🔵 [Oct 18, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge again!

Linking to my plan:

Original plan: Tibs 1, Tibs 2, Cyprian, Boril, Chao.

Instead, went with:

  • Tibs 1 (normal bec. only 3 bosses anyway, for a little extra damage)
  • Cyprian (double up strong colors vs. Chao)
  • Chao (mana cut)
  • Jack O’Hare (high attack, the defense debuff works with ripsote, strong color v. Richard)
  • Triton (heal boost makes my healing items go a longer way, plus the sniping helps)

Boril goes away because he’d be weak color vs. Lianna, and I already have Cyprian and the Shields. Tibs 2 goes away because his defense debuff duplicates Tibs 1.

Lack of healer meant I had to plan items better. Went with mana potions, 2 slots for heal potions, and Titanium Shields (have been hoarding, don’t use them on Titans anyway). No antidotes, as Richard is the only ailment caster and the attack debuff isn’t too deadly (and much of my damage will come from riposting anyway)

I COULD carpet bomb, but this is more challenging and fun :wink:

Made it to the boss stage with all specials charged. Focused fire on Richard as he hits three. Man, those slash attacks did a lot of damage; I used 2x mana potions on Triton so I could take advantage of his heal buff to keep Jack O’Hare and Cyprian alive. Then 2x mana potions on Cyprian to keep riposte up.

Richard fell first, to tiles and Triton/Chao specials. Then Lianna… Lianna… Lianna murders Triton (gasp)! uh oh. The board wasn’t very good, so she shot again - this time maiming Cyprian AND piercing his riposte :frowning: but thankfully I healed him up so he survived. Note for self - next time take out the Rangers first. But hah! Lianna slash attacked Jack and died to riposte, so bleah. And Chao finally fell to Tibs’ special.

I was thinking this would be the toughest Trial for me, but the team I ended up with had pretty good synergy! Triton’s healing boost working with items helped a lot too! I didn’t even need to use the Titanium shields :wink:

  • Ranger emblems - not sure, might go to Seshat as she’s the Ranger I use the most hands-down. Might also go to 2nd Tibs, who’s only +3, but I use him a lot in War.
  • Paladin emblems - bringing my 2nd Sonya to +20 as I use her a lot in both Raids and Wars - I have her costume so it’s not uncommon to bring both Sonyas along.