🔱 Oceanus – 5* Fire / Red from Season 2

Nah…I’m just going for a personal best.

@Orion_Fervor Tahir is not bad…I pulled chakky as the only 5* …even the new HotM would have been a better pull for me.

Good luck everyone


I know he is great at titans, but is he useful elsewhere? Raids, war, farming etc? Got him at 3:70 but dont know if i should Max him. Use tarlak/bertulf on non-green titans

Depends on your roster, I have a pretty deep roster but I still use him for farming and in wars. What makes him stand out is his high attack stat and the fact he does decent damage too (not to mention he also boosts defense). He’s one of the best Atlantis heroes IMO. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Tiles become super deadly after you fire him. I used to raid with him all the time before I got Tetisheri. Still use in every war. He is also one of the best heroes for Towers, imo.


Towers and events. Made Legendary tier much easier.

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Well it looks like I will have another chance to get this guy…hopefully nothing changes and he’s still featured in tomorrow’s portal … saved all my Atlantis tokens since last time he was featured there …good luck everyone…crossing fingers and toes this time!


22 pulls looking for Ariel’s costume. Got Oceanus instead. I am content


Congratulations! I did all my saved tokens + the cheapie ws deal + 2 earned pulls from farming and did not get the one I had hoped for Oceanus. Pulled a dupe Ariel, some S1 Horgall I think and the HotM. He is just not meant to be mine. :sleepy:
Oh well I guess I’ll just keep saving for next time.

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Only did a few free pulls & got my 5th Oceanus today. I’ve been wanting c.Ariel forever and she’s always eluded me. I’d gladly trade you @L33tVortex12596 !