OCD titan scores

Have you ever had that gas pump dilemma? Anyone got some beautiful titan score numbers to share?


You mean really high numbers, or perfectly even numbers, like 50,000, 80,000, or 100,000? :wink:

It’s not perfectly rounded up but it was a beautiful number to me :grin:

To which number are you referring?

The 164,435 it’s a little hard to get it perfectly rounded to 100,000 like that. What hero’s did you use to get that 26k hit?

Very close to a rounded score. Just a hair over 1 million.

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I was referring to the perfectly rounded number lol.

One time my wife and I did the exact same damage to a titan so that was cool too but that was the first time I got such a rounded number.

The reply was to someone else, but I think this was directed at me? I brought Richard, Sir Lancelot, Sonya, Tiburtus, and Joon. I don’t have a Wu Kong anymore, tried him out but he kept screwing me over in raids so I fed him before I started seeing all the topics about using him for titan fights.

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