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I have to second the complaint about rewards.

Seriously, SGG, you ■■■■■■ up the rewards. I thought you had learned that ranks are a bad way to assign rewards when you went to percentages for raid tourneys. Apparently not. Somebody making decisions is either a moron, is trying to drive away players, or both.

Let’s consider this, shall we?

As a baseline, let’s consider the event that this travesty replaced: tavern of legends. After completing 10 levels, you get 210 coins, or 2.1 pulls, for an average return on investment of 0.21 pulls per level.

If you complete all the levels, which I didn’t bother, because it was a ■■■■■■■ grind, you get approximately 125 coins, or 1.25 pulls. And that’s from completing 50 levels, so 0.025 pulls per level.

Then, in order to get a second pull from your rank, you need to be in the top 1,000 players.

Think about that: there are on the order of 1,200,000 players who log in daily. Let’s say 200k didn’t bother. In order to get a second pull, you had to be in the top 0.1%

For the love of Spice, you don’t even get more than a participation trophy until you’ve broken the top 10%!

No, SGG, this was a bad event with bad rewards.

I am a leader in my alliance, and I’m going to be advising that we not waste any time with this other than a perfunctory, single level, on autoplay, to get the free “screw you plebes” participation emblems.

TL;DR: ninja tower demands upwards of 5x as much time, for half the rewards, and only gives decent rewards to whales who don’t need them…


I didn’t like the Ninja tower. First I feel like it’s loosing time and objects for a poor reward. For example with my biggest account I could reach floor 40th, with the smallest one only to floor 10th, and both got the same reward, only x2 of each emblems. That is not fair.
Otherwise the oni coins make to much difficult, with each movement you get one of this and it makes to think how destroy it. The result is loosing time, loosing heroes for nothing. Of course if you want to make it faster need to put money. I didn’t want to believe that all news things on the game are oriented to that, get money money money, as the globin balloon and all the summons that seems to be worse and worse. I have playing for more that 3 years and I feel like right now are more focus on money. I hope the game can chance it a little or a leat simulate that doing it.


My thought on the Ninja Tower. Except for the top 1,000 players the Tower is not worth playing. Just play one level and you will get two of every Emblem. I made it to lever 29 and was still in 212,000 place and still earned only two of each Emblem. Tower only benefits the strongest players who really don’t need the help and Emblems so what is the benefit to the other 1.8 million players. Am I wrong or missing something???


I submitted the lack of access to the final results as a bug.

I had only one issue with the event.
I made it to level 41 in the first 4 days; although it felt a tad too grindy for my taste, I did enjoy the event.
During day 5, I did not have any time to play.
Since I am F2P, I could not complete the event (the flask would only have given another 5 energy und brought me to level 46 at most).

I strongly dislike to be forced to play exactly 10 stages each day (without using flasks). Would be nice if that part coud be somewhat less rigid - I think there are lots of players who have other obligations (besides playing a game) as well :wink:

Edit: Ooops, wrong thread - meant to post this in the event discusssion thread. @moderators, please be so kind and move it there. Thanks :slight_smile:

The idea of ​​the event seems excellent to me, but the difficulty in overcoming it in its entirety is excessive

I wonder if the people complaining about how boring this event is are the same people willing to spend their flasks playing level after level of the challenge events with the same team and the same tactics overr and over again with the hope they can get enough lucky boards to finish with a score that will get them one 4* mat. If you ask me the challenge events couldn’t be any more boring and skill-less but I’m not sitting here threatening to quit the game over it. I just choose to play or not.

And for those complaining about how this event made half your alliance (who had been playing for 3+ years) quit. What an absurd argument… no one is forcing anyone to play. In fact, people are complaining the rewards aren’t worth it, so obviously skipping this event will have little to no impact on how your team progresses compared to others.

I really just hope everyone whining about how hard or boring this is doesn’t cause SG to ruin what many of us find to be the most fun/interesting thing they’ve added in a long time.


Yeah but when design a event , dev team can push the benchmarks little bit further but they can’t be make players to have like 25 war teams for an event ( as this event eating resources as well as time) , as u said no one ask to play the event as well as game but why game is built and y new event is introduced ? It makes players to enjoy and take some advantages , if particular event satisfy small amount of players then there is no point of view of that event existing in game .

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So, I looked a little and couldn’t find it. The 5* ninas are WAY OP, at least the ones I have played against. Are the 4* as OP at that level? I have 5 of them and will give them each a 4th chevron right now if that is the case.
Please advise

Try this thread:


Thank you 2020 2020 2020

I think maybe I was too harsh in my criticism of ninja tower. While it may need some tweaks it definitely has something for most players even if one cannot finish the tower. I gave up at twenty but, I am much stronger now and plan to do much better until like all the other challenges I eventually beat it.
Can’t wait to see how mythic titans goes. They had an event like that in lords and swords where twenty players (there were no alliances like in this game) would temporarily ally to attack a boss This would be a little like a titan battle . Although I was like number 6 or 7 I still couldn’t deliver enough damage to join on one of those (and I knew almost all of the other top ten players). Once in a blue moon they would have a boss that everybody could attack and everybody got some new prize if successful.
I loved that I could message other players directly through the game and often was requested to assist in other events (they had many of those that were varied). Or I could even just chat with these players.

You have to have some part of the game that is really hard to keep the old players coming back and the newer players to strive for but the time required and the reward for the effect were not compensatory. If it was a real job I would either ask for a raise or find a new job.


I will take part in the next Ninja Tower. Not more. I will not invest a lot of effort or material.

I will also participate in the Tower, but the rewards are disgusting, even in Valhala after opening and passing, you can make two calls, and here you can not collect one call, and so the Tower likes something new!

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Looks like we’ll see some improvements for Ninja Tower next month. A few others are listed but these are the two that address some of the major complaints (although I’m guessing we’ll still see plenty of complaints that this is not enough of a change).

  • New Progression reward Chests added to Ninja Tower
  • If a player is defeated while an Oni Stone still has turns left, heroes will not get a permanent Oni Curse
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I hope @Staff_SGG rebalance the color of the bosses in the next Ninja Tower. The color balance in the first Ninja Tower realy sucks… overabundance of blue/purple bosses…


I’m not that hopeful for that. There are two of the ninja heroes for blue, purple, and red. Since red has two healers, I’m not super surprised there aren’t many levels with 2 red heroes. With only one ninja hero for yellow and green it leaves red and purple teams less valuable.

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