🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

This is the first event where my entire alliance dropped out in the first two days. We are mostly levels 60 and above and have played the game for years. We all have deep and wide benches.

The reasons are:

  1. This event is a bit boring. The Ninjas all sort of blend together.

  2. Frustration level when you get impossible to remove Oni stones.

  3. Rewards don’t make up for items 1 and 2. There isn’t even a special Avatar at the end to give you bragging rights that you slogged through it.

This one is a pass for me, and the other 29 members of our alliance. Please fix the issues before doing this event again.


I didn’t expect to finish this event, but I did!


  • Way too time consuming. Fun and challenge gave way to frustration and annoyance somewhere between the 10th-20th level.

  • No flasks used except for the free inbox one. Finished with exactly 0 flags left on the last day.

  • I used a lot of 3s and 4s in the earlier levels. I have about 15 maxed 5s, out of which I actually used only 8. Also used 3 who are at 3/70.

  • I chose mana, lantern and attack blessings in that order. They really started kicking in from level 40 onwards.

  • Level 30 to 40 was actually the hardest. Blessings hadn’t kicked in much. I was being very stingy with using heroes and avoiding any use of battle items. Around level 35 I gave up trying to reach the top and decided to throw all my 5s at the tower and kill them off

  • I started the last day at level 40, 6 full cursed 4s, 18 half cursed mostly 3s and 4s except one 5.

  • Won all levels from 40 to 50 outright. I used Hurricanes and Bombs from level 40 to 50. 1 or 2 of each per level. Blessings kicked in well. Two more 4s got fully cursed. I finished level 50 with all 5s alive.

  • One team combo took me through almost all of the last 10 stages: Tarlak - C. Vivica - Mist - Joon and final position rotating between Atomos/ Elena/ Boril.

  • I got Gan Ju with my tower coins for all that effort :roll_eyes:

  • Done it once. Not sure if I want to do this. Ever again. Definitely not for another Gan Ju and some measly emblems.


Also, I wish the emblems for tiers went down from 100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20 (not sure why there is such a big gap between some of the tiers. And also if someone completes this thing, they should be rewarded with at least 20 emblems from each class, not 2! Not 5! Not 10! Come on, the effort is worth WAY more than that.


I really enjoyed the event. I did not really compete and was surprised of my score.

I began the event prudently with my 3*/4* and introduced my 5* after level 35. I got 17 cursed heroes overall.

1 free summon gave me boril… :confused:

The rewards have to be rethought: it could be a good idea to introduce a completion reward each 10 levels with 3*/4* mats for example as the event is really tough for beginners.


I thought they gave us a free refill flask before it even started? Meaning should be 5 “free” replays.


Just finished the ninja tower event. :slight_smile:

Here’s a more detailed write-up of my thoughts and strategies :slight_smile:

Being a F2P player, I am very happy about the finish. Zero dollars spent on this game. :slight_smile:


Just finished all 50 floors. Would i recommend others to finish? No way. Am i going to try and finish this event again in the future? No way. Don’t waste your time on this ■■■■.

I reached level 30 after 3 days, realised I wasn’t enjoying it at all, and stopped.

I think that’s the important thing to remember. SG has really worked to fill up the monthly calendar with stuff, so there’s always something going on. But none of it is compulsory. If you want to avoid burn out or P2P pressure, it’s worth stepping back and thinking what you enjoy doing within the game, and then just doing that.

I’m sticking with wars, titans and trying to break into the top scores on challenge events. I’ll give every new feature a go, but if I don’t like them, I won’t do them again. But I won’t complain about them. If other people enjoy them, why should I want to stop them?

Great point! I forgot about this, but noticed along the way she was doing a LOT of damage…

I used Locke extensively until I lost her along the way, but she did super well! (As always!)

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Lost 2 times and ended up at level 48 of the oni tower.

I didn‘t use tornadoes and other top battle items, but used approx 20 dragon attacks, bomb attacks, arrows and lots of minor mana potions.

25 heroes got cursed: 10x 5* and 15x 4*.
6 more heroes got semi-cursed : 1x 3*, 3x 4* and 2x 5*

Since I don‘t have enough suitable heroes anymore to continue, I stopped there.

It seems to me that there is always a theoretical way to remove the oni tiles in 3 turns. Either by

  1. simply matching 3 tiles with the oni tile
  2. using a diamond
  3. a dragon tile
  4. working the board to remove some tiles so that the oni tiles finally can be matched
  5. working the board and hoping that suitable tiles will follow so that the oni tile can be matched

In situation 5 its a gamble which tiles you remove. One wrong move and the oni tile cannot be matched anymore

OK, I finished. Of course I’m not feeling as negative as I did at the start.

My score isn’t great (outside the top 10k), I put that down to Oni tile stress, terrible times per level.

It occurred to me that half the stress is not knowing what’s coming further on. For the other challenges this amazing user community has made maps, at L1 you know who you’re going to face at the end.

As a result I had quite a few great purple heroes left over while my other teams were depleted. I was able to finish with my semi-cursed(dark) A-team, a relief.

Yes, I’ll do it again, I’ll do it differently, I’ve learnt something. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

On hindsight I could’ve used 4* s and 3/70 5* s for much longer. My superstar teams peaked too early, got cursed, so I had to fight higher levels with lesser heroes.

50 levels though…:roll_eyes: man, that’s a grind. And I still don’t like how they force me to craft endless items. On the other hand I enjoyed the item restrictions as you climbed higher.

Also wanted to add my voice to the aesthetics are crap crowd. I mean, seriously! Heroes and the tower itself are the worst/most boring and perfunctory designs I’ve seen in this game! I’m appalled :joy:! There is no excuse!

It does smell like a hurriedly released prototype to my nose…

What I do really like about this is the sense of community I’m feeling in this thread alone, it feels “live”, and that’s awesome! :smiley:


Just finisher tower. Yesterday I dind’t even thought of competing it, but today I gave it a try.

I love the idea of being able to complete stage just once. It is really fresh in this game. I like the idea of being able to cary less items, and that the specials last shorter. It makes it really challenging.

I don’t like the idea of Oni curses as they are now. I think it is due to lack of many maxed 5* especially 5* healers on my roster. Sometimes I wasn’t able to get rid of Oni curse with hurricanes and tornadoes. They were inevitable like Thanos in Avengers. Maybe the amount of curses should be increased to 3, or maybe add some option to cleanse curses after completing some stages. Not too many of course, to keep it challenging.

I would also love to see the recommended team strenght for stages. This way players with not so stuffed roster would be able to develop better strategies. I for example started playing the event with 5x5* and I regreted it shortly after level 30.

Last but not least, the rewards I think are not exactly matching the difficulty of the event. I think that there sould be completion reward as well as in the standard challenge events. It is a tough event though.

I have spoken.


True, forgot about those =) Taking that back

Ok lets bring it to the point. You need to many material and the loot is too low. Imo they have to give 1.000 coins minimum. Otherwise it doesnt makes sense to spend so much time for the 50 steps and the mats. Im sure I would make it to the end but was not motivated when I see the loot. So I finished at stage 23. All in all it is an event for the bigger ones, what is ok, but the loot isn`t it worth at all.

One more thing… Yesterday I spent 10 tokens and received this: (note the hand gesture)

Today I spent my last 2 tokens and got this:

Cynicism dissolved


That was exhilarating! I used harpoons on the last two levels but otherwise mostly used minor mana pots with some bombs mixed in.

It certainly took a lot of time. I’d like to see it as a longer event. Perhaps a week or two but with the energy spread out a bit more.

I’m not sure why everyone was complaining so much about there only being 98 coins as rewards since I end with 102 coins.

Most important point here: I’m f2p. Never spent any money on this game.


Respect mate!..

Thoughts on Tower of Tornadoes

FTP player, poor bench. 7 5* heroes, 5 vanilla, most poorly emblemed. Troops between 12 and 16.

No battle items used whatsoever. Finished level 20. After level 8 had to switch to 4*. After level 15 had to switch to 5*. Level 21 played twice and lost. Played level 21 10x in auto as my bench was depleted. One round used 5 3* and 4* healers. Was funny to watch the ai systematically target them from wings to flanks to tank and curse them all out in one round.

Up to level 6, curses appeared every other turn, then every turn for the remainder. Clear one then another follows. Healers targeted first, with back to back targeting to curse them out in one round. Used the freebie refill. Received only one coin per round for a total of 20.

Once I saw the nature of the event, I knew I would not be able to place very well, hence I opted not to waste resources for battle items. I am trying to level my few heroes and troops; for me that is a priority. What good are the emblems if there are no heroes to give them to? Maybe someday I will be able to make a good go of it, but right now it is not worth it for me. Next time I will likely just do a few rounds, get my few emblems and move on.

Reality is the power creep is such I will likely never be able to get out of the bottom tier. Something to strive for? I would rather work on other events, war and titans. Better chance to do better, at least for now.

Bravo to everyone who finished.

Namaste :smiley_cat:


How many more floors do I need climb to get out of the bottom reward tier??? =))

I know how many floors I’ll do next time… 1 lol

I don’t get why people complain that it is too difficult for players with a small roster. It’s the point of the event to be challenging also for advanced players! If it would be easy to complete with a small roster, it wouldn’t be challenging at all. None of the other events is really challenging for players like me and it’s mostly just like farming.

I had to use some flasks to finish this event. Had to plan and set up my teams carefully. Made some mistakes, learned from it and will take a different approach next time.

I want it to stay it the way it is. Sorry for everyone who isn’t able to finish it. Just keep growing and one day you will! Just as you didn’t finish the legendary event the first time you participated… Also long time players want some challenges.

But please fix those summon odds…


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