranteed mystic rings for everyone who finished, than to come in first place for a single hero summon and bragging rights.


I let 5 heroes cursed twice during a level an the oni stone stop appearing in remainder of that match.

Level 50 done with last free flag…


Finished also.
Final team was
Puss in Boots Red Hood Black Knight Tyr Marjana

Struggled in between of the tower in the late 30 floors, still impressed how far people came with 4 star teams in the tower. Bosses were quite powerful in late floors.

Best items for me:
Small Mana: to fill a healer
Small health: to prevent death
Scroll: later levels the one which revives whole team
Time stop or time freeze: postpone special skill from bosses

Used Tornados in earlier levels as last resort to nullify cursed stones, but success was mediocre. Some bad luck as I lost a lot of healers early, all in all I lost a lot of heroes…

Red hood finally found some use here in the ninja tower, everywhere else she is just meh. Revivers have good use case here and healers are key, preferably instaheal… the red team from last stage was quite good.

For blessings I picked as most, mana gen and crit all over. Skipped usually Mana injection and picked then attack or defense I think. Picked one time the minions.

Generally, I enjoyed the challenge with the tower, but for completion you should be awarded at least a 4 star AM.

Will I tale on next Ninja Tower: depends on rewards I guess and on my time I can afford.

Enjoy rest of Sunday, guys and good luck in alliance war.



The Ninja Tower received a lot of negative feedback here in the forum, which is, in my opinion, not fair.

The forum was asking for a new, challenging event for senior players and that was exactly what we get.

Does anyone who is playing for something around 6month needs to be able to finish the tower? No, there are a lot of other events that are easily doable, so put your concentration on these events, grow and take the Ninja Tower as a target to reach in future!

I am at level 67, playing since 21 month now and was able to finish the tower with just one level I had to retry.

Same for some other player in my alliance with a similar level.

Regarding the loot, of course it could have been more but I like all the emblems I received on the way to the top. The tower coins should be a couple more, 102 coins after 50 level was pretty poor. Otherwise, it’s just one Dawa more or less, so who really cares about? :rofl:


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