🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Just finished climbing the tower, and want to share my thoughts.

First, the last level was the easiest by far. It’s the end so I didn’t care at all about oni shields! That being said, the frequency of oni shields is just stupid. It was very rare that I would get a round without an oni shield on the board. I enjoy the concept this mechanic. At first it was enjoyable to try and puzzle out how to get rid of the curse tiles. But the execution was too heavy handed. It turned what could have been a challenging and fun mechanic into a stressful and frustrating ordeal. I think that either less frequent curse tiles would be a huge step in the right direction. Maybe guarantee that a new tile won’t show up for 2 full turns after 1 is destroyed to give players some breathing room.

Second, I really liked the way ninja tower energy was kept separate from world energy, and refilled daily. You get enough energy to do every level once, and you are discouraged from trying to climb it all on day 1. If you fail a level, energy flasks are cheap enough a F2P player could afford it if they want to. I could have finished the whole thing on the energy provided if not for a couple of dumb mistakes that required me to repeat 2 levels (don’t climb while exhausted kids! Brought wrong colors, because of course red is strong against blue!)

The fights themselves were just right. Not easy, but not insanely hard either. I never felt that any fight was unwinnable, though I had to pay more attention to curse tiles than to killing enemies. Bosses were tough and strong, but not too tough and strong. It was nice to see fights designed to make you use battle items.

The special rules were also a lot of fun. No need to change any of them. Blessings were really fun to have, and the challenges (poison, weak floors etc) were just right. Not weak enough to ignore, not strong enough to be insurmountable.

In summary- the only thing I’d change about the event rules is the frequency of Oni Curse tiles. The rest of it was good. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the rewards until I’d finished the climb. Of course I’d like more rewards, but I’m not complaining. The Ninja Tower has potential to be one of the most fun events in E&P. Just fix the ^%&^% Tile frequency!


At the risk of saying this and getting him nerfed…Gullinbursti was the MVP of this event. I’m sure Heimdall is even better for those who have him. Boosted health can’t be bypassed, and stacking up mana blessings makes sure he can fire often. Managed to keep him around until level 47.

Considering the summon odds are so bad, why are the rewards so stingy?

I found this event largely to be a disappointment. I feel it must have either been rushed through Beta or the feedback from beta largely disregarded.

Uses different energy (no wasting world energy).
Has a separate energy flask not too highly priced.

Way, way too difficult/top tier without great rewards.
Low reward coin amount.
Summoning odds… sigh, are we even surprised at this point.
Took away a much more enjoyable event (Tavern of legends) to ‘fit’ this in.
Too time consuming.

In depth thoughts and suggestions:
I am level 56 with forty-five fully trained 5 and 4 stars and twenty 3 stars. My top tower level was 38. Curses left right and centre, I got away with what I felt were a lot then completely lost all my healers and ground to a halt. Oni curses were too frequent. Either bump down frequency, or increase the timer to 4 or 5 turns.
The combination of the floor penalties and the power of the enemies was way too difficult. Needs a bit of tweaking, although all that is required may be to alter oni curses and that may straighten out the difficulty posed by everything else.

For summons the fix would be easy, remove Season one 3 stars, but we all know SGG are too greedy for that.

I would prefer this to come in the days after Atlantis and leave Tavern alone.

If I’m not mistaken an endless battle mode was the suggestion from which this event sprang. Thus it was originally going to be impossible for anyone to finish the event. That’s why I think developers thought fewer people, if any, would complete the event and offered rewards they thought commensurate with completing 35 or 40 levels not having tens of thousands of players complete the event.

They should invert the entire reward system. Maximum rewards at participation, minimum at the top. Or maybe give the top 10 top rewards. But otherwise have an inverse pyramid of rewards.

Law of diminishing returns with a cherry on the top.

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Some of the suggestions here may help for next time around

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Short story: Rewards need a huge buff. There should be a (worthy) completion reward and the tiers should be more rewarding. Finishing between top10000-top25000 (which is around top1-2% according to tournament numbers) shouldn’t give only 20-20 emblems…

Long story:
First, a brief introduction of my account. Started last December, currently lvl41, and I spend a bit more than c2p.
I only have one 5star hero maxed from each colour, and I dont even have all my monos with maxed 4 and 5 stars.
Yellow: Gazelle, Mist+9, Li Xiu costume, Malosi 3/70, Jackal 4/60ish
Purple: costume Rigard +19, Kageburado, Proteus, Cyprian
Blue: Vela+9, Costume Kiril +18, Sonya (+costume bonus), Triton
Green: Lianna+7, Almur+19, Brynhild+19, Hansel, Melendor
Red: Tyr+9, Wilbur+18, Falcon, Colen, Boldtusk

Now that you know how “”deep”” my 4 and 5 Star roster was:

I managed to finish the tower, and only had to replay 2 stages during the process.
But it was insanely item-consuming. On the last 20-25 levels, I nearly used all the Bombs, Dragons and Tornadoes/Hurricanes that I could bring in. And since I am short on healers (and Kiril was the first to curse-out around lvl 20), I had to use all the 225 HP potions (7-8/stage).

I was in constant fear of getting my heroes cursed out, so I had to use the board-shuffle items, while the damage items helped in killing the bosses, because I either matched for inflicting damage or matched to avert the curse.

Was it good? Yes.
Was it challenging? Kinda. The curse was way bigger challenge than the bosses and stages themselves.
Will I do it again? In this form, never.

Sometimes you just can’t match the oni-curse tile, so you either brought enough (and sufficient) item or you lost your hero. Maybe on early and mid-levels, we should have the ability to do some matches where the curse is not a factor. It was annoying to avert in every single turn.

Also, a huge flaw I found was that on both stages where my team was obliterated, I had an oni-curse tile on the board, but with 2 rounds to clear. Despite I got killed and I did not flee, the Hero got the curse…

At this moment I think this event “favourizes” “whales” more than any ever before. Its not a problem that they finish on top. Of course they would. But it’s only them who can ignore the curses sometimes and concentrate on finishing earlier (and by this, with more HP, since they had to suffer less boss attacks), because they can live with losing some heroes (since They have deeper roster). And ignoring curses means less items needed, or better use of items.
But the main problem is that everybody has to “race” with them if we want to get some decent reward. We consume more item, we struggle more and we get less reward.
And yeah, you could say that I dont have to complete the tower, I could spare my items and still climb to a decent level, but to get out of lowest reward tier, you would still need to get around lvl40 and until that, its still fckin time-consuming, for basically nothing.

Anyways, the new gameplay is really good with the boosts and penalties, I really liked it, but the reward system just fcked it up completely.
If SG would fix it to match the effort, time and item invested in a completion, this would be the best event (Maybe a little less curse-tiles, especially in mid-level stages).


You said it my friend. I just completed the tower and I can honestly say I will never play this again. 50 floors of the same thing over and over and over and over 50 times. The emblems IMO is not worth all the materials you go through playing this event. You could forget about the top spots, those usually go to the nut that has 5 maxed Gravemakers with 30 lvl troops. The 15 to 20 emblems I will get per class just wasn’t worth it.

This event should have came with a pot of coffee and some Red Bulls because it’s great snoozefest.


Finished earlier yesterday and will end up somewhere in the 10001 - 25000 cutoff tier. Will not be replaying this event seriously when it comes up again. Beyond boring with very little reward. Last 2 or 3 levels I cared less about getting a hero cursed so I did save on some items but the amount needed on the way just isn’t worth the rewards.

EDIT: Just as a side note. I have a decent roster and only 1 hero cursed out, Anzogh, thanks to the ridiculous decision to have a curse still take effect when fleeing. Fire the guy that thought that was a good idea we don’t need him coming up with something else.

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Only 2-3 people from my alliance pass it.
I did and was very hard i have only 8 max 5 star heroes the rest is 4*…
I spend a lot time stop and bomb, dragon att so at the end a I’m at 20000 place.
Will be rewarded 20 emblems from all kind that’s not good at all at cost of time , material i spend.
Also don’t forget you’ll get 102 coins if you pass all 50 lv thats is another BAD reward
This has to be change for sure - Reward system

Ended at level 42, because there are 2 blue bosses on sides and all my good greens were already out so I couldn’t do much, lost it 4 times in a row. And I didn’t use my flags on day 2 cause at that time I thought I won’t bother with the event. Later I realised that it’s not that bad as I thought, but the fact, that some of the omni curses can’t be matched, is way too unfair as there is not a single way to evade them.

My biggest issues with this event -

  • as I already mentioned the unavoidable omni curses
  • not good enough rewards (more free coins and emblems should be added)
  • feels way too long (but on the other hand, that’s not such a big deal if the rewards were acceptable)

My alliance isn’t even going to bother with it. The rewards are meh, and the curses are too luck based. We like skill based stuff. I got to level 30 or so, and I’m done with it. I’ve lost most of my good heros, I have 30 legendary heros, and get 1-2 curses through each playthrough.

It’s a garbage event imho. If I can’t make it through with the heros I have, there’s no chance a lower level player can get even close, which just discourages new users. If the curses were reworked so they’re more skill based, i.e. can be reversed, have clear solutions within the 3 turns, not just guesses, it might be worth attempting.

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I finished the event today & it will be the last time. Honestly, the grind was awful! I’ve been playing this for 2 1/2 yrs & like many, the daily grind wears me down & it’s not enjoyable anymore. So what does SG do? Create even more grind. It’s pretty much an hour a day, just for this one event, then there’s monster/hero/titan chests, tournaments & war on top of that. It’s too much time. If you want to make it better spread it over a month or so, so that it’s only an extra 10 minutes out of our day. That would also allow users to not break the bank crafting battle items. & maybe award loot tickets so some of us can just bypass the time it takes to farm for the monster chest.

Lastly, after completing it players only get 102 coins…so one free pull…one…I got Balthazar for an event that took me over 5 hours to play. Enough said.


Here is the answer:…


I just finished it and must say I really enjoyed it. Yes it’s a bit time consuming but SO much better than Tavern of Legends,

I also enjoyed the challenge. I have been playing for over 3 years with an ok bench (c2p) but don’t have the fast fingers to rate in events. I was very pleased to finish top 50k here. I also thought the item drops were a pleasant surprise given how item expensive it is.

In contrast, my f2p account with a thin bench even after 2 years really struggled and I chose to stop after level 40. I am OK with that… it gives me something to improve next time. It is nice to have something that stretches the long time players a bit


While the curses certainly rely on luck a bit, there are some strategies that help…shuffle board, keep diamond and dragons to pop when curses appear etc. I enjoyed that part of it, although I understand not everyone would

I clear the oni stone as slow as possible (preferably as the count remaining is 1). I notice that there can only be 1 stone at the board, by delaying to clear them, I slow down the next stone appearance. If the stone can already be matched but the count is still more than 1, I chose to use some turn to play other puzzle which is far from the stone.


I feel you. When I finished the event I was around top 200, then continued dropping… yesterday was top 1000, today I woke up into top 7,000. Didn’t want to spend too much resources for it to rush through it, but it is disappointing that being in top 0.5% players (judging from weekly tournaments, where around 12,000 place in leaderboard you are still in 1%) gives you rewards of 7th tier. What the hell. The rewards could as well not be there at all as they will only be for so few, and even for them, they are soooo cheap. This really ruins the entire excitement for this event for me.

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A number of the strategies are consolidated in this topic:

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That is a good guide…

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