Obsidian Payback Actively Recruiting Members

Are you ready to take it to the next level in E&P? Are you a competition driven player but don’t want the stress of top 100 requirements? Do you meet the requirements listed below? Then we may be just the place for you! Obsidian Payback is actively seeking players who thrive on pushing their limits and strive to perform at the top of their game. We are chatty, always have good banter, we are an extremely helpful bunch with an extremely solid and experienced leadership team to help with all aspects of the game. Wars aren’t mandatory but 6 flags used is a must if opted in. Currently taking down 12* titans with occasional 13* on a full roster. We have one immediate opening with a couple more coming in the next week or 2. If you feel this may be a good fit for you and you meet these requirements, then comment on here and let’s chat! Come join us and let’s test our limits in game together and share some great knowledge!

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