🔵 [Oct 07, 2020] Trials of Strength – Guide, Sharing & Discussion

Same team
Last time Tyr was +13

Good board

Tiles helped choose first victim

I fired Azlar twice, ghosted tiles to avoid refect and they slowly burnt to a chrisp

Final shot by Tyr

Emblems for Tyr, hes going to 20, one day lol
Trainer saved


More emblems.
No problems.
No items.



Decided to field a 3*


No trouble. No items used. Azlar died early with all specials firing plus enhanced 3 tile match under him. Elena went off, but I suicided all my blues to kill her and Nashgar in one round of special/ enhanced tiles. BT was left last man standing.

Emblems banked. Trainer to Shadereave. No reset.

Did not even realise there was an increase in emblems till I came to post on this thread! :joy:


This is one of the best trials for my roster

Team used:

Used a couple of antidotes and bear banners, on the final boss stage but nothing major.

Fighter emblems for Poseidon. Trainer hero for Sumle. Barbarian emblems saved as other than Grimm I dont really have much in the way of worthy barbarians on my roster.


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +15
  • Magni 4^80
  • Boldtusk +c20
  • Grimm +19
  • Little John +20

Compared to last time, I finished Magni, and Poseidon and Grimm are up 4 talents each.

Stacking my couple of blues for this fight worked pretty well last time, so I ran with it again. Mobs are no problem with this kind of firepower. Got a nice cascade on the last mob wave, so I entered the boss wave with all specials charged and BT’s buff already active, so I was able to hold him. Otherwise, I went after Elena, since I have no dispeller. Was able to take her down, but ended up having to use an antidote for Boss Azlar and Boss Nashgar once each. Still, no real problems with the bosses. Azlar was almost dead when he fired, and Nashgar by himself isn’t much of a problem. I still miss my own Azlar’s burn damage here, but I’m not sure who to swap out.

Poseidon grabbed a talent in the previous stage to go to +15, so no movement there. Grimm is just a few barbarian emblems short of +20, and I will take that node, because he needs the survivability, and I’m not even sure which barbarian to do next anyway. Trainer hero to second Boldtusk.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change…
Other Options


3x mana ready with some of minions, and very good boards setup with yellow, green and of course blue diamond.

Clean and very fast kill-all bosses without items.


Great more emblems with last update… :+1:
Fighter emblems stock for now, I need to rethink and re-arrange for Fighter.
Barbarian, also keep in stock for now. Maybe I would put for Little John.
Trainer also keep for later, currently my red leveling project is Sudri.


Mok-arr in colen out went rainbow used a 3 health one mana 3 time stop.

Fighter to Kingston barbarian and trainer in storage


Same as last time: Colen/sumi/BT/jott/grimm.
Could have used hu tao or mokk-ar (~4/60)

Boards was subpar, so bombed azlar and Elena after an unplanned cascade killed all my reds

Trainer to Scarlett


Nice work @Oliz! Jott seems awesome!

I had no idea we were getting additional emblems, pleasantly surprised. :+1:

The team:

The battle went fine. I used a few mana pots so Gretel could make sure Elena and Azlar didn’t fire. Maybe 3 pots? Nashgar fired maybe 3 times but I was willing to take that hit over the other two. I could debuff with c-Caedmon, but left him at home as I thought stronger color matches would serve me better. Used a couple antidotes for the Nashgar hits. Was never really in any peril or risk of failure though. Gretel is a life saver for this trial compared to before. :+1:

Trainer went to Justice who is working to 80. Fighter emblems to Magni, but he is at a node that take over 100. That’s going to be a while. Gretel got the barbarian emblems on her way to +18. Not sure which barbarian is next, maybe my c-LJ +1? I don’t use Azlar enough to warrant that cost IMO.



Same team as last time

No issues, no items used. Had nice cascades that took enemies out on all stages and just breezed through this trial.

Emblems used to bring c.Carver to +20 and Namahage to +19. Trainer to Frigg who is up to 3/60 now.


Thanks @Muchacho, he is such a fun to play with, though needs careful planning , since I got him, this trial full of red bosses had been easier.

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I manage to make a blue diamond with a lot of blue tiles before entering the boss stage. Poor bosses, they didn’t fire their specials. All died after the blue diamond.


This is what I recommend. He’s decently survivable with emblems, and his mana cut is noticeable when it fires. Wish I had the costume.

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My team:
+1 Lady Loki in for 3/60 Gormek from last time. Big upgrade! Set Azlar off on purpose so Loki could flip it for me. Really enjoyed turning that 133/turn back on them. :slight_smile: Used 2 super mana (which was overkill, but it was the pot I took) and 1 super heal. Nothing else needed. A bit better than last time, when I needed more potions and 2 time stops.


Brought my C.Sartana from +0 to +12 today lol. Also threw in Malosi even tho he’s not that effective since you can use antidotes.

BT - Grimm - Malosi - GM+14 - C.Sartana+12

I’m at 999 fighter emblems after the trials. Still contemplating whether to give them to my C.Magni who’s on defense. I’m still hoping for Tyr or upcoming Thor tho.



No problems at all. Fighter emblems to Killhare, Barbarian emblems to GM, trainer hero to Ariel (2/38). :+1:t2: