Obviously we can’t speak our minds

Since I can’t specifically name names then I’ll treat this like this:

If you decide that it’s okay to enter into someone’s alliance and try to rob players. News flash, it ain’t. The light needs to be shed on players that do this. This isn’t the first time I’ve ran into this issue. As leader of WorldPeaceTreaty we had this very same problem. This is straight up player poaching. I’m not gonna shut up about it either. My alt accounts alliance has members that DO NOT want to have to see crap like that. Yes we keep it open. To all you trolls out there who just say “close your alliance”, it’s really a chill alliance that if you want to come hang out it’s perfectly fine. We don’t expect to be world beaters. We have enough problems to deal with.

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Hi @originaldaveo; while I personally am not a big fan of these tactics, its not specifically against any rules… It’s not viewed as being good sportsmanship but…

Anyways, there is a pre-existing thread / discussion to this effect:

Please continue your discussions there.


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