Obsidian Palace [OP] - We are recruiting BIG hitters!

After the war is over and your alliance mates don’t use all of their flags AGAIN. You’re a strong experienced player who is not happy there anymore. Are you looking to join a REAL team of killers who always use all their flags and crush titans?

If so, Obsidian Palace [OP] is recruiting to fill out our last 4 spots with other like-minded kickass players!

We are 15-0 since starting up less than 2 months ago and ALWAYS use our flags.

4350+ main defense TP
17+ maxed 5’s
6 war ready teams
Strong green tank.
Ability to kill 14* titans
Desire to play at a high level- we WILL be a top 100 alliance very soon.
No drama!

PM me or Line ID: malenactivewarriors

Search us our by looking up: OP


Hello Malen… Is this an international Alliance?

Yes. We have N American and European players. The 2 others that are joining me are from Europe and we have one from UK already in the alliance.

It’s a fun group. We all just want to kick butt and have no drama. :slight_smile:

Still looking for some more awesome peeps to join up!

Up to 14 members! Still getting stronger and looking for more to join us!!

We only have 4 spots left now! Hit me up to join something special.

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