🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Portal - Summons, Stats, Results & Offers

Here’s something you won’t see often from a 10 pull.

The above was an alliance member.

I’ve done no hero pulling, but had 8 ETT stored and pulled this with the second one



I’ve seen players with over 30 new ninja heroes 5*. Sorry, but this is not just using A LOT of money. There are no statistics to explain this. This seems to be some hack for infinite gems or manipulation in the summon.

There is really no reason to spend ETTs anywhere else besides the ninja troop portal now. The chance for crit/mana troops is unchanged, and the chance to get a ninja troop is taken right out of the 3* odds.


Happy to see some having good luck with the odds!

I used my 50 ETT saved up over the past few months and got two 4-stars and the purple ninja troop…not quite meeting the 15% chance for 4-star troops :unamused:

Yeah, normally I use the ETTs as soon as I get them, but now I am going to save them up. I actually got one from my regular monster chest a few minutes after posting, but unfortunately didn’t get one of the new ones this time.

How can you verify a person having 30 5*? Is it your teammmate?

Had 7 tokens saved. The results are… :scream::scream::scream::grin:


I stopped while I was ahead


Wow, that’s definitely a good haul. Garnet, Ametrine and Cobalt are awesome.


Two 10 pools and got nothing…

Only 1 pull, no ninja today, but…

I don’t have tank options for my defense team, so i’m thinking in put her as flank beside my Costume Richard as tank, and hope she can make him stronger enough… thoughts please


Welp! ■■■■ my life. Check out this miserable 10-pull. I don’t know why i spend money on this ■■■■.

Tip: Listen to Mortal Kombat when you are pulling ninjas.


I got all three 4*s as well as Mica and Onyx from three ten pulls. I’m happy! Any thoughts on if I should max the 5s??? Onyx seems like a yes, but I’m not sure about Mica.


1 Epic, rest 8 are Rare.
Thanks #Smallgiant for Attack boost troop. :slight_smile:


did 20 pulls not a single event hero, should have waited for valhalla

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Nothing from 14 pulls. Not event hero nor Zulag nor at least S1 5*. Now I am even more irked by ToL not taking place tomorrow. We should place Oni Curse on SG instead.


I relapsed and did 40 pulls. The only heroes (barely) worth mentioning were one Shale, one Ametrine and (my second) Richard. Please don’t spend on this, it’s not worth it.

Same here. Did 22 pulls, no HOTM, out any to deal with the event summons. Not one ninja.

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