🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Minimize the effort , maximize the profit…

This is the answer for this question: Why there ain’t any new and tasty features in this game . I do really appreciate hero academy, alchemy lab etc. But ;
*Base is not big enough why do we have to convert buildings?
Why do I see my hero deck this messy ? And why do I have to feed my 4 s to open some space for new heroes?
*There can be in-alliance raid to try heroes etc. Etc.
There are tons of good ideas in suggestions section. I know it is equal to 100s of hours of engineering but some of them should be done.
Not for profit, for the sake of the gameplay.

Game will go to nowhere with spamming heroes and events or offers. If there is 1 p2p player that means there is 100 f2p players.

So please improve the gameplay. Don’t think for today, think for tomorrow.

If rewards remain the same next time, i‘m not even doing the first level!! I‘d rather spend tornados for titans or on lv 8-7 farming rather then spending ~40 mins everyday in order to complete this shpeck and get not even 1 ascension material.:unamused::unamused:

THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT LEAST 2-3* ASCENSION MATERIALS AND ONE 4*. It‘s not worth the time spent otherwise :sweat_smile:


I think that one change that would help is to stop dropping oni curses for an active level once any hero has been cursed twice. There would still be attrition to the roster of heroes but at least people could focus on difficult bosses. The benefit would be less time per level and less stress. It would give lower level players a chance to move higher.

I do think adding better rewards to every 5 or 10 levels is a good thing also.

btw, I have read every comment in this thread. I think all the feedback is great — for and against.

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im pissed off
It’s almost unbelievable how bad this event is. Way too hard, needs way too much effort (both in time and magic stuff) for absolutely disobligingly small amount of gainings. It’s so offensive that make me feel bad. Really really bad for the whole team who worked on it in any kind and authorized the rules. Tbh imo maybe the best thing can be done with it is to scrap it and pray for the audience forgiveness. Im still mad for the first path of valor for instance. I’ve overslept 1 time, couldnt finish the war, so i didnt get the points for alliance war, -> didnt get the telescope. It was so harsh that i hate the whole path of valor stuff since. (Took more than 2 months for get that freaking telescope after it)
I spent already ~200 euros on the game in my 3 year of playing, so no one could call me undedicated yet.

In my clan out of 16 people there are not much who are less disappointed than me.

That’s what i call epic fail.

This is the first time that I did not learn the name or the specials of the new heroes… They are very similar between them… poor design… a lot of info in their special description… I can’t recognize them… so… something is missing here… I dont know if it is lack of imagination or just a bad idea… but there is nothing interesting in this event.


Day 4

My last stage 50 heroes setup.

Boss battle,…

Cursed heroes: Kingston, Proteus, Poseidon, 2x Jackal, Melendor, Gullinbursi, 2nd Mist, 2nd Telluria 3.70, Onatel 3.70, 1st Grimm, 2nd Brynhild, 3rd Hansel. But I still have many more…

I bought 3x energy total, but I use only 1 flag for the latest energy, so means 11x flag + 1 energy (5 flag from inbox), total 16 flag, means:
4 days = 40 flag + 16 flag = 56 flags. Which means I fail 6x trial. It doesn’t matter :sweat_smile:

Proteus does help a little, but Onatel 3.70 is very much help a lot… repetitive with fast mana (from bonus), and keep bosses 50% and 100% steal mana,… just wow! I should actually keep for later stage, but it doesn’t matter, because the most frustate is around floor 45+ and up (I can not remember the exact floor, but she does help alot). Hansel and Peter is also helpfull.
And use some of tornado, time stop, time freeze, miracle scroll (never used before), so this time I use this so helpfull if some of our heroes died at boss stage.

Well, what I do not like is the color of mobs and bosses does not have variation at all… I hate it!
Overall this is challanging :+1: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: and frustated :sweat_smile:


The tower even curses you if you quit! So stupid lol.


I made a comment in a different thread where I had a similar thing except the “two strikes rule” was gone and when they exploded, they functioned opposite the Runestones of Season 3. However, this is also a great idea for matching them. (If you want, I can try to find the comment/explain my idea for having the tiles explode before being matched)

I kinda like this and would be curious to see how they’d do it this way if they do make changes/adjustments to the Oni Curse tiles.

Fun for the first 20 levels until you realize this is a big material suck for no payoff. When practically my entire team gets wiped because I get off a nice but not great cascade what is the point. Didn’t we just have a nerfing of Telluria but now you introduce characters that are crazy OP? It’s like the developers are all on crystal meth thinking ways to get our money, thinking they are all subtle And we don’t know but we know! So disappointing.


When do the polls in post #2 come out? Hopefully one is whether you’d rather play this Ninja Tower or stick your genitalia in a can opener. I’ll give you a hint - it’s not play the Ninja Tower…


I need to know the last 10 bosses to plan ahead. I don’t want to run our of certain colors especially green/yellow which I am pretty lacking (and SG decide to put a lot of purple/blue bosses…) I already get the info from youtube. Thanks.

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This event has the impressive ability to be simultaneously both boring and stressful. I quit after level 29 because I was tired of playing what was essentially the same level over and over again.


Thank you so saying this. I find it mind boggling that there are still some people that actually think this game is based more on your talent and less of your heroes. I challenge anyone to take 2* heroes against 5* heroes in Raid and post the video of your win. And, not just any 5* but fully leveled heroes. It will not happen. I get it, there’s plenty of shills on these forums but let’s stop with the lies.

I have a very stacked roster and a level 84 player but the tower is still very challenging for me. So, I can image what people are facing that do not have 60 maxed 5* heroes are their disposal like I do. I’m currently at Floor 43 of the tower.


Just have to either a) be patient or b) ad lib it like the rest of us then. :slight_smile:

Content creators do have lives outside this forum and game too :slight_smile:

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Tbh, I put the comment there in case I got round to them but idk if I will.

See how I go but maybe next time round.


Don’t worry, I already watch the youtube and post it in this thread if anyone need the info:


I’m lacking green and yellow (and all my green/yellow healers got cursed out), so I went mono red or mono blue for the duration after level 40. I didn’t lose and also didn’t have to use many items. Still lost a few heroes due to bogus curses and no chance to clear them, but pleasantly surprised I made it through as easy as I did. Only lost one battle the entire tower.

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That is my plan too. I already assemble 4× mono and 1× 4-1 teams for the last 10 level based on the info about the bosses. There are 5 heroes remaining as substitute if some get cursed…

I will be cautious not to get cursed at each team first match but will go all out at each team second match…

I am not aware of what rewards you get for completing stages, aside from the summoning coins, which is what I generally assume these kinds of events are supposed to be about. They create new heroes, you do the events, you get a few chances to summon for those new heroes.

I have heard so much conflicting information, but even the most positive estimates say that you need to use a lot of battle items to complete the entire thing even with strong rosters, and at the end, you only get 1 summon???

There are already enough events and stuff to do in the game that I don’t always fully complete, I only put in the effort when I can see an actual reward within reach that is worth the time investment. Completing 50 stages for 1 free summon? Um. No. I’m not doing that. I need to save my battle items for events that I actually know I can complete and know that I can get worthwhile items from. Not some pie in the sky experiment that is supposed to be “fun” simply because it’s difficult… and of course “individual difficulty levels will vary based on roster strength”… so I might breeze through it all easy peasy, or I might get halfway through and use 1000 battle items for nothing. And that… is just going to ■■■■ me off, not my idea of fun.

Still have to level them all up, and that takes time.

I’m going to work on leveling them up so that I can get better titan hits, better war hits, win more raids so that I’m not constantly getting knocked out of diamond every time I get up there.

It’s not like you just pull a new hero and it’s level 80 and max emblemed on day two.

Well… maybe it is if you have 100,000 feeders saved up and can buy all the emblems you’ll ever need, but players like that already have all the heroes anyway.

I did say that, yes. And I am still working on leveling up the heroes I have. Majority of what I’ve got are S1 unfortunately, it would be nice if I had a bit more utility in my roster - seeing as how so many of the newer heroes can do things that my vanilla heroes can only dream of…

The problem for me is investing so much time and effort into an event that has no guarantee of any reward. So I’m supposed to spend a month farming and crafting battle items just so that I can complete an event that will take me several days and reward me with 1 summon? No thank you! Not worth.

It’s always a “later on” thing in this game, unless one is spending a lot. It’s always “oh you’ll get better heroes later, you just have to be patient, you’ll be able to complete this content some day”

… and they’re right, you do get stuff eventually.

Of course, by the time you get stuff and are able to complete stuff, the bar has moved further ahead. So the idea of “later on” is a lie. If it takes you a year to build up a roster good enough to complete A, B, and C… by the time you get to that point, A, B, and C has been replaced by D, E, and F. Nobody cares about A, B, and C anymore. You’re constantly starting over again from scratch.

And yes of course that is intentional. The game is supposed to constantly be a challenge. If you want to catch up quicker… we all know what we are expected to do. You either have to start treating the game like an investment, or as a full time job. Otherwise, you will always be falling behind. Always.


@rho keep me posted my friend. Im hoping you can make it!

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