🔵 [Oct 14, 2020] Trials of Mysticism – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge for the win yeah!

@Muchacho you’ve started a movement :wink:

Linking to my plan…

Went with my back up plan:

Proteus 2 +6/ Kiril / Kashhrek costume / Proteus 2 +19 / Skittleskull normal

  • +19 Proty supported with Lvl17 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles
  • Kash protects +19 Proty and Kiril, so I have my mana block, healing and a direct counter to boss Ulmer
  • Skittles’ attack debuff makes a good backup just in case
  • costumed Melendor is a bit redundant vs. Kiril, so I went for Kiril as the attack buff would help - this team relies on tile damage and stalling. Decided a 2nd Proty would make more sense.

Benched 5*: Sartana, Isarnia
Benched 4*: Melendor costume (as reasoned above), Sabina (nothing to dispel, weak color to 2 bosses)

Made it to boss stage with all specials charged, and my core 3 had double HP. Wow, costume Kash is a beast - I’m glad I maxed him. Alas, ran out of purple tiles after a few turns and Ulmer and Quintus got to fire. poor backup Proty and Skittles died… but the middle 3 stood strong. Ulmer died first to a cascade of Green tiles. Balthy fired again, but got killed by tiles soon after… and finally, Quintus.

My middle 3 were never in danger of dying, thanks to good old Kash! Never imagined I would ever type that…

Wizard emblems bring Sartana to +6, and targetting to get her to +7; I usually use her on offense with Proteus, Tibs and Seshat and prefer her in costume (as that extra up-front OOMPH is often the difference between murdering a dangerous opponent before they can fire).

Sorcerer emblems in the bank. Might bring my Sabina 2 up to +20 as well… Skittles is the only other option, and Sabina 2 still gets more use in my mono Purple 2nd war team, while Skittles sees use mostly in Class Quests and world map.

Purple Trainer to dupe Sartana’s costume.