🔵 [Oct 11, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

This is the easiest trial for me. The only trial so far, which I can complete without nuking or using any other battle item.
My team was Melendor- Gullinbursti- Boril- Sonya C- Brienne C which is same as last time, except Melendor coming in for Belith. Melendor dispelled, Horghall killed himself against Boril. Easy win.
Trainer to Melendor, he is not maxed yet. Druid emblems for Gullinbursti, cleric in storage.



I decided to try Gadeirus because I hadn’t used him in forever. For what he does, he needs to be buffed to average speed. This trial was a little more challenging than most for me. Not my strongest team. Overall, used a few items, but no major worries. Druid emblems to Master Lepus, cleric emblems saved, trainer hero to Alfrike (4/41).


Same team
Last time Lianna was + 16
Elk was +7
Kadilen had none

Couple of gems here and that was it

Lost Mel, no yellow tiles, lost Viv, Blew them to bits :man_facepalming::angry::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Trainer saved
Emblems for Kadilen, not sure what to do with the Cleric’s