🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

One idea would be to award an “uncurse” flask after every 10 levels or so. You could use them strategically to uncurse one hero and have them able to reenter.

You’re still lose more through curses than you can cure, but it would add a strategy element while also making it slightly easier.


For 100 Gems I decided to get the Flasks and use them to get a good sense of game play and how I feel about it first time out. First loss was on F24 and already have about 4 - 5 heroes cursed out.

I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m 8024!” then looked at the rewards. I like the 25 'blems of each kind but kinda underwhelmed. And at that ranking, I’m in one of the middle reward tiers.

Unlike the Challenge Events where you can infinitely replay for the best score possible, WE allowing, this one seems to be about bringing a ton Battle Items and blasting through them like there’s no tomorrow to get the best scores.

I tend not to use Battle Items much since all this grinding to get Buildings to 25 has really hampered my iron to make them and am only now starting to seriously restock.

After all this, I’m still wait and see how it goes after about 3 of them to really make up my mind whether it’ll be worth throwing tons of battle items into.


The whole event is utterly pointless. All the effort required for a few emblems, most people will finish in the 2 to 5 of each emblem which is no use to anyone. The only way to get higher up is to use lots of battle items which then make it too expensive for such a crap reward.

And i still find it amazing that you can’t even get enough coins for even a single pull !!

And the odds in the portal are ridiculous. Yet again more chance of getting a crappy season 1 hero than an event hero.

They might as well just cancel the whole thing, it’s a waste of time.


Agreed, the rewards are terrible, hence i wont be wasting time on this event

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Anyone figure out how to use Hansel against these new charging ninjas? MA type attacks don’t appear to work on them.

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Thank you. I must have remembered it wrong. Thought I fired him just before she reached her first charge. Might use him again tomorrow and pay closer attention… or even record it.

Too difficult, too many weapons are needed, and all for the sake of hundreds of emblems, when thousands of them are needed, and too few challenge coins - a hundred, when tens of thousands of them are needed to get something better than Daw.
Developers and beta testers are very far from the real interests of the bulk of players.

If I do not use all of Ninja energy today, what will happen tomorrow? Is it accurate or start with 10 whatever how many energy left?

My understanding is that it works just like tournament energy. I would expect each day to always start with 10 energy, and any that is not used during that day is lost.

You get refilled to 10 Tower Energy. Unused energy is gone.

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its designed only for with 4000tp players…the rewards really ugly…better regular challenge where you can get tier completion bonus…so those who cant compete in epic and legendary still can get a little bonus… SG should evaluate the rewards hopefull therell be like bonus if you reach floor 15 , 30, 50…

That would be nice, but I can also appreciate the tower they designed. It reminds me of the Dante/Virgil fight from Devil May Cry.

It’s a very good event, thx SG we finally have an event with some challenge. A game has to be interesting for old players too or they just quit the game after two years of playing. and if we want to challenge players like me with 4600 power and more than 120 hero raised to the max we need events like this.
Tavern of legends, Path of Glory or Legendary events are way too easy for the top 10 000 players of the game we were finding some challenge only in GDA and on titan 12* and more.

So, I’ve made it past floor 35.

Holy :poop:.

Tried using Mitsuko against all the blue ninjas, but erratic time reduces the window of reflection to 2 turns tops, and they can just decide to hold their special. Then again, if they fire, they pierce the reflect every. single. time. Even the 4* blue at 1x charge!

Cobalt casually holds 3x charge and blaps my entire lineup for 1k that can’t be mitigated.

Honestly, the challenge is fun, but it’s basically the only reason to do this event. I’m in the camp of “rewards are sorely not worth the investment”, especially considering you don’t even get a full summon for completing the stages, and the summon itself has a grand total of 6.7% chance of non-s1 heroes.


Another one too long and boring event with worst summon portal (in my opinion even summon of ToL better than it) :japanese_castle: = :poop:
And of course this amazing offer:)

2% of average salary in our region

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Is there a way to know when the ninja will fire their special?

Start with 10 each day. You can not have more than 10.

Honestly I have a certain qualm about the fights themselves: there’s way too many oni gems.

I get that there can be only one on the board at a given time, but I legitimately have one on the board 85% of the time. As soon as I match one away, the next one immediately drops down (on the next match or the one after, never later) and I need to scramble trying to match it away again.

This forces so many suboptimal plays that it starts getting annoying rather than challenging.


Anyone else find this event really tedious?

I get they want to make a challenge but it’s too stressful for me haha.

This morning I had to use 3 war flags, 3 titan flags, 6 raid flags, 10 tower flags and then all of my world energy.

Took around an hour!


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