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One of my favourite ones. Easy boss ending . They’d not fire once


4* only challenge again.
No items used.

Regular Team:

Challenge Team:




My 4*s ain’t great sorry, lol
Same team
Last time Aegir was + 11

Shot down Choa as he had blues lined up

Had a blue gem do the double kill at the end

Saving all loot


Used the same team as last time and went through fine. Used one purple banner at the start of the last round.
Red Hood, C.Tiburtus, Telluria, Clarissa, C.Rigard


4* challenge well Triton took Athenas spot.
Kinda messed this up haha, went into the final round with bosses with only tibs ready to fire the rest half full so bad start. Mobs kept hitting Triton on the way witch used more health then I’d liked to. Well all health used 3 time stops 2 dragon banners.

Padalin in storage ranger to Athena trainer miki


4* challenge again!

Linking to my plan:

Original plan: Tibs 1, Tibs 2, Cyprian, Boril, Chao.

Instead, went with:

  • Tibs 1 (normal bec. only 3 bosses anyway, for a little extra damage)
  • Cyprian (double up strong colors vs. Chao)
  • Chao (mana cut)
  • Jack O’Hare (high attack, the defense debuff works with ripsote, strong color v. Richard)
  • Triton (heal boost makes my healing items go a longer way, plus the sniping helps)

Boril goes away because he’d be weak color vs. Lianna, and I already have Cyprian and the Shields. Tibs 2 goes away because his defense debuff duplicates Tibs 1.

Lack of healer meant I had to plan items better. Went with mana potions, 2 slots for heal potions, and Titanium Shields (have been hoarding, don’t use them on Titans anyway). No antidotes, as Richard is the only ailment caster and the attack debuff isn’t too deadly (and much of my damage will come from riposting anyway)

I COULD carpet bomb, but this is more challenging and fun :wink:

Made it to the boss stage with all specials charged. Focused fire on Richard as he hits three. Man, those slash attacks did a lot of damage; I used 2x mana potions on Triton so I could take advantage of his heal buff to keep Jack O’Hare and Cyprian alive. Then 2x mana potions on Cyprian to keep riposte up.

Richard fell first, to tiles and Triton/Chao specials. Then Lianna… Lianna… Lianna murders Triton (gasp)! uh oh. The board wasn’t very good, so she shot again - this time maiming Cyprian AND piercing his riposte :frowning: but thankfully I healed him up so he survived. Note for self - next time take out the Rangers first. But hah! Lianna slash attacked Jack and died to riposte, so bleah. And Chao finally fell to Tibs’ special.

I was thinking this would be the toughest Trial for me, but the team I ended up with had pretty good synergy! Triton’s healing boost working with items helped a lot too! I didn’t even need to use the Titanium shields :wink:

  • Ranger emblems - not sure, might go to Seshat as she’s the Ranger I use the most hands-down. Might also go to 2nd Tibs, who’s only +3, but I use him a lot in War.
  • Paladin emblems - bringing my 2nd Sonya to +20 as I use her a lot in both Raids and Wars - I have her costume so it’s not uncommon to bring both Sonyas along.

Tiburtis,Cyprian,C Rigard,Chao,and Sonya went pretty smoothly didnt use items. Trainer went to Skadi, holding onto emblems for now.


Decided to do the 4* only:

Bench: telluria, Sonya (nothing to dispell), chao, c-LJ.

Went like a breeze. Used 2 minor mana to top up rigard and tibs. Richard was dead before casting, lianna suicided when she sniped cyp and chao soon followed

Trainer to finish c-kiril (2), emblems, don’t know yet.


My team:

No items used.

New emblems will go to second Lianna and Sonya.


My team this time:

  • Thorne +8
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Dapper Noble Rigard +20
  • Buddy +19
  • Lianna 4^76

Compared to last time, Thorne is up two talents, and Lianna is up 44 levels.

This has now replaced the Trials of Decimation as my favorite trial because this team makes it so easy. Pick any mob wave - fire (in order) Rigard, Buddy, Tiburtus, Thorne - watch mob wave disappear. Only hesitation is the need to recharge before the bosses, so I usually do this on wave 2 or 3, but taking out an entire wave in 3 seconds is still pretty nice, and makes the trial not take as long.

Arrived at the boss wave with all specials charged and a purple diamond on the board. Fire everyone at Lianna, and she’s literally almost dead before I match a tile. A couple of matches in, I got a crazy cascade that charged all three bosses on the same turn, but they all targeted different heroes, and I barely noticed that they fired (Buddy’s attack down at work). On the next turn, I took out both Lianna and Richard, and although Chao fired once more, he bowed out a couple of turns later.

Paladin emblems from a previous stage got The Mighty Thorne to +8, so no further movement there. Ranger emblems are now just sitting around waiting for Lianna to hit max. Trainer hero to Raffale.


4* challenge

C.Rigs - C.Tibs - C. Little John - Buddy - Jack O’Hare

Benched a bunch of blues and falcon to go 3-2 color advantage. Debated between Cyprian and LJ, but finally went with LJ because for his AoE and dodge.

Trial went like a breeze. Realised at the last boss level that Ninja tower had exhausted my minor mana and the system randomly allocated arrows! No mana at boss stage!! But didn’t need it. Rigard healed, cleansed and buffed like a boss and LJs dodge worked … every single time! All enemy heroes went off at least twice and got dodged … #DodgeSkills4Cheapthrills! Great synergy within the team and not-great-but-above-average boards. No items used, no heroes lost and the whole trial took just 6 mins!

Emblems banked for Seshat and maybe Clarissa. Trainer to Fura.

Reset emblem to no one because it no longer exists. RIP little red button.


4* challange…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Tiburtus is now finally fully +20, because of raining emblems… :wink:
Other options


Decent start at boss stages.

Keep struggle without using any items,… no problem :wink:


Emblem paladin I’m not sure if I will continue for Telluria, keep it for now. Ranger… Finally 1st Tibs is +20, now I think I will go for Buddy, 2nd Tibs is only at 4.1 and max the costume only, so no need emblem for him this time.
Trainer goes to Jott, he is almost max.

EDIT: just look back at above post by @Circe, next time I think I will switch Cyprian with Little John Costume. +att -deff and Aoe is usefull.

EDIT2: just look back at bottom post by @Muchacho, next time I think I will switch Tibs-C to Tibs-CB, because there are only 3 bosses, and he hit harder and -def down is more longer then his costume… :muscle: :+1: :wink: :coffee:


I did it as part of the 4* challenge and it was surprisingly easier than I thought with no healer.

The team:

The bench (Sonya basically. Off color, nothing to debuff):

So what made me a little hesitant, aside from no healer, is this challenge made me use a lot of heroes I do use often and didn’t know how they would play together.

Tibs was mandatory for a hard D drop. I usually fire him after Buddy to extend the D drop.

Buddy for D drop, A drop, and minions for pseudo heal.

Cyprian because I love riposte in these trials. I was a little unsure how to play it with minions from Buddy, but figured having both of those heroes play at not perfect synergy was better than any other option I had.

The last two slots are where I struggled. I took Chao figuring his mana cut may help more than Sonya debugging nothing. I would rather have a weak hit with a mana cut then just a weak hit.

LJ costume. I literally have never played with the costume activated and had to look up what it actually did :laughing:. Dodge, hmmm :thinking:… that also plays weird with riposte. I tried to space the riposte and the dodge to avoid overlap aside from Buddy in the middle.

All in all it worked surprisingly well. Better than my main team with a couple of 5’s to be honest. I am not sure if I was lucky or if I am into something. I would describe boards as above average, but not great.

I used no items until the bosses. I used a few health pots and that was it. Cyprian died when I was paying attention. I could have easily finished with everyone alive :+1:

Richard went down first, then Lianna, and finally Chao:

Here’s to more trials like this than the first one which involved me being down to one last hero and blowing the bosses away with bombs and dragons :beers:! :laughing:

Paladin stored for Richard. Cyprian won’t go higher as the last nodes involve a lot of D buffs

Ranger stored to either get Lianna up 1 or start Athena. I eventually need to split between the two.

Trainer to Justice on her way to 80.

@sleepyhead I had no idea Triton boosted healing pots. That’s a cute little fun fact. I don’t have him so only see him in raids, where pots do apply.


I did as well - more info on the challenge here

Great set-up for the boss stage, so this went smoothly in the end - no materials needed.
Emblems will go to Aegir and Neith once I have enough for the next level.

Here’s my team

Ready for the boss stage:

Shortly thereafter:



glad I could share this gem of a tidbit :wink: may RNG smile on you and grant you a Triton of your own!


@BigSlick nice team! I have always wondered how effective Chao could be heavily emblemed as a sniper. I always prioritized other rangers RNG decided to grace me with. Did you go A path on nodes? I would love to see his card if you have time and any feedback on him.



I use him in mono Raids and mono War. Pretty effective. Went down the left side of the Emblem track through level 10 for the defense and attack multipliers, then the right side through level 17 and back to the left for the health multiplier at level 19.


Finley +19 / Lianna / Khagan / Telluria +14 / cRigard +20. (Same as last time modulo emblems)

This was completely a breeze. Used 1-2 healing potions (HoT not ideal for hero in deep red) after a boss hit, but otherwise nothing.

Haven’t looked whether the last node is worthwhile for Finley, Tell needs nodes still. Green trainer will be going to a second Caedmon.

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While C-Tibs would simply hit all, the downside to Tibs CB is you must ensure to set target at the center, otherwise there are chances that he will just hit two, if uncontrolled.


@Muchacho 4 star challenge

5 star probably would have went with this…


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