🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Check this out, lots of strategies and suggestions that should be able to help you reach the top next time

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I don’t mind the tower. It’s something new and will take some adjustments. My biggest issue with it is the poor rewards. It’s not worth the time investment, never mind the resources.

Add to that, I finished on Saturday with a rank of 4176th. As of Sunday evening, I’ve dropped to 22,857th. And all I can do is sit and watch my rewards decline. That wouldn’t be so bad if I’d already received a completion reward based on rank when I finished.

A ‘race’ to the finish only incentivizes purchasing energy pots to finish quicker. I agree a completion award would make everyone feel better; however, cannot base it off rank, as rank is fluid until the event ends for all.

I am still bewildered by the fact that no one involved in testing this failure had any complaints. It appears to me to have about a 90% disapproval rate. Bring back Tavern of Legends with some spin - just like tournaments. No purple one time, only 4-stars the next.

Keep in mind the time drain for the tower. I believe most Beta players probably just tested the basic mechanics and focused more on the heroes. I doubt many of them had the time to fully run all 50 levels.

Also, rewards aren’t final in beta, if shared at all. (And no, I’m not a Beta player)

Where on earth did you get that impression???

Just because something is released to game, doesn’t mean that Beta Testers were “happy” with it… We make suggestions & give feedback. SGG decide what feedback to enact (if any).

As an FYI, Beta Testers (almost) unanimously had the following feedback

  1. Lack of completion rewards is an issue

  2. Tiered rewards is a bit harsh, would have been better to use the Tournament Style rewards where players are broken into % based tiers rather than position based tiers.

  3. Lack of Ascension Materials (of any kind) is not overly desired…

  4. Battles are VERY long… making the time-sink required per day pretty arduous… Add to that the fact that battles are very similar (being tile slogs) it makes the event quickly become boring, repetitive and a chore.

  5. Usual summons feedback (increase odds & make cheaper etc…)

  6. The CHALLENGE aspect was well received… just the rewards didn’t justify the effort required for most players


Lost 2 heroes had 8 more 1/2

Just needs an adjustment to rewards and how long it takes, either longer duration or fewer levels 25-30 levels of this would be enough.Drop the first 20-25 levels

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Here are my thoughts on the new event:

  • in general it is fun, new and a good challenge
  • the number of coins after you finished a floor is way too low. Change it to 10 coins per floor, so that players who only can finish up to 10 floors get at least a chance for a summon.
  • the oni tiles are good, but they appear almost every turn. You are more busy with dealing with them then even looking at the enemies, honestly. Just restrict the number of possible oni tiles (once every 7th or 10th Turn).
  • two bigger problems are: a) if your hero gets the oni twice, its costume is also out of game.
    These should be treated as separated heroes. b) When a new oni tile just appears and your last hero on the field dies, it got one oni curse, although the curse should only be activated after 3 turns.
  • An indicator of how strong the enemies are would be nice at each floor (3.000 … 4.000 … 5.000) :wink:
  • be brave and exclude normal heroes from special event summonings! People get really frustrated. Our time & money spent should get proper appreciation.

Well I made it through. Honestly, I’m glad I can say that, but I sure don’t want to do it again in two months. I think that’s an issue too: even if you make it a big challenge, people who finish it know they can. But do they want to do it again two months later? I think this seriously needs some adjustments so that it’s more fun and less of a slog through long battles.

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There were 100 levels in beta as far as I’ve been told

First pass yes. Second time we tested it had dropped to 50.

Obviously this Ninja tower event is the most challenging and difficult in my opinion. Once hero got 2x cursed then we cannot use that hero anymore. Many of my alliance friends cannot use their heroes anymore and they will not spend getting more ninja energy flask since they do not have enough good or no more heroes to fight. Just to get through the high ninja floors, we spent many good battle items so the current event rules and rewards do not look good enough. I would SUGGEST to change the rule to 5 x curse limit and more rewards.

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With 800 comments on this thread and growing, I doubt that mine will be read by anyone, but for the record: …

  • Like several, I was very frustrated at the end of day 3: had used 40 flags (consumed a few gems, but then a member of my alliance suggested that they would wait until day 5 to decide if that was worth it and I agree). At that point I was not sure I would even make it to level 40. I adjusted my battle items and days 4 and 5 were much easier.

  • I agree with the person who said that the ninja heroes were ‘a blur’, hard to differentiate and without much individual character.

  • Now finished, I am disappointed that I can no longer go back and analyze my roster, to see how many were fully cursed and who survived.

  • As a P2E player (to enjoy, maybe slightly higher that C2P) I saw the reward levels, and decided not to care about them. I just wanted to enjoy the experience. Overall, I did. There are many ways to improve it, and I am optimistic that SGG will figure them out.

  • Overall, I liked the concept, but hope for improvements nexttime.


Did u think empire and puzzle having players like u with lot of money and heroes? If event is designed that need to be suitable for most percentage of people . Kind request u start to play game without spending after that put this message then I will stand for u .

I just finished. It was challenging, a bit too time consuming, and the kick in the nuts is no completions rewards. It has promise, just needs the rewards to balance out.

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Just finished climbing the tower, and want to share my thoughts.

First, the last level was the easiest by far. It’s the end so I didn’t care at all about oni shields! That being said, the frequency of oni shields is just stupid. It was very rare that I would get a round without an oni shield on the board. I enjoy the concept this mechanic. At first it was enjoyable to try and puzzle out how to get rid of the curse tiles. But the execution was too heavy handed. It turned what could have been a challenging and fun mechanic into a stressful and frustrating ordeal. I think that either less frequent curse tiles would be a huge step in the right direction. Maybe guarantee that a new tile won’t show up for 2 full turns after 1 is destroyed to give players some breathing room.

Second, I really liked the way ninja tower energy was kept separate from world energy, and refilled daily. You get enough energy to do every level once, and you are discouraged from trying to climb it all on day 1. If you fail a level, energy flasks are cheap enough a F2P player could afford it if they want to. I could have finished the whole thing on the energy provided if not for a couple of dumb mistakes that required me to repeat 2 levels (don’t climb while exhausted kids! Brought wrong colors, because of course red is strong against blue!)

The fights themselves were just right. Not easy, but not insanely hard either. I never felt that any fight was unwinnable, though I had to pay more attention to curse tiles than to killing enemies. Bosses were tough and strong, but not too tough and strong. It was nice to see fights designed to make you use battle items.

The special rules were also a lot of fun. No need to change any of them. Blessings were really fun to have, and the challenges (poison, weak floors etc) were just right. Not weak enough to ignore, not strong enough to be insurmountable.

In summary- the only thing I’d change about the event rules is the frequency of Oni Curse tiles. The rest of it was good. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the rewards until I’d finished the climb. Of course I’d like more rewards, but I’m not complaining. The Ninja Tower has potential to be one of the most fun events in E&P. Just fix the ^%&^% Tile frequency!


At the risk of saying this and getting him nerfed…Gullinbursti was the MVP of this event. I’m sure Heimdall is even better for those who have him. Boosted health can’t be bypassed, and stacking up mana blessings makes sure he can fire often. Managed to keep him around until level 47.

Considering the summon odds are so bad, why are the rewards so stingy?

I found this event largely to be a disappointment. I feel it must have either been rushed through Beta or the feedback from beta largely disregarded.

Uses different energy (no wasting world energy).
Has a separate energy flask not too highly priced.

Way, way too difficult/top tier without great rewards.
Low reward coin amount.
Summoning odds… sigh, are we even surprised at this point.
Took away a much more enjoyable event (Tavern of legends) to ‘fit’ this in.
Too time consuming.

In depth thoughts and suggestions:
I am level 56 with forty-five fully trained 5 and 4 stars and twenty 3 stars. My top tower level was 38. Curses left right and centre, I got away with what I felt were a lot then completely lost all my healers and ground to a halt. Oni curses were too frequent. Either bump down frequency, or increase the timer to 4 or 5 turns.
The combination of the floor penalties and the power of the enemies was way too difficult. Needs a bit of tweaking, although all that is required may be to alter oni curses and that may straighten out the difficulty posed by everything else.

For summons the fix would be easy, remove Season one 3 stars, but we all know SGG are too greedy for that.

I would prefer this to come in the days after Atlantis and leave Tavern alone.

If I’m not mistaken an endless battle mode was the suggestion from which this event sprang. Thus it was originally going to be impossible for anyone to finish the event. That’s why I think developers thought fewer people, if any, would complete the event and offered rewards they thought commensurate with completing 35 or 40 levels not having tens of thousands of players complete the event.

They should invert the entire reward system. Maximum rewards at participation, minimum at the top. Or maybe give the top 10 top rewards. But otherwise have an inverse pyramid of rewards.

Law of diminishing returns with a cherry on the top.

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