Obvious fix - heroes/team increase

Why doesn’t buying a team increase your hero cap by 5? It should. Am I dumb?

Separate purchase, certainly could be, but greed says no.

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Not clear how you “buy a team”. Can I buy a Guin killer team please? preferably pre-maxed.


Go to Shop/Resources/Extra Team, gives you a 6th team you can store.

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Aah ok extra team slot. Sorry for not getting that.

Don’t know if this is right at Ideas and features. Can you please clarify if you bought a roster extension or an additional team for your roster?
Extension gives you +5 capacity an additional team gives you 6 instead of free 5.

I have already 15 teams.
Still not enough.
Every 5 player lvls a team 4 free wouldnt harm the greed imo.