🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Curses don’t remove a hero from use in that fight. Only at the end of the fight (win, lose or flee) to curses kick in.

So you can have 10 curses stick & still finish that stage.

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I actually finished. :scream:

Only lost 3 heroes (Lepus, Rigard x2; technically lost Gravemaker on the last floor but it didn’t matter anymore lol) with many more having 1 curse, but that’s only because I burned up a shed load of tornadoes to achieve that (probably used about 30 throughout).

Well glad it’s done, timestops and timefreezes became absolutely invaluable from floor 45 onwards, as Cobalt and Onyx could one shot your whole team if you’re not careful. The four items I carried with me from floor 40-48 minor mana pots, tornadoes, hurricanes, and timestops. For floors 49 and 50, since I could afford to lose every hero, I swapped out tornadoes and hurricanes for timefreezes and panaceas. Very fortunately only had to use one timefreeze on the last floor, and didn’t need to touch the panaceas.

The one blessing I found to be a significant game changer was the 5% mana generation. I stacked 5 of those for a ludicrous +25% mana boost for the last 5 floors. The net effect is with a lv 11 mana troop, fast heroes become very fast, and with maxed costume only a lv 1 mana troop is required. A very fast Hansel+18 - even if his effect only lasts one turn now - is pretty much a living timestop.

The second most useful blessing actually turned out to be the minions, I stacked 3 of those in the end and having that +15% HP every 5 turns very nicely countered the constant poison floor DoT.


My Ninja Hero was Carver :slightly_frowning_face:

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as a f2p,

was an OK event
all i used: small hp, small mana, axe/bomb, revive/miracle scroll
no loss (Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About))

better rewards and less&harder stages

good to have heroes:
wu and ranvir (elem def down heroes help)
atk down heroes
healers that dont h.o.t.

was fun!
see you again in december!


Ok, I finally finished this event. Thoughts:

  • It takes WAY too long. I think it ate like 6 hours of playtime.
  • Fighting the same 5 ninjas OVER AND OVER again is boring. And holy crap, do they hit too hard. I had 5 star heroes with emblems (not full emblems) dying in ONE HIT to their third tier attacks on the final floors.
  • My GOD, I had to spend a lot of items to stay alive/not lose my heroes to curses.
  • Playing it in a way that I thought was smart (I started with my rares so I wouldn’t risk my good heroes until the top) only got me a ranking around 20k (as of now) which is pretty weak.
  • The Ninjas (as another commenter said) don’t really fit in the game setting. That’s arguable, I suppose, but I don’t really want any of them in my hero list.
    • I also hate seeing heroes wearing masks. Too many damn masks in the world right now.
  • The troops are decent and different. But man… I hope they don’t outclass the other kinds of troops completely.

My main problem: This event takes way too much time to complete. I will probably skip it completely next time unless something changes, because I feel like I wasted all my free time for 5 days.


This event is AWESOME!!!

FINALLY a challenge for veterans that doesn’t hinge on item use or amount of free time like the challenge events!

The curses are spot on at 2! Makes you think about matching for damage vs saving your heros! All the while not wasting time and letting the clock run!

I commented to my alliance it was the most fun I’ve had playing since I can remember. I finished on my alt account (top 1000) and 5 levels away on my main account who should finish a little higher.

I did end up losing 2, maybe 3 heroes from each, so I feel I did ok.



I agree my man. I love the challenge. Is it mindless like the other events? No! You need to think and strategize regardless of how deep your roster is. I get that some find it hard but that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be easy to be fun. And I think it’s a good way for people to practice manipulating the board to their advantage which will carry over and improve other aspects of their game in things like PvP, War and Titans.

Well done. I think they should tweak the rewards for sure next time. But I loved this event.


I have 30 members in my alliance and only two of them like the Ninja tower. The rewards are tiny and it is condensed into to short of a frame of time. I am sure the developers worked hard on this, but they must have gotten their feedback from those who are level 70 and above. Another case of the rich get richer. Tavern of legends is fun, this is not. Hopefully, it will be severely modified for the next go round.


i like ninja tower very much. finally an event that is worth being a part of for years. namely, then you will not have the necessary number of heroes for it. at other events a new player can be one of the best after just 2 months with a lot of money. i think that’s wrong … i think the ninja heroes are okay too. excellent in attack but worse in defense.

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There are 2 legit concerns that people are making.

  1. the rewards need to be tweaked to match the time and effort put in. There also needs to be a tier reward that people can achieve. Maybe every 10 floors you get something. Floor 10 you get 1 Ninja Hero and 1 Ninja troop summon. Then floor 20 you get 2 of each. Then floor 30 …3 of each and so on. Completing the Tower should net a reward in and of itself similar to the challenge event tier completions.

  2. Since the event is indeed time consuming extend the length of the event to a full week. And allow the Ninja Energy flags to be accrued and not lost if a person does use them in a particular day. Some people play more during the week. Some on weekends. But allow it to be accrued instead of lost and make it a full week event that can be done in the background while other events might be taking place. If that messes up the summons portals or overlaps them with other events then just take away the ninja portal after 4 days but keep the event going for the full week.

If they fix those 2 then Any other complaint beyond these Is just silly. It’s too hard isn’t a good complaint. I want to be challenged. It’s helps the whales…wtf does that mean? Doesn’t most events make whales have an advantage? So what. Unless you are in a top 100 alliance who cares. Compete for yourself. Get the rewards you can get yo improve your team.

Fix those 2 and this event is even better than it already is.


Yeah, probably only 100+ bench legendaries got to test the ninja tower because i cant believe that medium players tested this and were ok with it

Cant tell if serious or trolling -anyone with money can be good at the tower

Interestingly yours matches the feedback from members of my alliance. They stopped at 39 because they decided not use anymore titan killing battle items.

Overwhelming view is that the effort in no way matches the reward.

I personally pulled 15 times and got me 3 Ninjas. I have no reason to engage with this event anymore…


Agree of course. Pretty much the only reason I completed it myself is so I can brag about it and others can question my sanity. :crazy_face:

The completion of tower nets 102 coins and about 200 emblems, plus whatever the final reward for tiering is. Now 200 emblems may sound good, but if one compares Legendary tier of challenge event which gives 300 emblems now for far less effort and battle items… Yeah, not good deal.

And SG has even the audacity to sell nothing but battle items for cash for one offer for this event. I may be not right in my head when I attempted this, but whoever thought about that offer is clearly worse off.

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As with many here, I find the time and resources are not worth the rewards. The pull percentages in general are discouraging and not worth the effort. Why waste time for a base 3* or 4* hero in the pull when I can get that from a training camp? Summons is designed for those who make sizable purchases, which is expected after the company acquisition I guess.

Personal experience for summons are worse since that time period. No need to provide a mini stats lesson as I am only stating my experience and we could include a discussion on how to manipulate the outcome of a random number generation as there is no true random number in programming. Just like in 3000 Wukong special attacks, the miss rate experienced has been 43%. I’m sure the average amongst all the player base is in line with the published expectations.


It targets my healers more than any other heros…lame…this will probably be a one and done for me on ninja tower…its just another no skill needed. You end up just putting out fires to save your heros and have to pass on better moves on the board because of that.


All this - event, ninjas - is the most imbalance thing out now. GTV doesn’t even stand near this piece of OP thing (here must be more strong word)


Other than the fact that it is boring and mindless? I mean this is even more boring than the seasonal events.


I agree, altogether they look quite monotonous and lame.

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Exactly Y, the big spenders can have the tower. By the looks of it the tower was made for them anyway, not the average player.


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