🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Did people count the coins wrong?
I’m on 90 coins and have 47, 48, 49 and 50 left. The chart shows 3x coins per floor for all of those so that means I will be on 102 enough for 1 pull if I finish all floors.

Everyone was saying it was 96 or 98 coins…


Still 50 floors just for a single pull is a little meh


I agree, 100%.
I’d love to have something like:

XX coins per floor.
Reach floor 20 get a 50 coin bonus
XX coins per floor
Reach floor 40 get a 100 coin bonus
XX coins per floor
Reach floor 50 get a 100 coin bonus

This means you can get 250 - 300 coins in total.
And/Or maybe even the higher the floor you do, the higher your odds increase for pulling something better than a 3* classic.

Reach floor 10, get a 0.5% boost
Reach floor 20, get a 1.5% boost
Reach floor 30, get a 2.5% boost
Reach floor 40, get a 3.5% boost
Reach floor 50, get a 5.0% boost

  • These would NOT accumulate, so you would NOT end with a 13% chance of pulling something better.

Or maybe those ideas suck, I dunno.


That would make it comparable to ToL…still i find ToL a much better event than the tower…this was fun the first 20 floor then became a chore.
Would be nice if the tower was cut in half and curses took 3 tries to definitely ban a hero

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Or most likely players cursing at SG.

We should be happy it’s not 100 floors or something.

is it just me, but I start struggling from level 35 onwards with unemblemed 4 star heroes already…
at least this event consumes a considerable amount of the stored red potions… I need to switch to the five stars already, and I also hav the impression that cursed stones appear more and more frequent…

I don't care for it. Way to much of a grind and item vampire for my taste, would rather save my items for events where I can get 3-4 star mats, and free pulls. Think will skip tower next time. Have a good one
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Get rid of one cursed tile, another will be there.

In regards to stronger rewards:

imagine…if you will:

They change the level to essentially no limit.

At level 60 there are 2 curse tiles at once.

At level 70 you can’t take any items.

At level 80 there are 3 curse tiles at once.

At level 90 the toxicity is doing 500 per turn.

Who gets through that?

Not someone who is following @madmarv’s guide!

No… someone who is starting level one with max’d 5* because they have so many…Dupes Galore!

Someone with resources/crafting access to dragon attacks, tornadoes, scrolls etc etc… so that they can cut through the lower levels so fast a curse doesn’t have the chance to set in… resulting in greater points than all of you who followed the guide and fielded your 3*

Someone… like this:

Now… let’s give the player who goes the highest up this impossible tower a 5* ninja and 500 emblems of each class, and a few 4* mats also!

And through 3rd place… let’s give those 2 hard working individuals a 4* ninja , 400 emblems of each class and one 4* mat.

Just mull that over…

~ Meanwhile, F2P currently… can’t drum up enough coins so that they can pull a S1 3*

Hey @madmarv, your guide is cool btw. Didn’t mean to come off as a slight. For the great bulk of us, it helped get us up there!
And I want to be your apprentice :yum:


I’m with @AnRui and @notyou87.

I’m stuck at level 14 and can’t get past the bosses. They are just too OP and I’ve lost interest in trying since the rewards just aren’t there to compensate for the mats and time required to move forward. Granted part of my problem is underestimating the bosses and not taking strong enough heroes. I’ll take that blame. On the plus side I don’t usually have to worry about curses because I’m dead well before then (I have lost 6 heroes to curses and have 7 more at 1/2).

IMHO this event just seems like a way to appease the P2P players that have deep pockets (and rosters), very powerful heroes and are looking for something new and interesting to do so they don’t get bored and move somewhere else. If this is going to alternate with ToL, I’ll most likely do ToL going forward and skip this one entirely.

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My favorite event in this game is the monthly challenge events. And the reason I like it so much is the way there is something for everyone. Even beginners can try to complete the rare hero levels. You get to choose how to play: you can play for completion or try to hit reward tiers at the different levels. I like it because, as C2P, I will never have a big roster of 5* heroes and I can’t compete in the legendary. But in the other levels, I have the same heroes as everyone else and I can compete with anyone. I feel like the challenge events are well designed because they let people choose how to play and they acknowledge their efforts. And this isn’t about loot. I personally can’t manage to get in the top 10, but I can get in the top 100. There’s no added loot for doing that, but there is a leaderboard, which is the game’s way of acknowledging that level of effort.

I don’t like this event because it doesn’t give you options. There’s only one way to play it. And not only does the game tell me how to play it, it is telling me when to play it. I think this event is not a bad idea. I think it could be fun. I think it has a lot of potential: there are a lot of new 3* heroes and costumes that would be fun to use, but I don’t have place to use them because they don’t fit on my challenge team or raid tournament teams. This event could easily be a place that rewards players for building and using all these new rare and epic heroes and costumes. And I want to play. But I hope they redesign it to give everyone a way to play not just people who can build a deep bench of legendary heroes (but by all means, keep something that rewards them too!).


Enjoyed this event. Something new, challenging and of course Spicy one.
But i feel bad on rewards section.
Anyway they are working on reward section since 2017. Hope it will be fixed soon.
Thx for a new challenge.
Me totally bored with those nerfs.
And my summons are rediculous as usual I wont complaint.
Got a 4* blue, safire. Took her on lvl 50, for blue stack. Thx. :).

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So far on floor 45. Also it’s no longer Ninja Tower but Walking Dead.


I’ve made it up through stage 29 and have moved up to rank 70k. I’m shocked at how I went from 300k 48 hours ago to 70k. That means a large number of people have given up either because they can’t or don’t want play the Ninja Tower.

I am a bit surprised it caps out at 50. I’m surprised the difficulty just doesn’t keep increasing. We don’t need an event that can be completed. I’m more curious what level that is that prevents finishing, and then rewarding whoever did best to get there.

This is a great addition to the game. The only negative is that it replaced ToL. I much prefer playing this to the monthly challenge events as this is actually a challenge. The other is just easy up front, then you can replay until you get lucky enough.

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This is a great idea: let the levels be procedurally generated with increasing HP for the mobs and bosses. Let people play as long as they want and get as far as they can. And break it up into rare, epic and legendary: get as far as you can (or want to) with your rare heroes or as far as you can with your epics or as far as you can with your legendaries. And since there is no top, there is no completion level that you have to feel like you have to get to.

That’s not too surprising. With ToL already a lot of people said they can’t complete the event. Here you need maybe less, but you need a whole lot of items. It’s just not worth it for anyone who didn’t build everything and thus has iron for nothing but battle items. It’s also repetitive, frustrating, and not fun.

In many games actually there are such multifloor dungeons of attrition that usually house most powerful bosses and you can get stuff there that is usually super powerful but honestly - if you can beat it you usually just don’t need it. For example Via Infinito in Final Fantasy X-2 or Dark Realms in Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. Thing is that those had also nice rewards on the way to the top/bottom: Onimusha had strong weapons on 50th floor (out of 100), Via Infinito had powerful relic on 40th floor… But here you don’t get anything, not even when you get to the top. For record on 40th floor I had accumulated only 75 ninja coins.

This challenge is only for crazy completionists that lost all sanity playing this game, like myself. Even then, unless SG significantly improves the rewards I am not doing this again.


What hero causes them to be reborn? I can’t think of who?
Mother North, Alby and Heimdall must shine in this event, will be so useful. I have none though :sob:

This was Marie-Thérèse. Not that useful since she has HoT instead of straight heal, but since I have 3 5* healers only (her, Heimdall and Costume Vivica), I use what I can get and MT was more useful on lower floors. Now two heroes got cursed on floor 45, so I am taking Heimdall in with some others like Kage and +18 Magni. Hopefully won’t lose them on last 5 floors.

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You use tornadoes on titans?! And regular mana potions that cost 21k food a pop?! No wonder you’re constantly starved for resources. :joy:

My titan strategy is to bring Wilbur everywhere, throw 4 minor mana pots at him at the beginning and then just hope for the best. Doesn’t always work out but it’s very sustainable since minor mana pots are so cheap (and fast) to craft.

30 floors no curses around 45k rank, ill take it. Its a refreshing change of pace and strategy. Been using the same two mono teams of a mix of 4 and 5* heroes mostly s1 on every level and it works.

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