🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

I agree, that would indeed suck. I am in the same situation and have to plan my heroes carefully.

But then again, I don’t think this event is meant for everyone to finish. Plus this is the very first one so we are all just testing and trialing. Hopefully we all do well!

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As far as I recall they were about the same as earlier, so 5 per stage.

It has been random for me.
I think on one of the floors above 40 I received 10 monk emblems, but then the next one I received 5 barbarian + a tornado.

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It seems that Pixie/Merlin/Hansel/Gretel/Zocc mana effect only fires when the Ninja boss reaches it’s pre-determined firing charge…
So if boss is at say 80% mana but is set to fire at 200% mana (which we have no way of knowing AFAIK) then there’s no effect as their mana cruises past 100%. Then your mana effect wears off just before they hit 200% and :boom:

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I kept using my Hansel on a boss 1st charge and it would work as intended. So, before they reached their first full charge I would fire hansel at them, and then they would do as intended and if I shoot tiles into them, fill their mana 100%, it goes down to 50%

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Seems to work a bit better than that although I agree with the short (down to 1 turn) duration this becomes more tricky.

I just want to say I love Ninja Tower, a lot. Great end game type event.

Getting to level 31 (trying to not flask) I only have 4 heroes with 1/2 so far. Benches are pretty deep (can mono in 5 stars if I want) but my second rank mono teams are mostly 4 stars with emblems, so we’ll see. As long as most of my front ranks last I should be able to back fill without losing too much momentum.


The emblem drop increases up to lvl 25 . I got 5 from clearing lvl 26

Plus a battle item too.

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I know all we like free emblems, but this curse thing is very annoying, can’t see the fun in it. All curse tiles that appear should have a possible way to be fired, or at least there must be a way to un-curse heroes. If this event will stay like this I’m out of it.


Long and boring event. I stopped at level 26. Got 2 heroes fully cursed in last round, cause I didn’t pay attention. I feel like the only point of this event is to waste too many battle items. I need them for other things like titans/monthly events. Free emblems might be nice, but it’s not worth the effort. I don’t think it’s worth completing this event in current state.


Damn! Anyone nervous with how hard this is getting?! I currently just finished level 25 and this is getting hard! I shouldn’t have to be relying on items so much this early in the game. I have a deep bench and am regularly around 4600-4700. Granted, I’m not using my best heroes yet but I’m still using about 3 maxed 5* and 2 3-70 heroes or maybe 1 maxed 4* in my battles.

COBALT JUST DID 900 DAMAGE TO MY ENTIRE TEAM! All 5 of my heroes died from that hit though luckily Marie-Therese had her zombie curse on and everyone was revived (which then i harpooned/dragon attacked everyone dead since they were so strong)

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Yes , its super hard. I reached to lvl 20 without problem but up to lvl 25 it got harder and harder. Now im stuck on lvl 27, lost 3 times and my roster is severely wounded. I havent used items besides mana and heal pots because ive used most of my items on grimforest.
I think with tornadoes and some carpet bombing the difficulty soft a little bit.

Anyways i need to keep improving. Maybe with the new costumes that will come i can grow new powerful duplicated heroes to enchance my roster and have more oportunities without invest in more 5s☆. Not sure about spaming items yet, though the loot and emblems get better after lvl 25


I feel like this needs to stop at floor 30 or 40. I just got to 30 and I’m already so exhausted of this game mode. It’s just too much for too little reward. I’m honestly shocked that this made it to production without more tweaking from the advice of the beta testers.


SG please evaluate this event, i think just make it like costume event on monday up to wednesday (simpilfy the tower just up to 10 ladder) …i just feel players just wanna do summonin heroes and forget this challenge as its to tough with tiny rewards!!!


The curse works hand in hand with the bad RNG at times and what’s worse you’re playing on a timer. Imagine you getting cursed randomly on the Avalon/teltoc quest. You simply have no time to focus on anything other than defeating the bosses. I have to rack my brain for a few seconds just to try to get rid of the curse which costs precious seconds. Then you have to spam your scrolls or tornadoes just to get rid of the curse at impossible to match areas, these are Battle items that takes valuable resources to craft. I do not have the resources to sink in at every level. SG really needs to put this event back to the drawing board. Either get rid of the global rank/timer because this only benefits a handful of players or make the curse less OP. Two of my heroes just got cursed and I’m so over with this event. Because this event is basically ‘your heroes surviving every level with tornadoes’ in a nutshell


Oh great now this garbage replaces tol every other month ugh. As if this ■■■■ event wasnt enough at itself…


After playing the Ninja Tower, I realize it’s very comfortable without the cursed tiles on the normal map stage. The essence of the cursed tile was not to curse the hero, but to curse the player’s mind.
Press hands in prayer.


Tol was challenging and fun. well for players with a limited roster. it wasn’t that hard but it wasn’t that easy. This event is just tornadoes everywhere if you don’t want to be cursed.


Is this SG’s magnum opus event of the year? Because I heard so much about this event in the past, but yet it just doesn’t feel like an event that has been implemented well. everything is pitted against you, time, curses, depletion of battle items. It’s an expensive event if you want to complete it. Even the music is like, what the h? Reusing the monthly event music is so lazy. it’s a Japanese themed event, surely the music should have been Japanese inspired


Wanted to like NT - gave it a fair chance - regret to say I cannot approve.

The problems are obvious:

  • the rewards are much more paltry than other similar events;

  • the curses cannot always be lifted without using battle items, which introduces a frustrating, non-fun aspect - maybe they could explode and do damage if matched?;

  • the new heroes are VERY strong but are available basically only to those who buy gems because the rewards are so poor. This last one might be the worst problem: the ninjas introduce two new concepts—a new “ultra fast” mana level, and then a “ultra strong” mana level. New heroes with either of these abilities would be a problem, but these heroes have both - plus a level in between. These heroes are going to destroy the balance of the game.

I quite enjoyed the strategy of the Tavern of Legends event. I even created a spreadsheet to keep it all straight. Sorry to see that the ToL will be gone half of the time, replaced by this.


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