OCF: A World Of Pain

Looking for new members for our alliance. We are a super cool, very friendly bunch with 100% participation. We are pretty high end. We just branched off for a more competitive game. Please search us. Have a look search. world of pain. Sundance is our leader. Shes amazing

Hi @Shrubbs83. How you feel about joining forces with my alliance? There are 18 of us and with your 12 that would give us a full house. We are active in wars - lost our first yesterday, won 6 in a row before that. We are taking down mostly 8* with occasional 9*. Have a look at our group. We are called Open Empire.

Thanks for response black toe. We’ve had this convo amongst us before. We voted it down. We are close knit. We wanted to slowly introduce new recruits to our environment and it was just to much to combine. I just dont think were ready for the change yet. Thank you though. In think our main reason was they wanted us to leave OCF and join them. It was shot down fast

Yeah cool. Good luck growing your group, it takes time :slight_smile: we might meet at the battlefield one day :slight_smile:

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