🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Wow, Ok well this definitely took a sharp turn and got very hard on 35+
I have done 37 and from 35, 36 and 37, I almost died on al 3 at the bosses + I lost Evelyn, Kingston, Telluria, Sabina… and have a few others cursed with 1/2

Adding that 1 extra wave to now make it 3 mob then the bosses, makes a huge difference.
I do like this entire concept and challenge still.

But I have had a few instances where I COULD remove the oni tile by moving one tile then i can match the curses one BUT it cascades and then I have NO tiles to match it and clear it.
SImilarly, I have been able to move tiles around and I am 1 move too short before it explodes and curses me.

2 flags left for today, so I hope I can get to and finish 39. My goal now is to get to 40+, originally it was 30+, but I think I have enough heroes to try for 40+


Yeeeee ToL gone ninja … Shame

I am curious, why no items?

I am using items including tornadoes because everything i need for crafting the items are farmable (tornadoes are easy ever since i discovered 5-8 farming) whilst the rewards (3-5 emblem drops on floors 20-30) are ( to me) much rarer and more valuable.

It is getting much harder with the 2 less slots for mana pots…

I have been receiving tornadoes as rewards for stage completion too.
I had about 3 or 4 today - not sure if it’s random; stage dependent; score dependent; or something else.

I still need a lot of food for heros, troops, iron to upgrade buildings… Am relatively a newbie. Can’t afford to craft them all the time. I find it more useful in titan battles, where there’s a chance to get unfarmable mats.

Yes it is intended.

Had been highlighted a couple times in this thread previously & noted in beta too.


Ok, fair enough. I suppose I have the luxury of being between doing the last few levels of the advanced buildings. That, or I am just perpetually hungry for emblems, more so than 4* ascensions (it does help that my summoning luck has been awful in the last few months - thanks summoning RNG!). Even at their new accelerated drop rate I still find I need so many to work on all the heroes that I want to work on.

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Exactly… For me it’s expensive to throw 100k iron to make a tornado for example. I make a couple per day for titans. Or 20k food for mana potion. I never have more than 1m in stocks - it’s all used for leveling heros. :joy:
The 2nd reason is, this is a new thing. Let’s use this time to get familiar with the mechanics, and be more prepared for the next time. At least with the cheaper items for a start.

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Freya is extremely good and minion summonners generally

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I’ve appreciated her help when I’ve used her but so far I’ve gone mono in the strong color so 4/5 times she is benched.
Are you bringing your minion summoners to every battle?

It’s outrageous, at level 21 5-star heroes kill you, it’s brutality.

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Floor 42finished but I have lost good heroes. I am simply not getting tiles to clear the cursed tiles. Although I fully hold my hands up on 2 different occasions I completely didn’t even notice a cursed tile come in at the bottom right of my screen. I was so focused on killing, I didn’t see them, and one made White Rabbit become cursed (2/2) and one Gullinbursti (2/2) :sob:

I take responsibility for those 2, my lack of paying attention.
However, I am happy I have got over 40 floors, so now anything more is a bonus.

I did mono green for Floor 42:

Caedmon / Hansel / Brynhild / Costume Kashhrek / Lianna


Im out now on level 26! Partly due to bad playing, as I didnt pay attention to right hero picking at the beginning, also lach of roster depth. I like the difficulty as mentioned earlier here, there must be events to are not finishable with average roster.

So 2 main gripes remain. The curses are not perfectly implemented. If you lose a hero every fight because a curse is stuck in a corner and there is simply no way to remove it, it is annoying and annoying in a bad way.
And of course, they gotta rework the reward system. I mean, dont they want the players to have any fun? Are they so stingy, they cant give away anything of value? C´mon guys, you are having a great life on our money, keep us happy and content in return

There are too much oni tiles (or too much times they appear without ANY way to clear them )…
2/3 of my healers are out. other ones have 1 stack. .at level 30…

This is the worst thing in E&P. Too hard. Not worth the effort for almost no rewards. Like most things in the game it’s very stingy however this event takes stinginess to an all new level.

I don’t really agree with your words. But your username is awesomeness!

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Floor 44 done:

What was I meant to do in these situations? lol


Day 2

Late post.
Everything clear 20 levels total without losing (cursed) any heroes.
1/2 cursed heroes: Kvasir, Falcon, Mireweave.

Still keep 1 flask (from inbox) in case I fail in some stage on last day, it doesn’t matter actually, but anyway.
Level 15 and up I’m very careful and at least I bring 1 slot for Tornado, I do not bring miracle scroll or revive scroll or time stop yet, because I think the most important is not to get cursed.


When all else fails, go back in time and bring some tornadoes along

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What will be very annoying is if I reach 49 or 50 but die and have no heroes left.
I am already low, my bench is not as deep as what others are.
I lost a lot of my 5* so far, and as you see above, Jott + Miki are 1/2 already.

Now my goal, I guess (ideally finish it) would be 45+.


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