🔵 [Oct 14, 2020] Trials of Mysticism – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Did this with:

Team Power: 3762
Sartana +2 / Proteus +18 / cKashhrek / LotL (3/70) / Proteus

The ironic thing is, my +18 Proteus died, despite being protected by cKashhrek lol.


No reset emblem on this one

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4* challenge, lets go!
Team last time

Team this time

Slow start, went well for a while

Then um, yeah nah :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As you can see, revive and bombs away
Saving all loot


Swapped Kashhrek for Skittles Skulls
As a result, the team improved significantly in attacks, and the attack debuff helped considerably to keep my team alive from boss slashes.

Board started awfully, but got better with cascades of the right tiles, Can’t remember the last time I did this trial without items,phew! This time, it went smoothly without the use of items.

Trainer saved, sorcerers to Skittles, wizards to Hel.


4☆ challange acepted. Benched Ursena for this.

I have used /C.Melendor/Proteus/Proteus/Almur/C.Melendor

No items needed.

Sorcer emblems for Ursena
Wizard emblems for Kiril.

Trainer to Clarissa


4* challenge.

Sabina - C. Melendor - Almur - Skittleskull - Proteus

Emblems banked. Trainer to Fura. No reset.


4* challenge. Items used 2 small mana 1 medium mana for Kiril kept attacking him :frowning:

Emblems to guin and almur onced finished trainer gafar


Completed quite easily using same team as last Trials of Mysticism …
Costume Kiril, Proteus, Onatel, Jean-Francois and Sartana
Used a purple flag on last level


Thanks as always to @Guvnor for setting these up and also everyone participating in the 4* challenge! If you’re doing the vanilla challenge good luck to you too :crossed_fingers:. Having done both I think the vanilla challenge is easier for this particular trial than the 4*, but that’ll vary dramatically based on your roster :man_shrugging:.

The team for stages 1 & 2:

So this team worked really well all things considered. I was getting purple diamonds before setting off Ameonna, etc. It was in the back of my mind that the bosses on stage 3 hit hard … really hard, so this was my team for stage 3:

Here is my bench:

Truthfully the bench isn’t much.

My thought with stage 3 was Sabina has pretty good A value still, more survivable than Ameonna, and the third heal should allow me to win in a slow grind of a fight. Kiril boosts A and D, Melendor gives me a HoT plus boosted D, maybe it’ll work :thinking: I obviously don’t have much hitting power :crazy_face:. It worked for a while and then it didn’t :laughing:.

Made it to the bosses using no items. The 3 healers doing great, “hitters” doing their thing, and my tile damage is pretty good-ish. Made it to the bosses. Tile damage was king, but I am largely weak and neutral against them. They took Skittles right away.

SIDE NOTE: I should not have dropped antidotes thinking having 2 D boosters would make up for it. If you haven’t done it yet make sure you have antidotes or a more reliable way to cleanse Ulmer’s D drop than I did! :laughing:

The other 4 hung in for a while, but then Fura died. There go my “hitters”. My core 3 stayed at it for a while longer yet. I did start using some healing pots and mana pots though.

Ulmer finally goes down. I am thinking I am in good shape because the dumb D drop thing is fine, Quintus is maybe half health, and Balthazar under half. I was wrong :-1:. C-Melendor goes down next followed not too long after by Sabina :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! :laughing:

Quintus is at 25% and Balthazar is almost dead. Having only Kiril left and knowing how much time was committed I was not going to replay. I usually bring only dragons, but am glad I added :bomb:.

It was tough, I did it, and I thought it was super fun trying it this way.

Seems to be Proteus makes life easier if you have him. I have mentioned my thoughts on that previously :laughing:. If I had Kashhrek’s costume it would be different, overheal could help. Otherwise the biggest thing for me, aside from lack of 4* hitter options, was no D dropper. Almur would be big if you also have Skittleskull and c-Melendor. Probably get some good tile damage from green, especially on Ulmer. Almur vs Ulmer? … I am easily amused.

I think the no hitters thing is a class issue in general. I am sure there will be ones with only hitters and no healers. Let the fun begin! :rofl:

Trainer went to Justice on her way to 80. Sorcerer saved for Quintus’s next node. Wizard to bank for lack of options. I have enough to get Fura to +20. I also have literally no other wizard options on the horizon/roster so I might do it. Node 20 would be fine, it’s just node 19 (healing boost or mana boost) is kind of a waste with her IMO. Thoughts on Fura to +20/node 19 welcome.

Good luck out there and those still trialing!



4* challange, let’s go…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Switch back using one of them Kiril-CB, last time I forget to change it.
And let’s try Fura for this 4* challange.
Other options:


Good board setup on boss stage with blue and purple diamond, and all mana charged.

Fura damage is soo little although it is already +att buff by Kiril and the opponent -def by Kiril-C… duhh :sweat_smile: maybe next time I would use Skittleskull instead, she is good color VS Ulmer at least.

OK, finished without items… no problem :muscle: :wink:


Emblem sorcerer keep in stock, need some little emblem for last Ursena node +20. Wizard keep in stock for now. Trainer also in stock.
Secret Info: No Reset Emblem Token :man_facepalming:

No joke :worried:


Almost all my trials are 4* only (I have 2 (almost 3) maxed 5*, and about 40 maxed 4*), so I can say this is easily doable, especially with S3/costume and when highly emblemed.

today managed with:
c-kiril(+10) / proteus(+18) / merlin(+10) / c-melendor (+18) and almur (+18). used one bomb in the last mob-stage to preserve a good board, and 2 manapotions for proteus when purples ran out.

trainer to mok-arr for his last levels. emblems in stock


4* only challenge done.
Had to use seven mana potions on original Kiril to keep team alive.

My Team


4* challenge for the win yeah!

@Muchacho you’ve started a movement :wink:

Linking to my plan…

Went with my back up plan:

Proteus 2 +6/ Kiril / Kashhrek costume / Proteus 2 +19 / Skittleskull normal

  • +19 Proty supported with Lvl17 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles
  • Kash protects +19 Proty and Kiril, so I have my mana block, healing and a direct counter to boss Ulmer
  • Skittles’ attack debuff makes a good backup just in case
  • costumed Melendor is a bit redundant vs. Kiril, so I went for Kiril as the attack buff would help - this team relies on tile damage and stalling. Decided a 2nd Proty would make more sense.

Benched 5*: Sartana, Isarnia
Benched 4*: Melendor costume (as reasoned above), Sabina (nothing to dispel, weak color to 2 bosses)

Made it to boss stage with all specials charged, and my core 3 had double HP. Wow, costume Kash is a beast - I’m glad I maxed him. Alas, ran out of purple tiles after a few turns and Ulmer and Quintus got to fire. poor backup Proty and Skittles died… but the middle 3 stood strong. Ulmer died first to a cascade of Green tiles. Balthy fired again, but got killed by tiles soon after… and finally, Quintus.

My middle 3 were never in danger of dying, thanks to good old Kash! Never imagined I would ever type that…

Wizard emblems bring Sartana to +6, and targetting to get her to +7; I usually use her on offense with Proteus, Tibs and Seshat and prefer her in costume (as that extra up-front OOMPH is often the difference between murdering a dangerous opponent before they can fire).

Sorcerer emblems in the bank. Might bring my Sabina 2 up to +20 as well… Skittles is the only other option, and Sabina 2 still gets more use in my mono Purple 2nd war team, while Skittles sees use mostly in Class Quests and world map.

Purple Trainer to dupe Sartana’s costume.


I am also taking @Muchacho’s 4 star only challenge. This is definitely going to be a fun one. I used the following team. Ofcourse, the battle was fairly straightforward, no items were used. The bosses got thrown around (literally) like rag dolls by the Cat. And Proteus kept them in check. And wow, costume Kashhrek is the goat. Just look at the health bars of Skittles and Proteus towards the end. Definitely lot of fun. :slight_smile:

This trial was relatively easy because I had strong 4 stars for this one, but looking forward to the more challenging ones. :slight_smile:


Team last time/ Team this time

No team pic this time. I tried using Kash and Almur but fell flat on my face and fled the fight. After regrouping I brought cMel and cKiril into the fight. Much easier to deal with everyone, even though I used an antidote.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Freya who is up to 3/40ish.


Yeah I struggle with her. If I had any other decent wizard she wouldn’t have emblems. Her best potential is in field aid wars and PvP with the 50% heal reduction. I think but her lack of durability puts that into question though. These trials and most provinces also don’t have a great deal of enemy healers, so she doesn’t shine there.

Her percentage of attack is low, but her A value is high so she can be used for tile damage. I went full A path to exacerbate her strength and her A value is over 800. She still doesn’t see a ton of action though. :man_shrugging: Glad to see someone else tried her though.

@Dudeious.Maximus think used Ameonna too! Part of the goal of this was seeing different heroes. My Ameonna used to be +18 but I had to strip her of emblems a little while back. HUGE tile damage. I think with talents it is second only to Scarlett at 4* level. Base stats she beats Scarlett though.



I am so proud of my team of 3* and 4* who are not even maxed - I managed the first two stages (cannot attempt the last part, since I am not level 30 yet, and my team with a power of 2700 might struggle anyway!)

But once again, Grevle to the rescue - he has helped me out so much - how nice to get a few more Emblems this way :slight_smile:


Congrats @Gwniver, you’re doing great! I have Grevle maxed and have heard great things, but haven’t tinkered with him yet much.

Don’t be shy about showing pics of your team!



My team this time:

  • Onatel +7
  • Sartana +5
  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Proteus +18
  • Wizard Melendor +20

Sartana is up 4 talents thanks to SGG’s sudden generosity with emblems. That’s the only change from last time.

Nothing too notable in the mob waves. Just patiently working the board and keeping everyone charged. I did manage to lose a couple of nice diamonds right before the boss wave. When you can bring both Onatel and Proteus to this fight, there isn’t much the bosses can do. Ulmer did not fire at all before dying. Quintus managed a shot that did approximately nothing. Balthazar put Sartana in the red for about a turn with his lightning, but neither lived much beyond a single cast. My homie @Muchacho is coming up with all these self-imposed restrictions to make the class trials more challenging again, but I needed to waltz through one today due to being short on time, and that’s just what I got.

Sartana gained a talent on a previous stage, so no movement there. Sorcerer emblems continue to pile up, most likely for Quintus, eventually. Trainer hero goes to Prisca; started leveling her as a wait-and-see before giving the tabards to Quintus. Could land Zulag or an S3 legendary purple on my Valhalla pulls later in the month. If not, Lightning Boy gets maxed and emblemed. I will play who I’ve got, thank you very much.


It we a while before I strip her as lack of sorcerers plus she on my titan team and sometimes on my raids depends on the situation. i Iike using her do think she bit underated but she hits hard that’s what yah need sometimes :wink:

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